The democrats were the KKK

We see the hate mobs run by the democrats, we see the hatred of white men replacing the hatred of black people, we see the denial of the facts, we see men’s rights being destroyed, we see metoo mobs going after innocent men without any evidence or witnesses, we see denial of differences between biologically born men and women, we see hatred of male masculinity in schools and universities (the duluth model is being used to oppress men and boys)

feminists push hatred, use shaming tactics, outright lie and create laws to oppress men…the toxic ideology of the democrat party is easy to spot when you are a free thinker and nothing about it is good in anyway….the destruction of the family unit, the removal of patriotism, the divide between men and women, the race divide and the promotion of illegal immigrants…they hate America and only three things they care about, money, power and votes, but humanity is not even an afterthought for those evil monsters…

I’m not even promoting the republicans, but at least they can debate and act in a rational way, unlike the democrats, who won’t , cause they only ever listen to those other brainwashed, who agree with them…pathetic and child like mentality the democrats are showing, tantrums and irrational behaviour is all the democrats have, but no polices and fake news networks telling lies every single minute of every single day

Who will you vote for in the mid terms?
Surely no party has been any worse, than the democrats in American history?
Surely Trump must be better, than the alternative, based on the evidence?
Who you vote for is not going to just affect America but the whole world, so think long and hard before you vote
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piano covers of famous songs

I will be posting piano covers of well known songs and this will be a very enjoyable blog
You won't believe how good this piano playing is and if you like coldplay, then it's a must listen too cover version of various coldplay songs and this displays the beautiful sounds of the piano..the way he goes from one song into the other is impressive

Words are not always needed to express true feelings and can be something special
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Do women dream about this man?

So many women obsess over this man and perhaps they are denying, their true feelings for him, cause when women obsess about a man...9 times out of ten she wants him and wants him bad...trump the lady's man, with the power and then the plan
rolling on the floor laughing
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Spotting the red flags

I spoke to a male friend today, who was going to make the extreme sacrifice and marry his girlfriend. I had told my friend many times to look for the red flags, but also the moment she becomes emotionally unavailable (an ice queen), that he needs to walk away and today he told me, that is exactly what he has done, he saved himself the misery, the manipulation and the torture of being around a woman, who wants to suck away his life force and wants him to keep on giving, when she offers nothing but misery in return…if a woman is no longer wanting to be intimate with a man, then the man needs to walk away and keep away from her...I think fear of loneliness drives men to stick with women, who use them as emotional tampons, but not care about the man's needs, cause only the woman's needs are important and a man with problems takes away the victimhood of a woman, so they can't let that happen
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brett kavanagh has been voted into the Supreme Court

It was a real circus created by the LEFT…the mob tried every dirty trick in the book, the man was out of control, the slander by mainstream media was unstoppable, but in the end I think sanity won the day
Reality, free thinking, rationally acting people voted the right way and the paid for protesters will not take away men’s human rights…I would say to always look outside mainstream media, cause 90% of it is fake news and run by the LEFT…

You can find plenty of truth tellers online and facts can still win the day…my advice is don’t let the mobs shout you into submission, don’t fall for the attempted guilt shaming, don’t fall for the lies, don’t give into the LEFT mob, don’t let them take away our free speech, be strong, stand up for yourselves, stand by what you say, be proud and good

I thinkthe LEFT have shown their mentality, the left have show how aggressive and out of control their emotional state is, the Left have show they don’t practice what they preach, the LEFT have show how immoral, how self centred, how power hungry and how evil they are, so the evidence is all to see and sane people will clearly see it.

What is your view on this nomination and what do you think of the way the LEFT have acted?
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Are all men bad, rapists, liars, evil? The left says yes, but what do you think?

According to the left all women tell the truth and all men are guilty, so no evidence or witnesses are needed…Does this seem crazy to anyone else? Can you spot the misandry and the false victimhood? What about the supposed strong independent women? Are all men really evil and guilty of anything a woman claims? Can you imagine meeting the crazy feminist looneys on the dating scene? Would you not just want to run a mile and keep away from women for good? Those disgusting feminists would sure be enough to turn men gay and give up on all women, but not all women are crazy feminist man haters and some hopefully will push back against metoo and misandry?
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Dealing with Trolls - my posts only

Yes it seems like a simple thing to do, but sometimes they pose as a regular poster, someone who wants to just have a laugh and join in, but in time their true agenda is revealed and they start to attack others with personal attacks and they always try to justify their wicked ways to everyone…they will play the role of the harmless victim, while at the same time throwing disgusting insults at their target….

They start to stalk their target and try to provoke them, but some targets are smart, have seen it all before and learned from the experience, so those trolls must walk with their devil tails between their legs, because their spineless tactics don’t work….

..Don’t let them get into your head, don’t allow them to feed off your reactions, your angry reply posts is like gold in their hands, your emotional outbursts are like heaven in their hands, because they do want to break you down and make you blow a gasket….
They want you to be their puppet and be able to pull your strings, anytime they want to, so watch out for their tactics….
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My reply to other blogs – blog - my posts only

This will be my blog I will use to reply to other blogs with my opinions…
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My thoughts shared - my posts only

This will be a blog I share my thoughts on...……...
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My Music Blog - closed for comments

A blog I will use to post my music on...…………………………..
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Being a loner - my posts only

I don’t mind being a loner
I can do what I want
Enjoy my own company
Listen to music I enjoy
Watch movies I enjoy
Not have to worry about others
Not have to agree with others
Not have to deal with endless arguments and drama
Lots of other People make demands and practice double standards
I have seen the worst in people online and don’t want be around toxic people
I will be here and I don’t need anyone else

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