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Adorable duplicity

I'm sure, no one likes to. ;)

Adorable duplicity

Yup, keesy.
Seems like you got close to what I was writing about. It's about being tricked by a scammer. Trying to describe the feelings and questioning that occur. Kind of antagonism between feeling hurt and disappointed about all the lies and faking and the feelings and longing for that person, who this scammer was supposed to be.



Hmmm, really? Actually, I don't like my country much...
And I don't share your weakness for german men, at all. laugh

Adorable duplicity

Yup, I'm german. Not by choice, but by birth. laugh


Hm, I am very rarely on the forum. When I am in the right mood for being creative, then usually some ideas pop up on my mind and I have to write it down at once - at least take some notes. Otherwise, I would forget it few minutes after again.
Got a really bad working memory...


Thank you. But actually it shouldn't be 'nice'. hehe grin


"Soon I rushed off without letting him know"

Hmm... if you are, who I'm thinkin of, then I still owe you a short story?!?

RE: Got any grapes?!

hehe, know a quite similar one.

A bunny jumpin into a bakery askin for carrots.

...Goes on the same as your joke...

The 3rd time the bunny comes in and asks,
the clerk yells: "Ask once more and I'm gonna nail you to the wall!"

The next time, the bunny comes in, has a look at all the fine stuff being sold in the bakery. Has a look at the clerk, whose head is already turning red. Looks around the rest of the bakery for a while. Then jumping over to one of the walls, raising the head up, lookin at something at the wall, asking the clerk what it was.

The clerk: "That's a cross with Jesus on it."

The bunny: "Poor guy... too often asked for carrots, huh?"


RE: Men: vasectomy vs contraceptives

hehe, hope there wasn't too much irony in it. roll eyes

RE: Men: vasectomy vs contraceptives

Well, actually, I'd say that I'd do a vasectomy, if(!):

- she is the right one
- she, or rather we, are sure not to want any (more) children
- she asks me to do so (asking, not demanding!)

... and I'd do this, instead of demanding her to do a sterilization, because:

- she has ever before taken care of contracepting (pregnancy), by taking the Pill,

- I'm quite sure, a vasectomy costs more than a female sterilization. So, for financial reasons, it'd also be better, if the man did so (cuz at that time of relationship it's not anymore her and my money, but ours),

- But most of all, it is easier to 'collect' and store a man's sperms (in case one or both might change their mind), than a woman's egg cells. And this kinda collecting (with your partner, for sure grin ) is much more fun! wink laugh

Contraceptives(condoms) might be a good alternative to vasectomy/female sterilisation and the Pill, but... it is always up to both to care about contraception! If someone is changing partners often, then neither a vasectomy nor the pill is enough, because pregnancy is not the worst that can happen, if both(!) don't care much.

So, to sum up, I'd say:

If I was just on short-time relationships or less, contraceptives are the only way to be safe! Sterilization and the Pill only prevent pregnancy!

But if I was on a long-term relationship, a good and strong one - maybe the one, which will rest until life finally ends - then I'd choose vasectomy rather than contraceptives.
Because then, I wud totally trust her and wanted to be as close to her as possible - nothing in between...

RE: Extra-human Beings: Familiars or Tokoloshe

Even though I don't usually like religious beliefs like that (to me it's kinda superstition - gloomy/spooky to create some fear), there's something similar to that, what I'd really like to be real:

An animal spirit, kinda soul-compagnion, who is somehow a reflection of ones own character and a close connection to nature.


RE: My rights + The rules

Well, actually I can understand that.
Why shouldn't the blogger remove single statements or whole parts of a discussion, which drifts off far away from topic?

This is a blog and not a forum. If you'd like to discuss a topic, which is coming up your mind, whilst reading a blog, but doesn't fit into the blog, then why don't you just adress it to the person you want to talk to about that topic (via mail), open a blog yourself to discuss that topic or do it on the forums.

I've already read some blogs, which were having really interesting topics, but lost the interest in reading the comments and write an own comment, because the number of comment pages was quite long. That wouldn't be any problem, if the discussion wouldn't soon have changed into some private chatting between some (few) people, who commented bout the topic at the very beginning.
If the blogger him-/herself doesn't mind, then it's ok.
But if not, then don't blame him/her for deleting non-topic stuff. Especially if there would be offensive posts, as well...

For exactly this reasons, the blogger is able to delete other comments!

- keep the discussion to its topic
- ban disrespectful, offensive comments
(unlike banning different opinions!)

Just my two cents about that...


I'm glad all of you liked it.

As I read it once again after a while, I thought, it might had become a bit too 'slushy' and that'd be the reason why the girl, who once recieved it (at the time I wrote it - the original german one), might have thought that I didn't express my own feelings in it.
But I surely did - by heart. daydream
But had to realize in the end, that I liked and wanted to be with her(unlike she wanted to), but it was no love at all. That's been some (too much) time after I had found out she's hardly ever been like I got the impression about her...

