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RE: IRELAND. Hard border OR soft border?

The partition of Ireland caused us to have a hard border in the past n the politicans are receiving the loud n clear message from the majority of all citizens that no one( apart from the few war-mongerers who sniff opportunities for wealth from war n destruction) wants a return to a bloodiest history of a civil war again. I don't care how they logistically handle it all n if they label it a "soft border/brexit", what matters most is that the peace n harmony now enjoyed all over this Island continues for everyone's sake.

RE: Food Waste

Over the years supermarkets just seem to have got bigger n bigger, with more n more food selection n varieties. It follows the bigger the stock then the more waste n spoilage there will be so I think this is becoming an issue all governments will have to address sooner rather than later. I watched a t.v. programme one time about parts of Germany where rents are so high that people (even working classes) have no money left for food n depend on food banks to help them out, some on a daily basis. Of course some of the people felt ashamed to resort to the food banks but it is an invaluable service n helps reduce food waste. Capitalism is at fault not people doing whatever is necessary to survive.

RE: When r u being Stupid, and when not.....

Its a comments section n I made a comment, no company acquisition required! Mercedes' comment articulated in a very astute style how u keep throwing out questions to members on ur threads, some of them v personal...A forum by definition is supposed to be a platform for discussion not a vehicle for interrogatory questioning of everyone. I have a private life n I for one enjoy it.doh

RE: When r u being Stupid, and when not.....

Snookums: why not post in the polls section if all ur threads are just questions after questions??

RE: Mild to moderate depression.....

Having had 1st hand experience of depression n combating it I don't believe the root cause is a chemical imbalance in the brain n an eminent psychologist called Ivor Browne wrote a book outlining the same view n how brain chemicals don't account for the effects of sudden or long term trauma/crises in our lives.
In my case depression was caused by emotional problems- an addiction to self pity n loneliness. It takes ferocious hard work on holding onto positive emotions n thoughts to overcome it. Cognitive behaviour therapy (C.b.t.) has been found to be very effective therapy.

Its also an outdated myth that suicide attempts are cowardly acts. Research has shown the characters of these people to be the reverse- they are generally fearless of dying n just want the living hell that s going on in their minds to end. Being cowardly implies running from a difficult situation n these people show tremendous courage in facing depression head on every day. Society appears to concede much more sympathy for people with chronic physical pain with a poor quality of life who want to end their lives than to those who are in constant mental n emotional pain n suffering that has a detrimental effect on their lives and also want it to stop.

heart beating

RE: HIDRA/UN plan.

What about when the aliens land?!!help

RE: Trump importing poison chicken ?

I don't live in the U.S.A. or China so I don't know much about their import/export agreements but I personally wouldn't depend on any government to be always truthful n transparent about what is added to food. Everyone needs to do their own research n if they feel the food isn't safe, in this case- chickens, find a safe alternative such as american organic chickens or even rear your own if you have the facilities!
Self sufficency is the future of food sustainability i.m.o.

RE: Does Anyone Have This Problem?

Epsom salts is a powerful healing remedy. A few handfuls(not teaspoons) in a hot bath, every night for a fortnight can work on internal injuries. Its important to note not to use a towel to dry the affected area(u ll wipe off the Epsom salts which can take a while to fully absorb) so let the knee air dry when u get outta the bath.
I used this remedy on n off for yrs. For extensive internal pelvic injuries.

RE: Homemade

When it comes to food, most things are best homemade cos they re free of artificial additives n preservatives. I won't say artificial colouring cos I know some home bakers use it for confectionery.
There are many artisan food products popping up in supermarkets but golly u d need the bank behind u to afford the prices!!

RE: Dan Brown

Snookums: I m puzzled as to why most of ur threads in the forums open with a short question!
As this is a dating site I feel the members already have plenty of questions thrown at them in emails from strangers curious to know more about them but then each to their own I guess in their style of contributions.....handshake

RE: Abortion referendum in Ireland

ChesneyChrist : Even after I posted a comment asking where is the love, u continued with insults towards a whole nation of Irish people.
We are not a perfect race of people but as history has shown ur old dated hatred of the Irish only ever çaused misery n suffering in both England n Ireland. The fact that u want to keep that hatred alive is disturbing. I have reported ur abusive insults towards Irish people to the moderators cos in this day n age there is no reason for any Irish person to tolerate that sort of tyrannical abuse from anyone, especially not a British citizen who wants to incite historical hatred most people want dead n buried for eternity.

RE: Abortion referendum in Ireland

One commentator insulted the intelligence of Irish people of which I am one. Another commentator chose to slag off lone parents of which I am also one. What gives anyone the right to think they can slag off strangers n make sweeping generalisations in the comments section of a blog re an abortion referendum? Where are the mods on these offensive postings?
U can all the intelligence in the world n think ur views are somehow more constructive than others cos u attack people with a bad a** attitude but without respect n compassion for people whose country of origin n circumstances are different to ur own u have nothing worthwhile to contribute to the betterment of all.

