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Which is the better Pet40134Nov 30
Songs about eyes79167Nov 30
Do women spend too much on clothes, make-up and mobile phones?1,645140Oct 7
I did a bit more research and here is something18712Dec 7
Can Donald Trump drain the swamp?1,36394Dec 1
Do most western women try to control relationships?38732Nov 30
Who is your favourite poster?26914Dec 3
Women with short hair Vs women with long hair?92873Nov 24
Is Valentine’s day a waste of money?37533Nov 24
Sock puppets19317Dec 1
Ladies what do you think men - like best about your bodies?70368Nov 28
What do women like best about dating a man?34122Nov 25
The best British Sit coms58274Nov 25
The agenda of the NWO822Nov 23
Why are modern adverts, so manipulative n materialistic?23915Nov 17
Stefan Molyneux talking facts2,076110Jun 29
thread for nagging and complaining about your day42832Nov 20
Why do so many women have either tattooed on eyebrow or pencilled on eyebrows?1,85589Jul 12
Jordon Peterson64027May 14
What you watch mostly?71469Nov 16
Jim acosta - guilty or not guilty of putting his hands on a woman1,782151Nov 10
Are all men bad, rapists, liars, evil? The left says yes, but what do you think?1,17578Sep 30
Do you play cards17019Nov 16
truth or dare1022Nov 16
The Golden Age of Piracy Terror at Sea Documentary34511Apr 17
Germany - immigration problem45419Jun 27
Are most pregnancies in the west planned or unplanned?99583Nov 10
Famous song covers27823Oct 11
The democrats were the KKK1597Nov 6
The red pill or blue pill?50238Nov 4
Men and women42232Nov 3
Spotting the red flags57142Nov 2
Walkaway38015Oct 28
Types of women to avoid3,044228Oct 21
What do you prefer to date?44422Oct 14
Halloween is around the corner and will the left need costumes?1785Oct 17
Will men in the near future be wearing body cams?77153Oct 19
What do women prefer wearing30019Oct 14
What do women prefer part two49342Oct 14
What do you have on toast?41032Oct 7

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