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Alec531630Jun 22
3rdgenJC680Mar 29

the canadian avro arrow would still dominate the skies, if only.....

the avro arrow was an all canadian interceptor/bomber jet developed in the 1950s. had the programme not been cancelled, it would have given canada ai...

3rdgenJC1150Jan 29

Wooden Design Machine

Wood work , a modern wooden design machine. This is a new invention, amazing modern wooden craft machine. The technology machine was operates in Chi...

whitelily14823May 2021Jan 28

Indonesia Deadly Volcanoes, explained

Why Indonesia is always erupting? A short documentary explained by Johnny Harris...

whitelily11480Jan 27

dark sky reserves

of course, you can have the childlike sense of awe and wonder while stargazing, too. light pollution is real. i remember when i was in my 20s coming...

3rdgenJC1400Jan 1

My name Sweetie

Meet Sweetie the virtual little girl from Philipines who has identified 1,000 p*dophile around the world...

whitelily11480Dec 27
Alec531880Sep 2021
Alec531800Sep 2021

The Ruyi bridge A double-decker glass bridge in China

Amazing and breath taking! The Ruyi Bridge This a new build double - decker glass bridge in the mountain near Shenianju in Zhejiang province, China...

whitelily11790May 2021

Scientists "We Have Never Seen Anything Like This" - Gregg Braden

It's very interesting but , it's hard to believe 100% of it...

Alec532970Feb 2021
arthur c clarke prediction

arthur c clarke prediction

arthur c clarke predicts the internet in 1964...

Mr_Amor1660Jan 2021
Titanic New Documentary

Titanic New Documentary

New titanic documentary...

curefan1360Dec 2020
Alec532470Oct 2020
Cycling in Water amazing experience

Cycling in Water, amazing experience

Cycling in water with water bicycle...

Mr_Amor1370Oct 2020
Alec532820Jul 2020
Alec534020Nov 2019
UFO or UFObia

UFO or UFObia

The Military of the World has no idea what they are. I know and they worry me the least. T^hey are no more than observers. The physics are not in...

LincolnsCousin3110Sep 2019

David Graeber: "DEBT: The First 5,000 Years"

DEBT: The First 5,000 Years While the "national debt" has been the concern du jour of many economists, commentators and politicians, little attenti...

Caprikious3240Sep 2019
curefan2990Aug 2019
Titanic 2019 NBC News

Titanic 2019 NBC News

The windows are still intact and they look new...

curefan2910Aug 2019
Science Documentary 2016 The Math Mystery Mathematics in Nature and Universe

Science Documentary 2016: The Math Mystery Mathematics in Nature and Universe

Published on Jan 8, 2016 Science Documentary 2016: The Math Mystery Mathematics in Nature and Universe Astrophysicist Mario Livio, along with a co...

honeybear30003,2841Apr 2017May 2019
EasygoingLad3080May 2019
EasygoingLad3310Apr 2019
just fantastic what you can do with this tech

just fantastic what you can do with this tech

Smart tech from Microsoft that will change everything...

EasygoingLad3300Apr 2019
Homemade experiment

Homemade experiment

3 Wheeler driven by bottle rocket...

Mr_Amor5690Feb 2019
Challenger Disaster Live From 1986 CBS News Dan Rather

Challenger Disaster Live From 1986 CBS News Dan Rather

I remember watching it on TV for hours...

curefan2900Jan 2019
Space Shuttle Challenger A Rush To Launch

Space Shuttle Challenger - A Rush To Launch

January 28 1986 I will never forget it, it was scary and shocking.NASA was insane....

curefan5871Jan 2018Jan 2019

The deadly Krakatau Volcano in Selat Sunda Indonesia

The latest eruption and Collapsed on December 22, 23 - 2018 Krakatau Volcano in Indonesia causing Tsunami vulcanic and killed at least 430 people and...

whitelily13830Dec 2018
The Mathematics of Winning Monopoly

The Mathematics of Winning Monopoly

Matt Parker (standupmaths) and Hannah Fry discuss the odds of landing any given square and ultimately of winning in Monopoly....

Jefke593480Dec 2018

What happen IF we nuke the moon

Why would you want to nuke the moon ? Dont you know that Russia and America both had a plan to nuke the moon ? :convers...

whitelily12870Dec 2018
Secrets Of The Titanic

Secrets Of The Titanic

Martin Sheen narrated this about Titanic and it shows Titanic being built in Ireland....

curefan3230Nov 2018
From 1985 CBS News Titanic Found

From 1985 CBS News Titanic Found

This is when Titanic was found, making headlines all over the world....

curefan2850Nov 2018
Sinking Of The Titanic

Sinking Of The Titanic

That is horrifying to watch,it looks like how it probably happend....

curefan2660Nov 2018

Ehang 184 single-passenger drone

I've see several videos about this experimental single passenger drone and the future looks promising. Personally, I would be concerned about the pro...

chatillion2440Oct 2018
Jewels From Titanic

Jewels From Titanic

wow that ring looks brand new...

curefan3070Sep 2018

"Turbo Encabulator" the Original

"... it's not cheap, but I'm sure the government will buy it." Created as a joke by professional narrator Bud Haggert to demonstrate a product that...

chatillion3790Jul 2018
Supersonic CRASH DIVE

Supersonic CRASH DIVE

F-16 pilot passes out. Camera focused on Head up Display so what is ahead is hard to see. I think mountains covered with snow are ahead. Sinc...

LincolnsCousin4050Jun 2018
Only video of Herb the actual man in charge of the Sapce Shuttle friend

Only video of Herb, the actual man in charge of the Sapce Shuttle & friend

Sorry I cannot post pictures of Herb with the Shuttle when still flying, inside the cockpit, beside a spacesuit, with his arm around the shoulder of h...

LincolnsCousin4450Feb 2018
Stefan Molyneux on Race and IQ Pt 2

Stefan Molyneux on Race and IQ (Pt. 2)

Stefan Molyneux (Host, Freedomain Radio) joins Dave to address his controversial outspokenness related to IQ and race, why he is passionate about the...

BelladonnaMaria4570Feb 2018
Challenger Documentary

Challenger Documentary

This documentary tells everything about the challenger disaster....

curefan4160Jan 2018
Remembering The Challenger

Remembering The Challenger

32 years ago on this day,the shocking challenger disaster....

curefan3360Jan 2018
Titanic Untold Stories

Titanic Untold Stories

This documentary tells alot about the people and Thomas Andrews....

curefan3580Dec 2017
Titanic The Discovery Channel

Titanic The Discovery Channel

I remember watching this live...

curefan4060Dec 2017
Titanic Documentary

Titanic Documentary

I remember seeing this years ago.They should have not showed people in the water....

curefan3110Nov 2017
Titanic New Damage Discovered

Titanic New Damage Discovered

I just watched this,I never heard that before a fire burning...

curefan4090Nov 2017

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