This question gets to the heart of the matter: "Where is the love?".

Sometimes certain commentators just spread vile instead.

RE: Abortion referendum in Ireland

Actually the vote is on Friday the 25th. We already have abortion in Ireland in very limited circumstances n the question being put to the nation is whether our constitution should be changed to widen the limitations to those circumstances or not.
I m fed up with all the lobbying cos as an Irish citizen I m not a gombeen n I can form my own opinions on the issues without being bombarded by posters everywhere telling me how I should vote. professor

RE: Odd Behaviour on Dating Sites

Hi I personally wouldn't pay to avail of an online dating site cos given the fact that u ve no guarantee of receiving anything in return for ur payment, i.e. guaranteed dates set up, it could be a waste of money. Contrast that with professional offline dating agencies who spend time n effort searching for compatible people for u to meet n setting up actual dates I think u get what u pay for with them.
As for odd behaviour, my experience of men practically stalking my profile( which is not in constant change) here on c.s. without getting in touch, all of which is free; is a regular occurrence n one I find both odd n puzzling. Sometimes I can't help wondering is it to monitor when I m online on this site which I find quite stalkish behaviour! purple heart

RE: What should be your decision!

So many parents in the world view their children as an extension of themselves when the reality is they are individual n unique. Yes parents can make important decisions for their children when they are small but once they turn 18 they have every right to make their own decisions n the parents have to respect that freedom. Its a tragedy when parents let their egos take priority over parental love.

RE: I'm out

Daears, I share ur sentiments of frustration. Sometimes I ve taken time out from this site over the negativity u describe n the way in which some members treat the site like looking for the "one" is just a big joke.

For those of us who are genuinely single n have searched in vain for years it is a lonely journey n one not to be made light of. Meeting the person who is right for u is a precious experience but with all the falsehood n silly behaviour by some on here its becoming an impossible challenge.

I wish u all the best n hope cupid strikes u lucky in the real world!


RE: Where did you meet your last or current Sugarpie?

Well I was supposed to ve a date this morning with a man i thought might become a sugar pie! Alas he arrived early n i was in the middle of checking in online a flight I ve on Tues. Then I showed him a sewing machine I m having trouble with n he had mentioned previously he d look at it. After a few mins he said he was going for fags n like the old story goes "he went out for cigarettes n never returned"....

I rang his phone n apologised for being slightly distracted on his voicemail. He won't answer my calls or reply to my texts now.crying

RE: Irish ladies

Mj did u ignore the fact that the op specifically said "I ve a question for Irish Ladies".... since when did u become an Irish Lady? Or is it just a case of u re on the lookout for any n every forum that u can post a comment taking the p*** outta Irish women? I suspect the latter n as an Irish woman I m sick of ur p*** takes. Not sure what u re doing on a dating site with an attitude like that cos I m sure I m not the only Irish woman noticing ur jokes in poor taste.barf

RE: Can you tell after one date ?

A comeback of more insults. If that s the best u can do it says it all about ur I.Q. n in particular ur lack of constructive debating skills. Apologises for calling u out on ur pathetic responses. Needs must. Is that sentence simplistic enough for u or do u need to consult a dictionary. I m not wasting any more data on u. U truly are not worth it.tongue

RE: Can you tell after one date ?

Boring s a "tag" that s news to me! I think my friends wud concur! My life s way too interesting to be bothered about "tags". roll eyes

RE: Can you tell after one date ?

It would make more sense for you to state evidential facts that prove my assertions too be untrue cos a quick glance at the forum rules prove I m spot on! Instead u resort to slagging off my profile. I may well have what u allude to as "boring" in my life but it sure beats the judgemental mindset of people like urself, dear Sir. Do feel free to come back with more insults cos I m known for putting men like u back in their box fairly lively as I ve just done twice already.

devil I ll finish on this note:pog mo thoin a charatongue

RE: Can you tell after one date ?

Any chance u cud follow the forum usage rules instead of slagging off members on everything from their profile contents to their dating expectations?

RE: Irish ladies

I think its a good idea that this site is open to singles of all ages but I'm personally a middle aged woman now. So much as I understand there are some very nice men in their 20's I would have no interest in chatting to them online and I hope no young man takes offense at that. Its not a matter of age difference for me, its simply a matter of stage in life difference. As you get older what you want from a relationship changes. When I was in my 20s I had marriage n kids on my mind. Now I've been there n done that so being a grandmother is the next stage I'm looking forward to. U can ve different hobbies in a relationship but core goals have to be the same most of the time.

I wish u well in ur search.handshake

RE: Kant

Alcoholism, drug addiction, aggression are worldwide problems, not unique to Irish males or the male gender!

RE: where in the UK is best to visit

Ireland is not part of the U.K. and has not been for a very long long time!

This is a list of forum posts created by Poitin.

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