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If I Ever Move To The City86716 hrs ago
Silly Laws906Feb 21
Ladies28924Feb 15
Mischief24721Feb 17
Cartoons1359Feb 11
Some Good News For Anyone Alone On Valentines923Feb 15
True1024Feb 11
Ladies2669Jan 15
Fact1,842114Jan 20
I'm No Longer Interested In A Tube Powered Guitar Amp742Feb 10
Would This Make You Comfortable?2216Oct 4
Did You Know741Feb 5
Guys1304Feb 5
Northern Problems1698Jan 29
brb1319Jan 29
Ladies960Jan 25
Just Plain Sad1885Jan 17
I Want This Car28614Jan 16
Its Going To Take Time For Those of My Generation And Older43225Sep 29
Damage Control1816Oct 3
lol1051Jan 13
Life's Hard Sometimes2025Dec 18
Important1703Dec 29
Stare Into The Eyes751Jan 9
Peoples Priorities2043Dec 27
Latest Find1638Jan 9
I Won $2 On The Mega Millions Lottery20114Jan 7
What The World Has Come To1150Jan 6
What Are You Doing At This Minute?93171Dec 30
Catzooka1279Jan 5
My Goal Was To Lose 15 lbs This Year21712Dec 31
Yum1323Dec 30
Question21611Dec 29
Advice1741Dec 27
If Your Parachute Doesn't Open58441Dec 22
Please Drink Responsibly16311Dec 22
You Smell Different When You Sleep47531Dec 19
lol901Dec 23
Tibb's Eve760Dec 21
Would This Really Work?1659Dec 19

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