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Cosmicgirl68201 hrs ago
Cosmicgirl68302 hrs ago
Cosmicgirl68302 hrs ago
Cosmicgirl68302 hrs ago
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curefan120May 26

The Good Girls - I'm Coming Back

This song is one of their best....

curefan110May 26

I could be wrong

Dedicated to my Dad...

ashlander130May 26

Gold panning

How to gold pan finding gold in the rivers in North Queensland Australia...

GypsieShayne310May 25

How to find opal

How to find Opal in Coober pedy South Australia...

GypsieShayne130May 25
soba zab

soba zab

just listen to this music...

raspur180May 25


just enjoy the music...

raspur200May 24

Ardijah Love So Right

Ardijah Love So Right...

jarred1150May 24

Shama Lama ding dong

Shama Lama ding dong...

jarred1170May 24

Mark Williams - Show No Mercy

Mark Williams - Show No Mercy...

jarred1120May 24

Have you considered...

When I heard the phrase 'Have you considered' it took me by surprise that I have not. My mind has begun over the past few years to prejudge automatica...

TattoedMonk270May 24

Through which door will you walk?

I think it is time for her to find me or someone give her a boost in my direction. Thanks, Rev@32...

TattoedMonk160May 23


Sometimes you just have too. #footinass...

TattoedMonk210May 23

Special Edition (05/23/2018)

If you heard about the sinkhole... you may want to think about this. Thanks, Rev@32...

TattoedMonk180May 23

Home Plans for Big Sky #2

Down the hall and make a right....

LincolnsCousin260May 21

Home Plans for our Big Sky Mountains #1

Because of the sky lights this will be the second floor, or part of it. It is from a Dubai penthouse. I am picking pieces from here and there so mor...

LincolnsCousin230May 21


Okay, Bison happens to be my online username in many places. My name is Burlison. Remove the URL and you have Bison...

LincolnsCousin190May 21
LincolnsCousin220May 21

UTAH Ranch to consider ... Indian Head Ranch

This one is not it but in my mind are other aspects of Utah which I will post if I find the video....

LincolnsCousin200May 21


Many animal lovers have their favorites. As for me I love cows. Every time I see one I want to eat it....

LincolnsCousin200May 21
curefan320May 21


If I move here I have already a name for the ranch Y O Ming the Merciless Ranch Type ming the merciless into YouTube. He was the evil empiror of...

LincolnsCousin180May 21
LincolnsCousin230May 21

Hunting for land so I can finalize home plans.

After studying prices and architecture in 19 States I am adding Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Dakota and in general BIG SKY COUNTRY. Lake Tahoe is too crow...

LincolnsCousin180May 21

New Twitter follower... Madonna

Well, what can I say. She is very nice, even apologizing for taking time to reply. WELL SHE WAS FOLLOWING BUT NO MORE. The friendship was a waste...

LincolnsCousin190May 21



raspur200May 21
me gusta

me gusta

i like you...

raspur230May 20


crazy over a girl...

raspur200May 20
Inima nebuna

Inima nebuna

romania music...

raspur140May 20
jai compris

j'ai compris

i like the tunes french/canada music...

raspur160May 20
stole my heart

stole my heart

stole my heart ,...

raspur130May 20


i like this song romania music...

raspur190May 20
best behavior

best behavior

i like the lyrics , sound catchy...

raspur180May 20
male57Smiling260May 20

Comfortably Numb

Roger Waters & Van Morrison, this is the best version I have heard of this song. Turn up the Volume....

playnicelywithme150May 20

In the Afternoon

One of my favourite singers describing a perfect afternoon....

playnicelywithme200May 20

Bonnie Tyler Say goodbye

Bonnie Tyler Say goodbye...

jarred1250May 20

If I Sing You A Love Song - Bonnie Tyler

If I Sing You A Love Song - Bonnie Tyler...

jarred1250May 20

Bob Seger - We've Got Tonight {HD}

Bob Seger - We've Got Tonight {HD}...

jarred1280May 19

Bob Seger - The Fire Inside {HD}

Bob Seger - The Fire Inside {HD}...

jarred1220May 19
Abby1963: "My brother"(meet us in the poems)

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