Most of all, I felt bit sad because what I wrote - tried to put so much in it - seemed to me as if it had become like 'casting pearls before swine'.

That's why I wanted to share it...
It didn't help to make me feel happier, but maybe it could make you smile a bit. :)

I guess, the message about the poem is:

It's not the size (or price) of your gift that shows how much you love one, but the size of your heart.
So, if the feeling is right - yours and his/hers - then you won't ever find a gift, which he/she wouldn't love.

Even if it's just a single, litte sad flower


RE: Cheating, what a fun activity!

ahh, should be "End your relationship", not "end
". Guess, "end up" got a different meaning (not too sure... lack of vocab. knowledge roll eyes )

RE: Cheating, what a fun activity!

Ah, have to agree with Drea.

When it just about having fun, then there's no need to be in a close relationship. That way, u can have another one every single day - just the fun, not any (much) responsibility, no feeling get hurt that way, no trust smashed, no heart broken, etc.

Something new is always exciting, but no reason to become irresposible and start headless actions just for the benefit of oneself (for a rather short time). If one dislikes or gets bored of an existing relationship then:

Just talk about your partner, what you (both!) can do, to refresh your relationship to make both feel the excitement - that once must've been there! - once again!


End up the relationship, before anyone of you starts cheating!

Doesn't sound too difficult at all, does it?

If you feel attracted to someone else, because of a certain situation, because you're getting excited, or whatever, then just ask yourself, how it was like, when you were with your partner in suhc a situation (or how it would be).
If that thought doesn't comfort you (like the actual,new situation)at all, then u got your answer:
End it up!

But if you rather wished then, your partner was in place of the other person instead, well... why waste any time with some bad replacement? Get back to ya partner and fully load all ya desire on him/her... wink

RE: Internet infidelity and lovers.

yeah, that's exactlly what I mean... as it begins with paying more attention to strangers than to the own partner, it soon leads to no good.
And because the internet is most anonymous, people have less inhibitions to go soon much further. Cuz if it won't work as they wanted to, then they could just stop all of a sudden without being blamed for that by anyone.
Especially those people (apart from scammers of course), are like poison to sites like CS - well, indeed to the whole internet. Somehow it's just another kind of scamming...

RE: Proudly marry the stranger

I just dunno why so much people concern about marriage anyway...

to me, it has just nothing to do with love
especially, if I hear such people say "it's time to get our relation to a higher level".

A 'higher level'. So, relationship is nothing but a game to them?
Well maybe... a game they'll surely be about to lose!

I'd say, today, most people marry for many reasons, but hardly any because of their love:

- they want to show to other people, how much they love
- want to 'push' their relationship, which is about to doze off
- because their religion claims so
- they don't want their child to grow up extramarital
- for any different fiscal reasons
- or maybe to gain your partner's nationality
- etc...

And - to keep in mind - marriages was basically invented by certain religions, wasn't it? Just that God would appreciate their relationship.
And I always thought, god loved us anyway.. hahah wink
Indeed, our love wouldn't change, just because of marriage.

So, to come back to the main question:

I wouldn't want to marry my true love, so I wouldn't marry a stranger for love either.
But there'd be some good reasons or situations, to marry without love(but only very rarely, T think).

And marrying a stranger wouldn't lead to being married with each other any much longer than with one u knew for years. Because u're really more likely to find out stuff about the stranger, which u don't like, than about the person u've been together with for a long time...

spontanous marriages surely end very much sooner than others.

RE: Marital Rape

In a marriage, rape seems to be even more cruel, because the partners have deep trust in each other.

If I knew one, who just had committed such crime, I won't know, how much self-control there'd be left with me to stop me from committing a crime myself to that person...

Ah, but 'meet half way' still sounds like making yourself want it. and that's neither sensible. u can't force any hot feelings all of a sudden.

But, of course, shouldn't repress them, as well(maybe just to punish your partner for something). It won't make yourself feel any better at all!
If that's what u meant with 'meeting at half way'...

RE: Love and s*xual anorexia

I believe, that when we are truly in love with someone, "s*xual anorexia" walks away...!

Yeah, somehow true. But not going away on it's own. Rather the person, who got it, really wants to get rid of it him/herself and because of that tries to get as much help as possible to find the cause and make the 'outcome' walk away by doing so.

Leaving or cheating on the partner would mean, there's not much love for this person, at all. And so, just walk the easy way. thumbs down

How was that expression like... "Love will find a way" ? wink

RE: Internet infidelity and lovers.

Ahh, if s.o. was married or in a close relationship, but really was lookin forward to do so instead of looking forward to see the own partner, then - I'd say - his/her relationsship has really lost something that he/she is searching in another contact then.

