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Ladies and gentlemen Boys and Girls Brothers and sisters Uncles and aunties Nephews and nieces Doctors and nurses Neighbors and Colleagues Students an...

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Who Is Your Look Alike?

Who do you look like. I look like Mr. Clean (sorta)....

43 575 11 hrs

Whats Your Idea Of Fun And Relaxation?

A big fat joint, bbq, wine, and some music. How about you?...

33 453 Oct 20

Whenever I Try To Flirt

1 57 Oct 20

Something About Yourself

Say something about yourself that is unique, pleasant, odd, or something a little different about yourself. My feet are flat. I have two noticea...

43 395 Oct 14


If you are going to send a message in which stating that you have no kids, don't use a photo of someone holding a kid. That is all....

2 69 Oct 9

Welcome To Canada

43 460 Sep 22

That's One Way Of Doing It


9 127 Sep 14

Dedicate A Song To Someone

This one is for Sophia. Cool song for a cool lady....

31 670 Aug 31

Q&A Session

The mods should hold a public Q&A session on the forums. Who else agree's?...

1 72 Aug 29

My Neighbor Knocked On My Door At 2:30 Am This Morning

Can you believe it, 2:30 AM. Lucky for him, I was still up playing my drums....

7 247 Aug 19


0 92 Aug 14

Seriously CS

I'm not a robot....

6 206 Aug 11

Look At Her pu**y


15 494 Aug 2

Are You?

Are you someone who lives in reality or are you living on your own cloud? I definitely lives on my own cloud...

38 720 Jul 11

Bad Idea

1 111 Jun 25

Soccer Mom


0 116 Jun 9

If You Woke Up Naked In Bed With Above Poster

What five words would you say to them?...

334 9,288 May 24



31 2,035 May 23


The newfie says to the bartender "get me a drink before the fight starts." The bartender gives him the drink and the newfie downs it. The newfie says...

1 156 May 16


41 687 May 5

Unluckiest Guy In The World

5 200 Apr 2

Trump Linked To Cardassian Empire

0 132 Mar 21

Bambi vs Godzilla

That was how Kevin O'Leary described Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau compared to Donald Trump. They are meeting today. I haven't looked at t...

5 130 Feb 13

Sugar Mammma

Well you know, it seems to be a thing these days so sure, I'll take a sugar mama too...

0 143 Feb 11

About Your Province

Tell us where your from and list a few things unique about your province. I am from Newfoundland and Newfoundland is noted for: 1. Fiber optic c...

10 2,565 Feb 8

Did You Know

Sometimes when a body is cremated, it will sit up and can even scream. When the heat hits the body, it quickly dries it out causing the skin and mu...

10 295 Jan 21

Things NOT To Say After Having Sex

What are some things you should never say after having sex? Something like "your mom was tighter" or "you move just like your sister". What are...

64 1,677 Jan 6

Putin And Trump Want To Increase Stockpile Of Nukes

So, do we start planning bomb shelters now or later?

9 317 Dec 23

Exactly Right

A woman can't change a man because she loves him, a man changes himself because he loves her....

6 209 Dec 10

Cat Owners Will Understand

0 233 Dec 6

You Know What

People can have different opinions on things like politics and still get along perfectly fine. I am a liberal at heart, but I like my conservative fri...

36 1,689 Nov 20

A Political Opinion

Yup, thats right Some will agree with me and some won't and that's ok, I believe in respecting everyone's opinion to be as valid as my own...

41 1,473 Nov 16

This Isn't So Bad

Now that I am figuring out the layout, this is not so bad. There are even a few improvements over the old layout....

3 791 Oct 30

This Says It Perfectly

22 580 Oct 23

Newfie Accent

Just a couple of the bye's havin' a conversation....

6 756 Oct 5

Peanut Butter Cup Pie

I am trying this.

5 720 Sep 23

Scared Straight

If this was done to more punk gang banging kids, there would be less of them in prison. [/youtub...

20 1,088 Sep 9

Shaved Beaver


13 1,859 Aug 20

What's Wrong With This Picture

39 1,503 Aug 18

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