Sorry,i dont understand,what do you mean?help

Deadbeat Dads

@ruuvereva,you are the only one who is human here.See the other ashole comments.They make me sick.If i could i would vomit on them.Now i delete from this site.Sooooooooo thanks

RE: Smoking

Hi Pedro,i,ve been smoking since age 17.Now my daugheris almost that age,and if she were smoking,i would cry.Yes i choked on my first few,it became easier eventually,so here i am almost 50,still smoking.Results so far.........Brown teeth.Bad breath.Smelly fingers.Dull skin.Stinking clothes.ANNNNNNNNNNND borderline ANOREXIC.....because now its so expensive to buy cigarettes,i have to choose,so food takes a back seat.Now here,s the wierd part,i dont smoke in car,home,walking in public,and i would never kiss a smokerdunno I also have nicorette patches,nicorette inhaler,refills,all in cupboard in kitchen where perhaps nice food should be.If anyone has any helpfull ideas,i,m more than interested to listen.Mary.handshake

RE: friend or foe

Tell him you are quite capable of creating your own wish list,and send him on his

RE: what makes you happy in this life ?

Now you know THINGS just dont make you happy.NO NO NO.First rule look within and find your happiness.cheering

RE: be u

Great.heart wings


O.K.Sprinkle some of that positivity dust towards me,i need it.

RE: i hate it !!

long walks,and evening primrose oil,available in health stores.

RE: A friggin' riot ! lol

Better get yourself to parenting school.QUICK.Not funny at allllllllllllll.thumbs down

RE: Love Advice for Guys

Hi Mustaf,and a very Happy New Year,to you.Keep up with the blogs,i love them.teddybear

RE: to all Canadian friends.i need a help

Dont loose heart because of these scammers.How cruel to offer a scam to someone in a desperate war torn countryfrustrated Stay strong,we care about you and your situation.Take a hughug

RE: The beauty of the English Language 2

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing Thanks for the best laugh in a long timerolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing teddybear

RE: Whispers of love.

Perhaps you are in the wrong countrydunno I love your blogs,they are so warm,and we all love romance.Have good day there.teddybear


Flower me,and i replywave

RE: Women's Wait what is real

Thank you for putting me to a deep sleep,after reading your blog.Dont you have a human friend to vent to?doh


27 views.2 comments on such a disaster???What the hell is going on with the rest of the world?Prayers for all Japan today,no matter who your God is.


Can you see me toooooo??laugh Must be a chrystal ball thingrolling on the floor laughing hug

RE: my brother

Whatever you think about and thank abut,you bring about.


The name is softrain not trainlaugh


Im October 12thcheering




This makes me sadviolinHe is eull on,juring the week,then nothing thumbs down Thanks for your reply.Mary.hug

RE: Tonight!

Enjoy every day,enjoy all new experiences.You only have one shot here.I have a lot of emotion for Australia.Hope to go there soon with my son.Be good.wave

RE: I want to die.

Stop acting like a spoiled brat.Why are you blogging something so depressing?Sunday is the day we get to relax a little,check out blog,s etc.So PLEASE do me a favour,have a long hard look around you.Open your eye,s and see the poverty and hardship in your hometown.Some of your neighbours are actually the living dead.Please grow up.

RE: The Best Days of your Life

Bet you read THE SECRET> handshake


If at first you dont succeed........TRY TRY AGAIN.............Happy New Year.handshake

RE: this 'poem' gives me energy...

This is taken from the book"The Invitation"by Oriah Mountain Dreamer.Published by *element.If you only read one book this year,make it this one.International Bestseller.Read it and you will understand why.thumbs up

RE: Hello anyone there?

Hi Maxmatewave Happy New Year to you And if you go to Ireland anytime this yearpeace be sure to drop in here.cheering

RE: Hello anyone there?

wave Hey.............Im good,have my own money,dont like bodybuildersthumbs down Happy New Year.teddybear

RE: Is this man for real

Hey,You are the SCAMMER,under the disguise of being scammeddoh You already tried it with mefrustrated You make mebarf barf

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