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RE: name 3 things

son #1
son #2
the basics of life in these trying times

and i'm adding a 4th(sue me tongue ) the few friends i have (cause i'm picky and don't trust easily) who have been there when i needed them in hard times and just to have some fun with ....bless them!

RE: Sexy girl with daughter(5 months)

if you have to ask if it's crazy..........then maybe you have a problem with the fact that she has a child.

maybe you should look into your heart/mind and make sure you're prepared to have a child at 21, then prepared to have someone else's child and all the issues that come with it.

i think due to your question you might not be ready for that step JMO

RE: Who was your first CS Welcomer..

confused hmmmmmmm i honestly think it was Claayer, but i could be mistaken
there were so many who were friendly to me when i first showed up on the forum. most are still here but a few are gone and missed teddybear

RE: Adam's Brain Surgery

hug comfort thoughts and prayers hon

RE: What Is Butt Dust???

applause love these

RE: I hope so...

In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.

-- Albert Einstein


something i definitely need to remember

RE: Happy Birthday, Riyablossom !!

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday wise beautiful wonderful Riya(who I never get to see anymore)
*deep gasping breath*
Happy Birthday to you

bouquet teddybear hug hope your birthday is great

RE: Name a word


RE: Name a word


RE: Name a word


RE: Just signed up

wave welcome aboard!

RE: Name a word


RE: Name a word

multiple (as in o*gasmdevil )

RE: Name a word

mud puddledevil

RE: My first time on a Singles Site

wave welcome aboard!

RE: Long-Term Relationship --- Send a Flower

blues what happened to Amy?sigh moping

RE: MEn Confess ''What Turns Them Off''

popcorn typing

RE: Saying hello from Phoenix

wave welcome aboard

RE: Long-Term Relationship --- Send a Flower

teddybear Heeeeeeeeeeeeeey handsomelips hug

RE: Long-Term Relationship --- Send a Flower

I'm good thanks........just home from work tryin to unwind before bed

how 'bout you?

RE: Long-Term Relationship --- Send a Flower

applause hug ty Dana

RE: Long-Term Relationship --- Send a Flower

hug Lelahug

RE: Guess Who?

applause banana awesome new tag girl!!!! fits ya much betterbouquet

RE: Long-Term Relationship --- Send a Flower

ok i am waaaaaaay late with this i know :::waits for swift kick in the hind end::: but Dana would you please add me to the list (i'll actually be off for a few days so might get to keep up.....note i said mightuh oh )but yanno me i'm down for that relationship thingmumbling if you can catch me between workteddybear

RE: Long-Term Relationship --- Send a Flower

doh what have i missed now

mumbling dang work always screwing up my CS time

RE: Female Ejaculation

i agree Dru and for once i didn't miss one of the good topics (that i actually know alot about lol)banana

RE: Female Ejaculation

well a bib has been recommended a time or 2, but generally a bath towel or bath sheet has been needed laugh

RE: Female Ejaculation

thumbs up i agree 100% on alllllllll points

Dam you Danafrustrated

RE: Female Ejaculation

toys aren't necessary...........a good tongue, good fingers, even a good [email protected] can work the's all in knowing how to use them

RE: Female Ejaculation

i never understood the secrecy either jb........i was the same, never heard of it until it happened to medunno

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