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Online Cliques and gang attacks

Two hate threads have been written about me since I have been on this site and they were full of hateful, nasty, vindictive, spiteful, libel, suggestive lies, but nothing has been done about the trolling and cyber bullying at all…

It appears clear to me, that the clique has a lot of stroke on this site and it depends, who you suck up to most, so you can get away with trolling and mass gang attacks of another poster…yes one person being attacked by many hateful liars and manipulators

One rule for the clique and another rule for the rest of us….Like I said cliques can become very nasty and attack people, who don’t agree with them, because they want everyone to be like them…indoctrinated sheep, who fear truth tellers and free speech

These insecure gang members, don’t know how to think outside the box, think for themselves and don’t tolerate strong minded people who do, so they attack them like a gang of vultures, but
this is what happens when you get a bunch of hardcore lefists, joining together and dictating to others, that they might get targeted and attacked to by the gang, if they don’t tow the line, because they will always attack as a unit and bombard the victim...

Their agenda is to alienate the victim/target from the rest the free thinkers, because dividing is conquering and they don't want free thinkers, truth tellers and good hearted people to join together and express themselves.

I am sure that the gang attacks are pre-arranged in advance and all of them know what to say, because they have all been given their instructions, by the gang leader in private emails….yes attacks are always pre-planned and always have a mastermind behind them.

Watch out for the clique…watch out for the gang of bullies…watch out, because no one else will do it for you…keep your eyes wide opened and watch out for the very underhanded tricks of the clique

I know who some of the gang members are, but not all because no doubt a puppeteer is pulling their strings and does not make themselves know....I will be watching the gang and seeing what is next on their agenda...Stay tuned, because I will be updating gang activities and discussingprofessor
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Calm - The drama free - music - blog

Yep nothing about this blog will raise your pulse
Nothing about this blog will make you want to rush on it and get your drama fix
Nothing about this blog will be about you
Nothing about this blog will be dramatic
This blog is the calm blog
So calmly post and share your positive energy and music videos
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A cockatiels life and family

Wow - I have never heard of a cockatiel living for 25 years beforewow
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Dirty Harry

His quotes make me LMAOrolling on the floor laughing
Clint Eastwood has a way with words and he played the Dirty Harry character perfectlycheers
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The game of human chess

Indeed some play the game of human chess and the rules are not explained, but some have been around , can spot the signs and the patterns of play...

First they set up the chess board, then they get the pieces into place ready for the game…they have a lot of pawns they can use in this human game of chess and this is nothing like the real game, because the pawns are not easy to remove from the board…

The game of human chess has no rules and it is anything goes, so an opponent can make various attack moves, with various pawns and even when the pawns are eliminated from the game, they refuse to leave the board...

You have to be prepared for the manipulative mind games of a human chess player, you have to be ready for attacks from all sides, you have to be aware of the whispers behind the scenes and the plotting going on...

You need to be aware of their sneaky tactics, the traps they try to set, the dirty tricks they will use and you need to be prepared to walk the walk and talk the talk, before you ever think of making your move on their chess board...
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Whitesnake music blog

Your not invited...this is for my enjoyment and fun only...
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Johnny Cash blog and no one is invited

I am posting music videos for me and me only…This is my music blog for my enjoyment only...

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Genesis, Phil Collins and Peter Gabriel

So many classic songs to choose from and I will enjoy this blog

The fake preacher, not practicing, what he preaches...How about that a few on here do that very same thing
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