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I don't body my choice1,21366May 5
Should sheeple...who drop dirty face nappes in fined?57341May 5
Understanding the lyrics of some songs18611May 3
The return of Jordon Peterson and say No to communism1864Apr 18
Is Suzanne Venker really anti feminist?1371Apr 11
Will trans people destroy feminism?1,86962Mar 27
Warning....anything I type in this thread...maybe in french1,07149Feb 15
Comparisons...between women's bodies and cars43212Mar 24
worst imports from the USA to the UK?2857Mar 20
Which decade was comedy at it's best?38916Mar 15
Crickets...Crickets...Crickets...4,578113Feb 24
What will dating be like in the future?63727Dec 15
Do you have a nickname for your organ?3,043113Feb 19
The dentist2523Feb 24
Would you date someone who is?1,50555Jan 25
Why are most women...lazy when it comes to creating thread subjects?1,31661Feb 6
Are you a one dimensional person?82135Feb 12
I'm building a star ship enterprise crew...who would you most be like?54638Feb 5
Do you share...your bed with pets?59923Jan 28
Are you a dullard?1,38870Feb 1
Carrie Gress and Mallory Millet on Feminism and the Loss of Beauty1271Feb 4
Do you members...may post on the CS threads?11,37054Jan 12
Question to often do you watch porn?2,258125Jan 18
Do women prefer to date older or younger men?1,680119Jan 10
Is it deceptive for a woman to wear a padded bra?3,998195Dec 20
Which do you confide in more?59129Jan 22
Which would you prefer to date?55825Jan 26
Which sex gossips more?1,272100Jan 22
I want women to...know it's growing...yes really growing?26910Jan 21
Why do some...long term married people in the closet for decades?1,72866Jan 9
Will your political views...limit who you date?98649Jan 4
Would you date a hot mess?1,27947Dec 30
Do women prefer real or faker finger nails?1,77198Jan 1
will 2021 be?43623Dec 31
Why do people...breed animals to become pets?41721Dec 27
We do people breed become pets?1011Dec 27
What do women prefer wearing?51716Dec 20
Songs for the sheeple...Wake up sheeple...wake up!71730Dec 25
Is Christmas important to you?3438Dec 20
Are women going to wish...a charming man a happy xmas?3677Dec 24

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