¿Realmente me estoy cayendo o es que tengo el equilibrio alterado?

Quisiera poder teletransportarme de la oficina directo a casa. No fui criado para habitar con las palomas. Ni para soportar los boludos con complejos de inferioridad que pintan un segundo de mi existir con un ruido muy fuerte y motorizado. Qué pelotudos de mierda.

A veces todo movimiento frente a mis ojos se vuelve algo hostil e inaguantable. Pero yo digo ahora eh, en el bondi vuelta a casa, ver la repetición de rayas en el asfalto hace algún cortocircuito en mi cabeza y me siento mal. Es como si necesitase estar colgado de algo inmóvil. Como si necesitase una crucifixión de mis sentidos.

Mis sentidos deben ser crucificados a veces, para salvaguardar mi bienestar.

Being watchful over sheep.

Yeah you're being watchful over sheep, aren't you? Of course you are, you bloody bastard, that's what you're supposed to do. You are watchful over sheep as though I was not a liberation to the relationship between them and the land. If you knew me, if you knew my intentions, you would deliver your sheep to me.

Porque los corderos que yo acecho, se entregan solitos a su liberación ;)

And no, I am not the wolf. I am far from being the wolf.
Until I am ;D

There are several stories about me becoming the wolf, and I don't know what's all the fuss about, since me becoming the wolf has been described as, well...

AND THEN EVERYBODY GOES "omg why? why you became the wolf and why do you howl and scream and bite, and lick, and then bite some more and lick, running your tongue all over, being a wolf??

" . Cos that what wolves do" , I say.

I am a wolf. I said I wasn't, but now I am. And the pigeons, the pigeons I was talking about in the begining, I don't like them, cos, see, us wolves we don't like pigeons, and we don't like cities. Wolves dislike Buenos Aires, they belong to wherever is colder, to wherever is darker. I am a wolf and I show my teeth to the people riding this bus. That's what wolves do.

I am a wolf and I smell the fish around and think of delicious crime. I am cheeky and shameless, and I know many fun things ;)

Argentina is a country for wolves. Argentina is not a country for wolves. Do you know of any other country for wolves?

Look at him crying. And look at the other one being violent. Look at me being peaceful.

It got dark. It always gets dark. What's the f*cking point in it? It just, got, f*cking, dark. And this place, is completely different at night, as it is at day. Which brings me to the conclusion that I must look for answers.

BUT BEWARE, I HAVE BEEN RECEIVING ANSWERS FROM SOMEONE. And if we're able to pull this up, it will be a success!

I have decided it's time to re-invent myself.

Again I have the urge to look at everyone and connect, but I am not of their kind today. Over 40 people in the bus, and no one I can connect to.

I am the black sheep. I am the wolf. Black sheep, wolf. I am wearing a black shirt today, I am the black sheep. I am bad, but I am better.

This wolf is getting back home. I didn't get my day off tomorrow, grrr! *wolf growl* but I get monday and tuesday off!
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Hei,hei,hei.....en ymmarra mitaan.....mita jos vaikka jotakin Suomeksiconfused
Terve! Mina suomea on små? Ei en puhu soumea :/
Some wolves give chase, some scent and point, some catch and hold, the last ones kill. dunno
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