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Many different types of different masks exist...but the one thing all of them have in they all cover a persons identity...
My thoughts on masks...

When you talk to people...facial expressions are very important...but when masks are worn...people are alienated and human interaction is very restricted....

When a person is wearing a mask...No one can see you can't eat food with a mask can't kiss another with a mask on and you never breath fresh air with a mask on...

I understand why doctors use masks...cause they encounter many patients and can't risk spreading diseases...but it's a doctors job to treat patients and not infect they have to wear a mask....however If people want to wear masks in everyday life and society....I will find it very hard to take them seriously and wonder where their self respect went...

I will be back to talk about different types of masks and what they are used for...

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It is the sign of the times.

People's health takes priority than giving a first impression.

All ways wear a mask when in close proximity with others. banana
With the current virus slightly downgraded as to how it spreads, it's not much different than the most common viruses. apparently it doesn't spread as fast as they thought from surfaces. That still leaves the other human to human path ways.

I agree with the your mask analogy. How ever, too many people are already duped into thinking it's the way to go and be. I suppose that's what you can expect when they only hear the doom and gloom. Most haven't heard that at least a few states have had to make corrections and roll their "death count" back for "Covid death rates".

That should be more than enough for people to think about how it's reported and how it's being used. They still don't have any clue of how many have actually been infected. They do know the numbers are much higher with asymptomatic to mild cases with no medical attention involved. The survivability rate is much higher. That does match most of the earlier reports that had a rate of survivability.

I'm still of the same view. It's a virus. My system can either help me fight it off or it can't. Most work places will make it mandatory in order to come back to work if the jobs still exist. Other than that, if I have to wear a mask, I don't conduct business there in any manner.

I don't spend much time talking with people wearing them either. Even if I know them. IF they're that fearful, they should move along because I'm not wearing one. It's not enough that every thing any where you go is already handled any number of times. Gloves or not, it's could still be settled on the surface(which is supposedly not as contagious as they said it was).

I think many people and politicians, are actually more sick and damaging, than any virus today, has done to the population.
If it's an issue, wear a window mask...

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They'll lower trust and confidence in yourself and others but it's not intended to crush your spirit like a burqa. There are good non-sinister reasons for the masks.
A smile from genuine people shows in the eyes, lets hope we don't meet the other kind. grin

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