Tell me, who do you see when you die in your dreams?

Oh Lord I guess I'll never know. wine

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So far, I haven’t dreamt of me dying. In fact, I hardly dream at all!

Anyway, when I die, I’d love to see my maternal grandparents be reunited with tell them how much I’ve missed them....crying
Do you believe in the afterlife?

btw, I envy your abilty to not dream :) wine
Absolutely! Of course there’s an afterlife in MiMi’s book.
That's nice! How do you imagine it? :)wine
I have died in my dreams but I woke up just as I felt my spirit coming out of my body......wave
I rarely got dream when I sleep also, since I always praying Buddha's name before sleep. It help relax and clear my mind so I wont dream anything. And I dont want to dream about anything too because even it good or it is a nightmare, tomorrow will make me think about it. Of course I dont want to busy my mind anymore I do have too much to worry in life already.

I recall that when I was kid I usually dream about I falling down from a high cliff, and I always go with my brother and family member. Then I wake up because fall feeling make me scare lol. Never been dream about my death or my funeral before

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I know right! rolling on the floor laughing

They have just the punishment for every sin! Isn’t that cool! grin
I don't often remember my dreams but I know I have had some ridiculously funny or bizarre ones. When I was very young I used to dream about a scary bridge with scary waters churning under it which was funny as I couldn't have been exposed to too many bridges.
I hardly dream, but when I do, I, I dream of people. I dream of people I have never seen in my life. And it's terrifying; heartbreaking. I dream of people I hope one day I cross paths with, but I know I won't.

I began to think I'm just slowly going insane, mental, psyschotic.

I dream of people in everyday situations. People that are close to me, next to me, into me.

I wish, seriously, I wish all this madness would stop.
I got shot in my dream by an ex bf...I was standing by an inground pool in my dream....what a peaceful feeling tho when my spirit started to leave....I also dream about people I don't fact its rare to dream about people I do know...I also dream about places that I have never been....being in houses and such that I have never been too or seen....I just take them for what they are and don't attach any meaning to them and let them go....I used to have bad nightmares and bring the emotion out with me when I woke I just know they're just dreams so im ok when I wake up.....wave
I dream a lot but can only remember one where I died. It was vivid, and by my own hand. In the dream it was necessary for me to kill the existing version of myself in order to become another version in a parallel dimension. I remember having to time it perfectly in order for it to work.

It did work. Here I am!grin
I can't recall dreaming that I'd died.
But I've definitely had very lucid dreams of being visited by dead folks - especially after Wife died unexpectedly.

Found out later the phenomenon is know as Visitation Dreams.
I found the experience enjoyable & comforting. The Ol' Girl's sense of the humorous is as good now as when she was on this side of the sod laugh

That's what scares me the most. The peace I find in that feeling. yet when I have a panic attack IRL, I don't wanna die!

This sounds so much like how some of us are in real life. that idea of killing ourselves to become others. So true!

@Lojac• Scary ASF. Which reminds me of something I wrote on one of my diaries, remembering my experience with Prozac. I remember something like what you describe, but with sleep paralysis factors added in.
I had several bad dreams. I would wake up pressed against my bed. My eyes would be open, but I couldn't move at all. I was paralysed and it took all the strength I had just to lift my arms and break free. I could wake up, be pinned and be looking at the clock. I thought I was being possessed by demons. I would pray like crazy asking Jesus to help me make the demons go away. And all I had was that, the time on the clock, letting me know I was still alive. Sort of.

I still remember the marks of the sheet wrinkles printed all over my chest.

Sorry to hear about your loss! Maybe it was a way for her to communicate with you?

I will definitely lookup Visitation dreams on the internet. I wonder if it can also happen with people who are still alive.
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