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Cellphone versus conversation

Lela,I got to say good bye 4 now.Got to move some stuff into my car and head to the carferry 4 another gruelling work week to Malta.It's 3 am over here.See ya


Cellphone versus conversation

OOOHH you are such a braniac baby.What would I do without you ?teddybear

Cellphone versus conversation

Maybe we can put some wheels on the phones and use them as mini skateboards.confused

Maybe not .

laugh laugh laugh

RE: Well Ive made a decision

Good for you Tina.applause I will not be easy but quite rewarding at the end.thumbs up

RE: The one flaw in women..

The same on my side baby.yay hug cool

Cellphone versus conversation

Hey Lela girl.Good to see ya on this highly educational thread.laugh

Kids what didcha learn from this thread ? How to explode Popcorn Dad.

danceline gotta go reunion party cartwheel

Atta good lil Wieners ye are.comfort

RE: The one flaw in women..

Hi Huggie.hugHow is my buddy ?

Cellphone versus conversation

Hullo my beloved redneck.hug

No kiddin'.

professor Must try this at home.

Got Cinnamon flavored popcorn already and gotta wait for the Cell Phone Police to turn in some confiscated phones to start the experiment y'alldancing

Cellphone versus conversation

Ambrose is it possible that it is the other way around and we blend finally with the crazy people confused

Just wondering man.cheers

Cellphone versus conversation

thumbs up The babblers on the streets now have an excuse pretending talking to unseen friends by cupping their hands.rolling on the floor laughing

Oh yes they finally blend into society.


Cellphone versus conversation

You are welcome hug

The cell phone police is already out in full force confiscating these annoying gadgets from loud talkers.rolling on the floor laughing

Where do I come up with this nonsense.confused dunno

Cellphone versus conversation

Yes yes you get to keep your cell phone my dear.comfort laugh

Cellphone versus conversation

I can see a cell phone being used in emergency situations but what is happening out there is plain ridiculous.

RE: Which of the 7 deadly sins applies to you?

Hi Walt.I get mad about stupid stuff mainly but sweat the big stuff.Pride in what you are accomplishing,ie at work or a Home Remodelling project doesn't mean necessarily arrogance but more being satisfied with yourself at times.

Aw shucks what do I know ??????

Greetings buddy

RE: There's no title to this just something I wrote.

I like it. Very thoughtfull.thumbs up

Cellphone versus conversation

I agree with you.I guess we all have hang ups about certain groups of people.Thanx 4 posting.cheers Corona's

Cellphone versus conversation

Here is a small suggestion.Let's get rid of cell phones and get our boring answering machines back installed.I guarantee that people have to communicate then.hug

RE: Which of the 7 deadly sins applies to you?

The same here.handshake

Cellphone versus conversation

Hi folks.Just returning from the beach I thought to share my thoughts with all of you.Cellphones in every day life make people more accessible but in my opinion more lonely too.It is pathetic to watch people in your surroundings to forcibly communicate with their chosen ones and totally ignore every one around them.Just here at the beach were about 20 different people on their towels and blankets.Amazingly about 15 of them were holding their phones in their hands,talking ,texting and only the good Lord knows what else.They all seemed soooo busy that needless to say no conversation between any of the 20 came up.It just makes me wonder where thistrend is leading to.Meanwhile I got people standing a foot away from my ear shouting and argueing with those little black gadgets.laugh

Quite annoing but I tell them if they shout in my ears again I will make them eat their phones.head banger
Now that gives me my desired privacy and distance to the reckless ones.

If you got anything to say to that matter let's hear it.

Am I the only one who gets annoyed by ruthless telephone abusers ?


RE: Birthday

Happy Birthday girlfriend.Get stinking drunk and enjoy the hell outta yourself.cheering

RE: I'm bored!

Heya Lela hun.hug

RE: Mature women better lovers?

I prefer older women myself since they have been around the block.Yes older women make better lovers for sure.professor

RE: I'm bored!


I gotta work tomorrowmoping

RE: Bullying

Overpowering others by force or verbal abuse.

RE: I'm bored!

Pop a can girl.head banger

RE: Hey Guys ,,Should We Clean Our Residence Up for A Date?

well,how do you like to live ? Do what you think is right.I personally would never take my date home unless its clean.cheers

Why are the Forums full of negative crap ?

As long as discussions stay discussions its ok.I have seen a good number of threads gone sour.

Why are the Forums full of negative crap ?

Yup.Absolutelly right.wave

Why are the Forums full of negative crap ?

I agree.The way you make your bed is the way you sleep.handshake

Why are the Forums full of negative crap ?

You misunderstood my answer bud.I never meant you but the crybabies.Thanx 4 beer.cheers handshake

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