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RE: Are You a Stalker?

I already have peace and fulfillment innocent

Not many can get on my bad side just the exceptionally rotten humans do.

Now I'm off for another couple months.


RE: Are You a Stalker?

The mods do very little KB.
It doesn't matter if if meant for me or no.
I know people who double cross others but lead a very holier than though appearance here.
Dont get me wrong I dont have a major problem with anyone here.
But just dont step on my toes (not you, in general) and I would leave all be grin

I never proclaimed to be saintly,I'm not...but gun for me , I'll gun for you....(again, in general).

RE: Are you Desperate for a Guy / Gal in your life?

You must be the last one to be surprised by that

RE: Are You a Stalker?

That's where the public justice comes in.

If you knew a guy on here hadnt good intentions would you not like to warn others??

RE: Are you Desperate for a Guy / Gal in your life?

Dont forget behind the famous scenes too professor

One works like theres no tomorrow there!!...professor
Time must be ticking

RE: Are You a Stalker?

Potatoe potato.....laugh

Lifes fab at the moment long may it last
Hope the same for you.....

I think in the realm of CS one needs to do ones research to get a handle on people....that ain't stalking though that's just weeding out the boys from the men so to speak applause

RE: What do you like the most about the opposite sex?

I sincerely hope this tripe isnt aimed at me ^^^^....molly professor

RE: Are you Desperate for a Guy / Gal in your life?

No never have been but I know someone who is desperate...but sadly she is broken.....

All together now........awhahahaha

RE: Are You a Stalker?

Whose the friend ....the mind boggles laugh

No not a stalker more of a public justice warrior dancing dancing

RE: Holiday - Where would you like to go?

Bet youd like to give a karate chop to a few here banana laugh

RE: Keeping secrets

Dealbreaker secrets shouldnt be kept secret....but anything else is really not worth mentioning.

RE: Holiday - Where would you like to go?

Japan would be an adventure for sure.

RE: Holiday - Where would you like to go?

Italian countryside.....forever

Weird crush

Good him

RE: have you ever found a pretty soul on internet ?

I'll give you mental issues right in the kisser if I met you mumbling

Weird crush

Who is he/she?

Weird crush

Is it a weird crush though when she is beautiful??

Weird crush

I dont think these men have women on their minds Serene...laugh

Weird crush

I love Louis of the best documentary makers out there....he is weirdly attractive too

RE: Men's / Women's best friend?

I doubt they know what century they are living in.


RE: The greatest thing you ever learned

I was going to say sex but I didnt learn it, I taught it grin

Best thing I ever learned was that it's ok to not be ok.
It's best to keep silent in the face of ignorance
You reap what you sow.

Oh and to always always finish that bottle of wine as the following day it's only use is for paint stripping.!!!

RE: Say Anything

Stop being a little b*tch and pour me a whiskey

RE: What do you like the most about the opposite sex?

I love their eyes....their they speak ( when they have a grasp of the English language, and it's not littered with F**k this and F**k that)....
I love how they are both masculine and also that they can be in touch with their soft side...and not feel like it's a bad thing.
I love how they view the world ...esp if it's different to mine...and how esp they can teach me about things I dont know of yet.
How they protect the people they love in a way a woman cannot.
How well they look and dont realise it when coming in after a hard days work....(insert cargo pants and lots of sweat and dirt, top optional)
I love how when they wrap their arms around you that you feel like nothing or no one can touch you.

Ya know....stuff like that


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