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Free - Heartbreaker

From FREE's 1973 album HEARTBREAKER written by Paul Rodgers....

chatillion102 hrs ago
Cosmicgirl68304 hrs ago
Cosmicgirl68304 hrs ago
Cosmicgirl68704 hrs ago
Cosmicgirl68405 hrs ago
Cosmicgirl68205 hrs ago
Cosmicgirl68305 hrs ago
Cosmicgirl68405 hrs ago
Cosmicgirl68305 hrs ago
Cosmicgirl68231Aug 15Aug 16
curefan270Aug 16
curefan170Aug 16

beauty of parade

Pakistan army ( Rangers black uniform ) india Army (border security forces khaki uniform ) Look eyes and legs and body language fig...

Gill695180Aug 16

Dawn of the Dead- intro & studio breakdown

This is THE music to listen to while reading my short-short story 'Genesis of the Dead' which can be found in the poetry section of this site......

Ronnie779110Aug 15

Light & Color...Open Full Screen and Sound

YouTube should give the Creator's Website. I had it written down. Now let me see. Where did I put God....

LincolnsCousin230Aug 15
Cosmicgirl6890Aug 15
Cosmicgirl6890Aug 15
Cosmicgirl6880Aug 15
Cosmicgirl6890Aug 15
Cosmicgirl68120Aug 15
Cosmicgirl6890Aug 15
Cosmicgirl68110Aug 15

Aretha Franklin / Who's Zoomin' Who (Radio Mix)

"Who's Zoomin' Who" Ooh, boy Oh, yeah yeah Oh yeah You walked in on the sly Scopin' for love In the crowd I caught your eye...

Cosmicgirl68110Aug 15
curefan230Aug 15
Cosmicgirl68130Aug 14
Cosmicgirl68190Aug 14

Dave Grohl - Play (Official Video)

Fantastic...Brilliant Musician...Creative Genius...Love this... #DaveGrohl #JUSTPLAY...

Cosmicgirl68140Aug 14
Cosmicgirl68110Aug 14
Cosmicgirl6870Aug 14
Cosmicgirl68100Aug 14
Cosmicgirl68120Aug 14
Cosmicgirl6890Aug 14
Cosmicgirl6860Aug 14
Cosmicgirl68100Aug 14


A tribute to a good friend......

zeke116120Aug 13

Nickelback - Rockstar [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

'cause we all just wanna be big rock-stars......

chatillion320Aug 13
Rascal faltts

Rascal faltts

Lovely vid......

Deccky170Aug 11

Toto - Africa

Toto's official music video for 'Africa'...

chatillion150Aug 11

Alannah Myles - Black Velvet

Great voice - Great song......

chatillion140Aug 11

Ariane Carletti - Salut Yakari

I miss you so much my childhood......

BlueLifeTr120Aug 11

Concerto for Flute and Harp(Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)

Flute: Anna Komarova Harp: Alisa Sadikova...

BlueLifeTr260Aug 11
curefan350Aug 11
curefan360Aug 11
curefan210Aug 11

Mabel Matiz - Sarisin

Live performance.. I think; 'wonderful'.....

BlueLifeTr311Aug 10Aug 10

Sade - Smooth Operator

One of the most beautiful women in the business......

chatillion470Aug 9
Zeebugman: "Too Honest?"(meet us in the profile reviews)

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