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Blues music thread28130Jul 14
Why do so many women have either tattooed on eyebrow or pencilled on eyebrows?1,37588Jul 12
Rainbows69134May 24
Going on a date....Ladies make your choice?1,274109Jul 5
Ladies going on a date part two - Ladies make your choice?1,429115Jul 5
Dealing with losing your hair84658Jun 25
Germany - immigration problem34118Jun 27
Stefan Molyneux talking facts1,36797Jun 29
Patriotic theme music and Winston Churchill speeches42828May 27
….Worst big budget movie remakes?30810Jan 15
Michael Caine1215Jul 1
Which James Bond do you fancy most? Thread for the Ladies:)1,00059Apr 18
Music without words61436Feb 17
What do women talk about with their female friends mostly?80964Jun 21
How do people on CS define you?91557Jun 22
Do western women have the confidence to chat up men or not?4,244274Jun 14
US President virtual poll…Trump Vs Hilary30612Jun 19
Sunsets1625May 24
The moon and stars1432May 24
Which is your favourite letter of the alphabet?1,23972Mar 12
Replying to thread posts1,07379Jun 17
Fathers day15113Jun 17
Trolls sabotaging threads to get them deleted10,247414Jun 6
acoustic guitar music14613Jun 7
.............55327Jun 6
Socks20812Jun 4
The new feature - virtual Thumbs up or Thumb down76540Jun 1
Sticking to a thread subject1,09456May 31
Brigette Gabriel1649May 30
Hollywood1557May 26
...Do you agree or disagree with the meetoo misandrist mob?46914Feb 2
Which sports do you like watching?34023May 24
Compliments2,108137May 11
Talking about Time32525May 24
Jordon Peterson36720May 14
Do you dye your hair, or have you dyed your hair before?89059May 2
Ladies which do you prefer to wear?1,711198May 1
The Titanic49522Apr 17
Have you ever been set up on a blind date, by a friend before?1,04563Jan 25

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