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RE: New look of CS ...

It certainly got my attention, not sure what to think yet, will take a few days to get used to.

RE: Perefect Man Perfect Woman

I never listen especially when I comes from a man.

RE: Essentials

First I would have to go and buy all new stuff to wear. I then would pack just what I would need.

RE: The "I am" thread

I am glad that we are going to the ex tomorrow morning.

RE: The "I am" thread

Hello to you and a good morning. Must confess was captured by fb and just got free.

RE: Wordy people come out come out where ever you are!!!


RE: The "I am" thread

I am wondering what mischief I can get into today, any suggestions?

RE: TGIF-Do you know anyone that is a sexoholic or are you one?

Is that when you want sex morning, noon and night or just want to have sex with anyone that you happen to see no matter is you are married or not or in a relationship.

RE: Two Words - Keep One the Same round 3

People eater (purple)


shipping fee

RE: The "I am" thread

I am still the same old boring person I have always been.

RE: I am getting married!

So how does this work? You pay for me to go there, a trip would be nice. First how much allowance will you give me a month to spend or do I have unlimited funds. I would want a big house and someone to drive me wherever I would want to go. I definitely will need a massage every night.

RE: summer plans???

I have no plans, so I guess will do what I do every summer ... nothing.

RE: found him!!!!!!

Good thing you found out now before it was too late. Guess there is a lesson to be found here ... look before you leap.

RE: Have people become more stupid over the last 20 years?

This is my 2 cents worth.

Kids today text more then actual talk in their spelling likely is better and can type faster than I did.

Kids today do not know how to really wash clothes...old washing machine where you had to do some of the work and hang them out to dry

Kids today do not know how to cook ... just pop it in the mirowave and throw it in frozen in the oven..and in 1 hr. have your full course meal.

RE: does your country celebrate St. Patricks Day....17th of March

Yes and you must wear green. I usually make cupcakes with green icing and do not like beer no matter what color it is.conversing

RE: Happy St. Valentine's Day

I am spending the day with my daughter and her new born baby girl born last Thursday...and of couse her other daughters too.heart beating teddybear

RE: The John Wayne Potato Harrasment Thread...

Have no idea what this is about but my favorite potatoes is scallope, and second to that is baked with sour cream and bacon bits.conversing

RE: just my life/my boys life

CFS always thinks they know what is best and most of the time does not listen to the parents. I know what you are going through as I have a daughter who has been going through the same thing since she was 12 and now she is 27. Now she has been in a mental hospital for the last month and certified until the end of this month. She has disappeared from there two times already and brought back by the police drunk and high. She has been given a lot of different diagnosis and some of the doctors say there is no hope for her that she will end up dying.

I know you do not want him to live with his dad but maybe when he has him full time he will see the whole picture and be able to get him the help he needs.

what is the most annoying kids’ TV character? Pedantic Dora? Whinging Caillou? Psychedelic In the Ni

The sad thing is that I know the songs that go with the cartoons and continue to watch them even after the kids have left the room.

what is the most annoying kids’ TV character? Pedantic Dora? Whinging Caillou? Psychedelic In the Ni

Ruby is annoying and needs to stop bossing her brother around (where are those parents anyway?)

I like that Caillou is often frustrated or upset and that his parents help guide him to a happier place. I think the kids can really relate.

Spongebob gives me a headache.

Anyone every been on a good Chat Room

I do not have friends to invite to a room, even on here there are not that many in the over 50 room..actually no one.

Anyone every been on a good Chat Room

Just wanted where you can talk about your kids. grandkids, whatever you have been doing today.

Anyone every been on a good Chat Room

Not asking about dating sites so did not think against the rules. The one here is good but was looking for ones for 60 yr. olds etc.

Anyone every been on a good Chat Room

take off the y.. is to be ever..still cannot spell at my age.. or maybe that is why I cannot spell.

I hear about chat room all the time but never can find one that actually talks about what the room is about in the first place.

Anyone every been on a good Chat Room

I just left yahoo messenger as I tried their chat rooms but went to 50 and 60 romance room and there was no one one there that age. Most wanted you to view them naked or were just 20 yr. olds.

Anyone know of a good chat room where there are real people on it.laugh

RE: What would you do......................

I would not give it to her unless it was for medical reasons that it needed to be done.


Example: I was working in a hospital and walked pasted a door of the person I was to go to, the other nurse said do you not know where you are going. I had just started there and was trying to remember the names with the room numbers. She also complained that I did not close the drapes in the peoples rooms at night, which I was never told I was suppose to do that. I could go on and on but to make a story short, then I turned around and told on them everything they were not doing right too.


If someone comes after me trying to show up my faults then I will go after them and show their faults.

RE: How are you spending Saturday night?

Sitting on the sofa seeing if any good t.v. programs are on to watch, unless a man suddenly shows up at my door.laugh

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