World shortest poem for influencing to ladies.

I have 10000000 $.
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Posted: Oct 2014
About this poem:
That's soo romantic poem.
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Applauses (to you)

These life experiences would've been enough for separating us
You didn't leave myself to me
You thought mistakes would never end

Oh my, how efficient is her excuse
Curtain of love fell
Applauses are the final words of lovers to those who leave

Her heart is not touching
It's not readable

There is no one who's irreplaceable
There are many of those whose names are forgotten, forgotten, forgotten

You're like a pain...
Why were you a cinder on the skin...
Love flames...
Have they burnt without a heart?
Go, make it (our relationship) end..
This is the last curtain..
My final word to you is these applauses

They fell apart from dreams...
and locked in the darkness...
They've blinked to the hopes
and ignored the love!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2014
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It Doesn't Kill Even If Hurts

Every little thing is on my mind which you said
Don't work these things which I know
My mind got remembering curse
It doesn't hurt if I tell, come on, please

I'm in love with someone, he is crush on me
We were northern star of people who were asking
We couldn't make it together too
We were loneliness of our own world

It was too late when we realized
Ruined, felt terrible
Then, I turned and said:

It doesn't kill even if hurts
Doesn't turn to hell
Doesn't put your life out
Doesn't bring back going anymore
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2014
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