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I have even numbers. Ugh. heart beating

RE: Quarantine Day 9!

More on the Incel life later... laugh

RE: Match Location: Anywhere

It was one of the best jobs I ever had indeed. Now I get to work from home, got really cool bosses and I'm very independent, I manage my own schedules, get paid three times more and yet I'm unhappy with it laugh

RE: Match Location: Anywhere

I've had a very strong relationship with a girl who lived literally to the other side of the world from me, tens of thousands of kms. We didn't meet online but yet, I saw her only once for a few minutes and then I was meeting her for coffee at her city, and we started a fantastic relationship.
I had another gf who was from extremely far away too.
One of my ex's from when I was 22 was from Australia, so yeah, very faraway too.
A girl from England. And another from Ukraine.

Of course, one big detail: I used to work at an airport, and also used to travel a lot , so that might explain why so many people from faraway xD

But yeah, relationships work ok if you put effort into it.

RE: The weekend!

... all full of cu.m , I presume. detective

RE: So R came by..

RE: Bought some new furniture yesterday!

Call of Duty Beta? Do they now target COD to a specific audience? confused

RE: Things at work are great!

Let us see what you're packing, Phillip boy ;) I bet your manager loves you. <3

RE: I didn't lose my mind, it was mine to give away

Couldn't stay to watch me cry, you didn't have the time, so I softly slip away?

RE: how can I control my feeling??

Stop being so hot and gentleman-like. Women can't deal with so much swag.

RE: In case you were wondering

RE: What a day..

Show her your package Philipsen! She will surely appreciate it. Can you post a picture of her? I'd most definitely pack her up real good !!

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RE: Adding more shift to my temp job


Tell me, who do you see when you die in your dreams?

That's what scares me the most. The peace I find in that feeling. yet when I have a panic attack IRL, I don't wanna die!

This sounds so much like how some of us are in real life. that idea of killing ourselves to become others. So true!

@Lojac• Scary ASF. Which reminds me of something I wrote on one of my diaries, remembering my experience with Prozac. I remember something like what you describe, but with sleep paralysis factors added in.
I had several bad dreams. I would wake up pressed against my bed. My eyes would be open, but I couldn't move at all. I was paralysed and it took all the strength I had just to lift my arms and break free. I could wake up, be pinned and be looking at the clock. I thought I was being possessed by demons. I would pray like crazy asking Jesus to help me make the demons go away. And all I had was that, the time on the clock, letting me know I was still alive. Sort of.

I still remember the marks of the sheet wrinkles printed all over my chest.

Sorry to hear about your loss! Maybe it was a way for her to communicate with you?

I will definitely lookup Visitation dreams on the internet. I wonder if it can also happen with people who are still alive.


Dear Lawd, this keeps getting weirder and weirder. Altough I reckon there's a few people who could say they saw me in almost the exact situation through the streets of Reykjavík, many years ago, laugh

Tell me, who do you see when you die in your dreams?

I hardly dream, but when I do, I, I dream of people. I dream of people I have never seen in my life. And it's terrifying; heartbreaking. I dream of people I hope one day I cross paths with, but I know I won't.

I began to think I'm just slowly going insane, mental, psyschotic.

I dream of people in everyday situations. People that are close to me, next to me, into me.

I wish, seriously, I wish all this madness would stop.

Tell me, who do you see when you die in your dreams?

That's nice! How do you imagine it? :)wine

Tell me, who do you see when you die in your dreams?

Do you believe in the afterlife?

btw, I envy your abilty to not dream :) wine

RE: This heat is unbearable!

I think Phillipsen has left the building. heart wings

RE: Just being Safe.

Thank Gosh I'm a lake away from the rest of the people, and very faraway from 'civilisation'. laugh

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laugh You know you might actually be right?
She just emailed me again saying "HELLOOOOOO???? U THERE?"

I will make sure to use proper short emails , don't wanna scare her away mumbling


She not real is she? YO

RE: Fraudsters

Actually I would say it's peach confused

RE: Fraudsters

Well, the red colour is much better than bold laugh

RE: Who is prettier?

I would definitely dump my love load on Jeanine Turner and SP!

RE: How to date

Online dating. It's a deal, just like real life dating. Nowadays it helps a lot to "know" the person in depth without having to 'break up' in reality, as you just decide to stop talking.

About the distance thing , that's all relative. I've dated a girl from Iceland who came to live in my home country, and after we broke up, I started dating one of her friends, and I went to live in her country (Sweden), and when the relationship ended, I came back to my home. That means I'm willing to move, and I found people who were also willing to move. It's not that difficult noawadays.

Will I do it again? Of course my first response is "HELL NO", but then, I'm already travelling back up north in a few months. Almost as if I was looking for it.

You can't control love. Just let it happen. It's almost like death, in a sense, but it just makes you feel alive.

WAT. I really hope there is a typo over there! laugh

RE: Guys, be very, VERY careful.

10/10 would bang them both.

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RE: Warm & Humid

I don't remember the last time I suffered humidity. Where I live, the air so dry, that everything shocks you.
- Car
- Blankets
- My cat

Actually, when I'm inside my covers with my tablet, you can see the sparks the metal chasis produce!

When I travel to humid places, I have to have a steroid inhaler and lots of benadryl. Also heat makes me have huge adrenaline surges.

Goodbye my lover...

BEST idea ever love

I go in the middle! professor

RE: Foul Language

Hiya Hoober!
I'm surprised too! Although I used english mostly when living abroad (south UK, Sweden and Germany), also got the chance to use it in parts in Argentina where Cymru (Cymraeg) and english are very much spoken:

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