But yeah, you are right. That'd really be cheating somehow, even though it's 'just' the internet...

RE: Looking good vs Smelling good

Depends on the sort of looks/smell.

In my eyes, people, who use perfume or always use make-up, are not able to accept themselves as they are - don't like how they look/smell like. Feel uncomfortable or uncertain with themselves.

So, I won't prefer neither of them, if they weren't able to show their true self without fearing they could be blamed for that.

Ever mentioned that any people smelled soo different? And I'm not talking about that 'covered in sweat'-smell...

I don't like those perfume bombs, walkin around, just covered in a different, but not less agressive acrid smell than those, who really stink like sweat. Neither I'd like those clowns, so much different colors on their faces, just to hide their own ones.

In the end, we might reach a point in our relationship, when we're getting closer to each other. Sooner or later, we will get to know each other without any of that stuff.

And then?

What if you don't like the person you're looking at, without make-up? (maybe that's the reason why permanet make-up is favored more and more...)
What if you're not able to stand the person you're with, not even least bit of smell?
Wouldn't you(directed to anyone reading this) rather want to know this from the very beginning?

Well, I would want to! wink

To add this: Just because I won't ever use any perfume, doesn't mean I don't use antiperspirant! That's a big difference(to me).

RE: The picky, the loneliest!

Hm, in my opinion, all of us are picky (or just not) for a certain reason.

- Some might prefer certain kind of (wo)man, because of most common stereotypes connected to them.
- There might be some experience/memories we have in mind, when we see people of different ethnical origin, which remind us of comfortable feeling and good times we once had with one of them.
- On the other hand, bad experience/memories or negative stereotypes would lead us to avoid others.

But, as well, somehow I believe that deep inside of us, we already know, who it will be. And because of that we maybe instinctively become picky to make it easier to find the special one for us.

So, in the end, I'd say...
it might become really difficult to find anyone,
but exactly that makes it easier to find the right one.

Just a guess...

RE: I am a lonely man Looking a Lovebird for Casual Re

"Is that all anybody can muster, to bring up his religion and his country? Islam is mostly horrible, but there's no need to talk to him like a Jew in Germany."


Ummh, now who is the racist???
Or in which century do you live?

Indeed, in Germany of today, there are living so few racist people, so much less jew-hating people than in many of the other contries. What u are talkin about is many decades, no... already multiple generations of the past.
A shame that you haven't noticed so far. Is that a result of ignorace or rather intolerance?

But really 'funny' that you judge other people's predjudice and do just all the same way, in the same breath. (actually not funny at all!)

thumbs down

RE: colour bullshit

Hmm, I'd say in distant future there won't be any 'white' people left. If global warming is gonna happen like alot scientists predict, then it'll be that warm anywhere on earth that further generations will get more an more darker skin colors anyway.
I'd really much appreciate that, if it'd lead to much less racism because of ones skin color.

But even then there'd still be the source of most of the predjudice and racism. So, I'd say, next would be to... umm... 'antiquate' religions.
And noo, I'm not atheist. But I really believe that there's no need for any religion (at all!) to have faith in god.
The only special thing about religion (in my eyes) is that any proclaims their god is soo much different from all the other religions' gods and, of course, the only 'true' god...
That's, in my opinion, what leads to most hatred, intolerance, racism, etc.

RE: my system

When there are much people on this site at the same time, it causes much traffic to its server(s). That may result in low connection speed and quite long time to refresh or load. If it takes to long, your browser shows the standard 'current not available, or...'-site.
Did u mean that?

Or is your whole system freezing (that u'll have to restart the computer)?
Or at least the whole internet?

Do u always have to restart then, or only wait a few minutes and then it gets back to normal?

Maybe your whole computer got too slow. Try to clean up your temporary files... could help.

RE: Obsession

to what was in the past:

I'm not certain, if I understood how that happened...

Did you feel yourself like he was spending too much time with you and talked to him about this?
- or -
Didn't you think about that unless your friends had said so?

Because... if you enjoyed being with him - even though you maybe had spent much less time with your friends at that time - it wouldn't be too much at all, right?

to what is now:

Depending on what's written above:

Do you feel like "Oh, I really like to have a bit of fun, as we had, when we were still together" ?
- or -
Do you rather feel like "All the time, that has passed since we're not together anymore, my feelings about him haven't changed. I still want to be with him" ?

I don't want to give you advice or jugde the way you/your friend behave(d). But take my questions as a help to realize what you really want. Anyway, you gotta find an answer for yourself, there you're the only one, who knows best what you need...

p.s.: What additionally came into my mind whilst reading:
Did you so far think about that he might just have chosen to stay friends with you, because the only alternative was that he wouldn't have been able to spend any more time with you?

RE: Is Anybody Born Straight?

And why do much more men/women become gay, when they are in jail for many years (maybe forever), if it has just to do with 'genes' and 'being born like this'?

