Dealing with Trolls - my posts only

Yes it seems like a simple thing to do, but sometimes they pose as a regular poster, someone who wan...
426-Mar 28

My reply to other blogs – blog - my posts only

This will be my blog I will use to reply to other blogs with my opinions…...
208-Jun 9

My thoughts shared - my posts only

This will be a blog I share my thoughts on...……......
122-Jun 10

My Music Blog - closed for comments

A blog I will use to post my music on...………………………….....
172-Jun 9

Being a loner - my posts only

I don’t mind being a loner I can do what I want Enjoy my own company Listen to music I enjoy Wat...
153-Jun 9

Music blog...closed for comments

390-May 20

Online Cliques and gang attacks - closed for comments

Two hate threads have been written about me since I have been on this site and they were full of hat...
1,093-May 20

Calm - The drama free - music - blog - closed for comments

Yep nothing about this blog will raise your pulse Nothing about this blog will make you want to rus...
352-May 4

A cockatiels life and family - closed for comments

Wow - I have never heard of a cockatiel living for 25 years before...
143-Apr 20

Dirty Harry - closed for comments

His quotes make me LMAO Clint Eastw...
220-Apr 18

The Golden Age of Piracy Terror at Sea Documentary - my posts only

109-Apr 17

The late Steve Irwin and others - my posts only

180-Apr 17

The game of human chess - my posts only

Indeed some play the game of human chess and the rules are not explained, but some have been around...
273-Apr 14

Whitesnake music blog - my posts only

Your not invited...this is for my enjoyment and fun only......
238-Apr 12

Johnny Cash blog - my posts only

I am posting music videos for me and me only…This is my music blog for my enjoyment only... https...
197-Apr 12

Sting and The Police Music Blog - closed for comments

207-Apr 7

Genesis, Phil Collins and Peter Gabriel - closed for comments

So many classic songs to choose from and I will enjoy...
358-Apr 7

Who are the alpha females on this site? closed for comments

I notice some women are competing for alpha female status and is this to impress men? Is it for ego...
1,751-Apr 3

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