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Are you politically Right or left leaning35831Sep 23
When a woman says she don’t do drama in her dating profile79843Sep 20
Which Words will the politically correct zombies want removed first?1949Sep 17
Would you prefer to date someone who can cook?83955Aug 19
Men would you date a bi-sexaul woman?2,658198Aug 30
Vote on my next thread23212Sep 12
Which one is better looking?55035Sep 9
Age difference in dating poll1,19376Sep 10
Stefan Molyneux talking facts1,843109Jun 29
Single woman vs single mother97860Sep 8
Compliment a woman thread69227Sep 3
Illuminatti satanic song - no god is not a woman1424Sep 7
When reality woke me up2076Sep 3
A thread for women to talk about babies and pregnacy85147Aug 26
Jordon Peterson47121May 14
Talking about the word misandry23513Aug 24
Blues music thread50934Jul 14
Are most women ruled by their emotions, their need for validation and obsession with drama?21413Aug 20
Ladies how would you like a guy, who wanted to date you approach you?24212Aug 19
Would you switch your mobile phone off on a date?51047Aug 19
Ladies do you want to date taller or shorter?48835Aug 19
Music without words75437Feb 17
Whitesnake - Post your favourite songs36111Jan 27
Why do so many women have either tattooed on eyebrow or pencilled on eyebrows?1,65188Jul 12
Rainbows77734May 24
Going on a date....Ladies make your choice?1,463109Jul 5
Ladies going on a date part two - Ladies make your choice?1,593115Jul 5
Dealing with losing your hair98658Jun 25
Germany - immigration problem39418Jun 27
Patriotic theme music and Winston Churchill speeches49528May 27
….Worst big budget movie remakes?39910Jan 15
Michael Caine1475Jul 1
Which James Bond do you fancy most? Thread for the Ladies:)1,09359Apr 18
What do women talk about with their female friends mostly?1,02864Jun 21
How do people on CS define you?1,03857Jun 22
US President virtual poll…Trump Vs Hilary35412Jun 19
Sunsets1915May 24
The moon and stars1642May 24
Which is your favourite letter of the alphabet?1,37372Mar 12

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