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RE: Are You a Ho Ho Ho!

I do love Christmas ..but new years eve I detest with a passion.

But I must say, how any shop assistant manages to come out of Xmas sane from listening to Xmas music playing in the shops...some as early as mid November, is a wonder!!


RE: Obsession & predictably!

Welcome back, knuckle head wave

RE: where is my Mr Right ? ????????


blues are you really going for good.

I'm really sorry to hear of the nicest and friendliest people on here.
You gave me a warm welcome and were a pleasure to know.

If you are ever in my neck of the woods try me on here I'd love to meet you and show you around. hug

crying blues moping

May your future be happy healthy and full of love cheers hug kiss

RE: heart & soul

What??? Nothing in reserve for seconds????? scold

RE: Only Honest Answer

They are a nice bunch of gals....for the most part.

RE: What TV show would you like to see return?


The one with Adam weist...I had a fascination with that red phone!!!

RE: heart & soul

You shouldn't give your everything to anyone....

Always hold that 5% back for you..

RE: Random Stuff

OMG...the laSt one......oh my bum!!! blues

RE: What TV show would you like to see return?

I would like to see friends return...and sex and the city.

RE: Prelude To Meeting Someone

Maybe so ...that's a pity

RE: Obsession & predictably!

I know what you ain't Greek or British I was thinking of.

RE: Obsession & predictably!

One2note still can't decide if he is Greek or British.

RE: Prelude To Meeting Someone

Maybe just one of these people who wishes to hear someone's voice first on meeting face to face.

Give it too much thought and you will find a problem.

Just arrange a date and time over text and be done with it.
Otherwise it will be a case of what ifs....and I hate what ifs.


RE: Advice Guys

That would be advisable...we don't want a high rate of deaths by heart attack on our hands!!!!.

RE: Bedtime

In short....No....not enough....and No.

In that order.

Lately I've been hearing of too many deaths at the negligent hands of Doctors here.

I've lost a lot of faith in our attempts at research in the area of Cancer....still too many dying matter the millions pumped in yearly to our research programs.

RE: Advice Guys

No he is not a matter how many times he goes on that he is.


RE: Bedtime

You'll have to give me more information on this advanced medical facility that London apparently has then that I may answer ur question

RE: Advice Guys

Pay peanuts to One2note to stand guard outside your house day and night.

You would be free from robbers, unsavoury people....annoying kids....and especially...women.

Best of luck.sad flower

RE: I Wish This Happened More In This Sport

I saw Eric Cantona do something similar to a fan once during a match.blues

I think that bull would be the perfect antidote against English Soccer hooligan 'fans'..


RE: Class system.

Does your country have a class system in operation?
Here in England we have several .
We have the elete, which comprises of the monarchy, lords & ladies.
Higher class,
Middle class,
Working class
Rats & at the lower end of the spectrum we have Northerners
Greasy Greeks!!

RE: Bedtime

Is the medical facility and the idea of my cooking co-related, Ali .....
Don't make me come over there and kick ur a** sweetcheeks very mad


RE: Rainy days....what do you do?

I sort paperwork.
Visit friends.
Do some pampering.
Listen to music and dance like no one's watching...( because they arnt) cool

RE: Bedtime


Your leaving it weeks too late if your starting your Xmas cake on Xmas day, Ali. wave

But no I don't bake my Xmas cake....think I'll leave that to my mammy, the expert. wine

RE: the difference a woman can make

No I think you'll find Cancer did that to Bill to make him age and look gaunt, sadly.

He is still my favourite ex president...scandalous affair aside....

RE: This song explains ''life'' it's one of my hits

I love Bob Dylan when it comes to songs about life.

Forever Young
Blowin' in the wind
Mr. Tambourine Man

To name a few.

I like his unique voice and style.

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