In my opinion it depends on the development in childhood. How has somebody been educated by parents? How are the parent? Does he/she respekt the parents? What friends does this person have? what person(s) are an ideal to him/her?
And many more aspects...

All's a matter of the experience we've made (or haven't made).

RE: Should people be punish for watching the attack of

"it is their right not to do a damn thing"

huh, well... here in germany there's some kind of § in laws, saying that you can be punished, if you don't help, wvwn though you were able to.

If there's an accident (e.g. a car hits a tree) and you're just passing by without at least calling an ambulance or assuring, if you could help somehow (first aid!), you are definitely punished, if anyone else had seen you and reported the police.

If someone is attacked, it is a bit difficult, because it depends on how much you were able to help without getting yourself into danger.
When 3 men beat up another, you can't judge a woman, because she didn't step right between and pushed them away. But:
There's always something that can be done!
- calling the police
- asking other people for help ('together we are strong')
- get at a save distance and shout that u just have called the police (after having done so), maybe that makes them stop and run away

Anyone who is just not willing to help (for no good reason), doesn't either deserve help, when she/he is in danger her-/himself.

Interminable Search

hell no! your german is so much better than... e.g. the english of the scammers around here. wink
And the more u read and write, the sooner u improve!

Hey, I still got 2 short-stories (about 1000 characters each) lying around, which I once wrote for a "science-fiction creative contest".

I'll send u one later (when i've got some time and am in the right mood to look for it).
If u got questions, cause u don't understand anything, then feel yourself free to ask, or maybe better use an online dictionary (is faster)

this here is my most favorite one, because there are alot languages supported:

Interminable Search

Guess, she surely meant that which was written in the comments.

I tried to correct the following quotes of what u've written in order to help u a bit lerning german. wink

Euhhm, i don't exactly know what you are talking about... (Du weißt nicht, wie ich was meine?)

Hmm, I'd bet, for the same reason as yours is. I learned it at school and it was one of my mayor subjects at school as I graduated(and better than the rest as well -_-*).

Nope, you didn't. That's what a blog is for, isn't it? smile

At first I didn't want to blog anything. Because there is a forum for discussions and mail system for private stuff, I don't really see much sense in blogs (on this site, at least). I only uploaded that poem, because it fits somehow to this site. I just didn't want to add it to my profile, cause there's alredy (too) much text (compared to alot other profiles i've had a look at, so far). grin
Anyway, I don't really know, what I should write about. And if it's something I want to discuss, then I'd prefer English again, that more people are able to take part in the discussion.

I was about to use the blog as my "creative junkyard"... laugh
If I'll find somehing, that I'd like to discuss, I'll try to post it bilingual.

Pheww, hard to find any good german music... I don't really like that pop- and casting-show-sh*t. Sadly there's too much of that. frustrated

I'm not sure about the meaning of 'Bardawulf'. As I was searching for a new nick once, I found a site listing alot. I chose that one, because I liked it.
Searching for the meaning led to different expressions, but on most of the sites you find the meaning: ax-wolf.

Funnily enough I just found another one, where I read that it's supposed to be an old german name.
BARDAWULF: Old German equivalent of Anglo-Saxon Bertulf, meaning "bright wolf." confused

Whatever it means... I like that name. grin

Interminable Search

oh, I'm not too sad about that. indeed it's the first time ever that I really start searching. Anyway, I believe that I'll meet her, once the time has come. Nothing to worry about... wink
I just like to write, and I think that a poem with such a topic should be that emotional. roll eyes

Indeed, it isn't that sad, cause it contains much of hope. In my opinion the 1. stanza expresses negative feelings and the 2. one positive.

Maybe that happened after some time, when she had started studying it. Not the best language to study - I might add... laugh
Too much irregular forms, etc. and doesn't sound that good as well (my opinion).

I prefer writing in English right here. But if you want to, then I can post another poem - this time a german one. then u can discuss its different meanings and the social criticism in it.

But beware! That one contains a really dark mood... uh oh grin

RE: Horrible Anti-Gay Slurs

"if everyone should be tolerent of others then you should be tolerant of his opinions.. "

But that - in the end - would mean: tolerate discrimination.
Like "I don't mind, if u'd keep on burning wooden crosses" (yeah, I'm overacting a bit, maybe).


"But since that occasion, I rarely hang out with him like I use to. So was it right for me to distance myself from a friend?"

Anyway, it seems like you have already made your decision. You keep distance, because you don't feel like spending time with him anymore, somehow.
Even though he is a friend, answer yourself following question:

Would he be your friend, if you had heard/seen him behave like that, before he has become your friend?

You might be sad about it, because you are always loyal to your friends. But you just got to know a new aspect of him, and now you have to decide if that is of such importance to you, that you don't want to be friends with him anymore.

Maybe that could help you a bit...

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