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Do you think, that men are avoiding dating/relationships and marriages with women?1,44093May 17
Wrapped up in cotton wool and safe spaces1808May 9
What do you like best on Television?52053May 11
Ladies - Can you charm the charming?48145May 14
How long before feminism dies?1,42186Apr 26
Describe your perfect man?56829May 12
Describe your perfect woman?64729May 12
The best Vampire movie?16914May 8
Comedy was so funny, before political correctness981May 5
Any women ever - given a man breakfast in bed?53847May 2
Would you date a woman, if she told you, that she used sex toys?1,868143Apr 29
Dealing with the metoo mob and exposing the feminist lies63839Apr 23
What do women mostly complain about?1,16286Apr 21
Which Party UK - would you vote in a general election?40632Apr 19
I am thinking of creating a mans group1,17774Apr 12
Which age group of men, would women prefer to date?46331Apr 10
Which age group of women, would men prefer to date?1,612121Apr 10
Should people’s religious and political beliefs - be mentioned in their dating profiles?24616Mar 22
Which actress in their prime...was more sexy?26015Apr 6
Are we living in a materialist and cold hearted society28822Apr 4
Which job would women - be better at?28025Apr 6
What is the main words women use, when they disapprove of something?32828Mar 1
Story telling? 4 words per post8,312774Jan 28
Do you think - America - is, was, never was, or never will be democratic?30419Mar 24
Have your ever been in love with a woman?29718Mar 15
The song - Anything goes – various versions962Mar 23
Women - Have you ever been in love with a man?45434Mar 15
Who do you listen to more?30627Mar 18
Who are easier to influence?2206Mar 11
Welcome to the 1980s music dedication thread19023Mar 16
Which decade of music...would you like me to host?23011Feb 1
Should threads be archived or left opened for comments?1486Mar 13
In dating - Is it important to a man, what a woman does for a living?99456Feb 3
Men do we want to date taller or shorter women?2771Aug 2018
Which Male UK singer from the past or present has the best voice?22613Mar 8
Which has the better sense of humour?1682Mar 11
Relationships - do most women really ever, know what they want?81772Mar 6
Which Male Musician – might have faked their death?1578Mar 10
Which type of movie do Men like best?1859Mar 2
Which Female UK singer from the past or present has the best voice?33625Mar 8

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