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RE: how much money you need to be happy?


RE: An age thing

I looked at my score on Spider Solitaire last week and saw that I was at 100%.

Today I lost a game. I said to myself, It'll take awhile to get back there(100%) again.

Then it hit me!! I will never be at 100% again.

What does this have to do with this thread???

Think about it!!sigh

Leaving C.S

Pretzelman.......because I am twisted

RE: What is the first thing you see on him/her?

Her body size! I likes'em big

Leaving C.S

But don't get too happy...just changing my sign on name. I don't want people to think I am trying to hide under a new name. You will know it is me, because I will be the same boring, obnoxious, self that I am now. I just want to change my sign-on to show who I really am.

RE: let's talk about your imagination about Iran!

doh ...and that's a lie??????

RE: What will you do if your friend or partner shows weak affectionand love?

all doors open and close.

RE: how much money you need to be happy?


RE: (complete the sentence.) Love is................

and here we are once again....wearing our rose colored glasses

RE: (complete the sentence.) Love is................

Love is a fallacy!!

RE: Which emoticon are you right now?

do they have one for complete idiot???

RE: When is it considered the right time to have sex? 9:06 PM


"...I'll watch while you're lowered into your death bed
Then I'll stand over your grave, till I'm sure that you're dead"

Bob Dylan

Then let it go!!

RE: Nasty tricks to play on your lover

eorse to say you love her!!thumbs up

RE: let's talk about your imagination about Iran!

I speak only for myself. There is no imagining me ever setting foot in Iran. Nothing more to add

RE: Are their any men left that appreciates a bigger woman?

I doubt is anyone sees themselves as obese!!! We all love our rose colored glasses!

Having said that; I prefer heavier woman. it's just my thing. i have no time for gym bunnies!

I, too, am overweight. But I don't give a shite...I'm not looking for a partner. I prefer to be alone and just "date" That way anyone seen with me doesn't have to make excuses to anyone for dating a fat guy. They can say they was out with a "friend"

But I am always bewildered when I see some other fat guy, dirty looking, unkept hair, and tatoos over any skin that shows....and has a beautiful woman on his arm. I don't get it!!

RE: what would you all consider a good first date.

Not on Connecting Singles. Everyone is right, no"to each his own"frustrated

RE: An age thing

Age is just what it is!! Age. Treat it as such. Quit looking through the world with rose colored glasses. We are born..and we begin our journey to death. That's it. get used to it!!

RE: A quote that inspires you?

I will take this opportunity to quote myself:

A friend is someone who feels they have the right to fukk you, before anyone else does(and not in a good way)!...Starlin aka Shipoker

RE: (complete the sentence.) Love is................

....a bubble that starts in your head and burst when it hits your a**

RE: ...So why the games???

I reckon you are going to have people all up in your shit over that post Ship. In my opinion there is a looooooooooooooot of truth in what you said..........But Im sure men buy Levis too, cause they know it gives them a good bulge. And shit yes I stare at it.[/quote]

But they don't complain when you look!!

RE: Is there a film character that resembles you in real life?

There is no role ever played that would be my life. No one would want the role for any amount of money!!

RE: I Found This Unbelievable, i need to vent!

One of the sad things about internet relations is that you never get to hug the ones you really want to. I would love to give you a hug in person at this time, Morgan!!

RE: I Found This Unbelievable, i need to vent!

That was unforgivable...I would seek a lawyers advice. Not for money...but for an apology from the individual and the establishment he represents!!

My heart goes out to you and your family!hug

RE: homosexuality, the sane choice

Just my preference. I'd rather be straight and miserable....then gay and miserable.

RE: ...So why the games???

women are game players from the get-go.

The wear blouses and up-lifting bras that show off their breasts...the try to make you feel like a fool for looking.

The wear pants so tight that show off their butt...the get mad at you staring at it.

They spend hundreds of dollars on make up so they are even more beautiful, but when you look at them they say...take a picture it will last longer.


RE: what you can see in he mirror?

I see my own worst enemy. I see what other's don't see. I see a fool!

Oh, the fool part...everyone sees!



Thank-you for sharing that! I will mark my calander

RE: so how do you..

pull up your zipper, and take the condom out of your hand before you introduce yourself. I think that would be a good beginning

RE: Do you believe in spirits?


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