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RE: Two Words, Keep One

candy cane

RE: Wordy People Again


RE: Three Words, Keep two

really raw toes


bad budgets waste money

RE: And they say romance is dead lol

Could be....could very well be. grin

RE: I wish someone would plan something in CANADA

I came upon a child of God
He was walking along the road
And I asked him, "Where are you going?"
And this he told me...

I'm going on down to Yasgur's Farm,
I'm gonna join in a CS thing.
I'm gonna camp out on the land.
I'm gonna get my soul free.

Just had too....resistance was futile. laugh

RE: Three Words, Keep two

eat limes yearly

RE: And they say romance is dead lol

Palatable? Yeah...kinda wondering about that. laugh

RE: Camping at Greeny Lake BC

You keep losing quarters moose and your going to need a second job. laugh


Yep, however it works out and whenever. grin


How long should you wait before meeting the person standing beside you in the check out aisle at the grocery store? grin

RE: There's to many nukes

Bomb? Somebody mention a bomb? Who? Where?

RE: Matches......or not

Okay..okay..I know...this is a trick question. French originated in...China?


Happy Valentines Day too.

RE: Matches......or not least he is honest. And....and...pays well. And just wants to have fun. Knows what he wants. I'm sure he'll find someone...someday...somewhere. laugh

RE: Some reasons to be proud to be Canadian

We did ketchup chips? Wow...we are amazing!laugh

RE: Would you trust her on here

I think if they come to this site to meet people behind your back, there is something wrong with the relationship. Saying, 'you won't allow' that is being controlling and could have something to do with why they did it.

RE: what a crock

thumbs up

RE: What will cause the fall of USA?

Yes, I agree, China owns 1.2 trillion dollars of US debt of a total of 14 trillion. 9.8 trillion dollars is owned by the American people and the rest by foreigners. What happens if 1.2 trillion dollars gets put on the market? I don't know...and what happens to the US dollar if a new international currency is decided on? Again, I don't know...but I know it will not be good for the US. If China runs into financial problems, they may put that debt on the market. It really isn't a question of who wants to see what, but rather how the financial markets play out.

RE: Do you have any of these phobias?

Heights. But snakes in water and swimming will overtake heights any day of the week. Then I freak.

RE: Do you have any of these phobias?

Okay, so is that with or without handcuffs? laugh

RE: What will cause the fall of USA? actually did.

RE: What will cause the fall of USA?

Well yes, the United States is claiming to be the most powerful country in the world. But is it? Any country that gets too big and too powerful will eventually collapse and mostly because of financial reasons in my opinion. The assumption that the US is going to head into trouble is from two things I see, first there is an international discussion on moving away from using the American dollar as an International currency and the second thing is the amount of US debt that is owned by foreign countries, China in particular.

If a new international currency is brought in, the US dollar will fall, increasing prices for imported goods. Second, if China puts the debt it holds on the market, the US dollar is going to be worth a lot less.

Nobody as far as I know wants to see the US take a hit, but that is what will bring a lot of problems to the US and could bring about a collapse. There is only so much money that can be printed and only so much debt before bankruptcy.

RE: What will cause the fall of USA?

Rome was non-violent after adopting Christianity? The Christians had a bad habit of murdering a lot of people. And the crusades? Christians slaughtered millions upon millions in all nine crusades.

Agreed, all empires fall eventually. Greed is usually the culprit as well. I think if you look at the US today, the seeds of discontent are already is just a matter of time. And financially, it is close to being broke.

RE: Three Words, Keep two

every dog naps



RE: How to give your cat a pill

Cats do test those survival skills alright.laugh

RE: Two Words, Keep One

family ties

RE: Three Words, Keep two

nicky plays on


Yeah, it's kinky I know, but yeah...we do. And then when the moment is right...WE POST!!!! grin

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