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RE: Napoleone Bonaparte

He also created the Legion of Honour .......

RE: Napoleone Bonaparte

Hi Sweetie Tom, it was called first "Saint Cyr l'Ecole" .. my beloved Father was one of those who fought at 18 not even finishing the whole studies, because of the Last War. Thank you for wikiing it, but i can tell you about it for hours .....teddybear lips

RE: Napoleone Bonaparte

He created also the famous Military School of Saint Cyr

RE: Highest wave ever surfed!

Bonjour mon Ami, It's nothing about you being clumsy, Hun, it's just a culture about leaving near by big waves. Your coast is smooth and i luv it alsoteddybear

RE: Highest wave ever surfed!

Hola GUZ teddybear lips
I have surfed myself so many, especially in the South Pacific and here, on the wild Atlantic coast... now just enjoying watching them at Lacanau Pro laugh

RE: Fetish

always Miss ... count on me !!!!!!! laugh wink bouquet

RE: Fetish

I've been baddddddd

blushing rolling on the floor laughing

RE: very depressed

So sorry for you Sweetie, i assume you've learned a rough lesson, the worse way .. that will make you stronger and wiser for sure ! teddybear lips

RE: Send an anonymous message to someone.

stop visiting me under different disguises ... rolling on the floor laughing tongue wink

RE: Chinese Drones-Okinawa

maybe, you're such a gentleman... at least, it is all mine rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing then yours obviously look made in Troll Land !!!!!
redclown troll troll troll violin

RE: Who was the last 'person' to view you ???

A nice gentleman from ..... shhhhhhhh rolling on the floor laughing wink cool


It's obvious some are all trash and garbage, from what i read. You Mr Bogart, i don't know what kind of education you have had, but it's an evidence you're fake and not French at all, not even living here, and you can't have a proper conversation in French.. just a few words taken from google translationgrin... maybe do you visit us just for some allowances, when needed rolling on the floor laughing .....
Moi, je suis française et je sais reconnaître les trolls !!!!!!
La blonde vous dit m.... violin troll troll troll troll troll troll detective

RE: Chinese Drones-Okinawa

and your photo... made in FakeLand ??? rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Make a Positive Word Beginning With Last Letter of Last Word - VII

Nord Rhein Westphalie the next one ????? grin

RE: Wintertime is here!

Hello abc wave bouquet
For us it was last night ... cool

RE: The USA's NSA - when Europe 'bites back'

"Lord protect me from my friends, I can take care of my enemies" Voltaire wink

RE: Walk naked day

Merci beaucoup, vous aussi !! teddybear hug bouquet

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