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Life Is Worth Living

Life Is Worth Living......

mariamarcela502 hrs ago

Just be yourself...

Say what you want to say...

mariamarcela503 hrs ago
mariamarcela503 hrs ago
mariamarcela503 hrs ago

Bananarama - Cruel Summer

One of their best songs....

curefan1105 hrs ago
curefan1106 hrs ago
Rin83606 hrs ago
Rin83100Mar 22
Rin83100Mar 22
Rin83150Mar 22
Rin83180Mar 22

Nuclear Monday

This is pretty good for an mateur short movie-and scary too- the soundtrack 'the oil' (Hans Zimmer, 'Dunkirk') makes it even creepier......

Ronnie779170Mar 21

Circuit Training For My best friend

Now sadly jumped through his last hoop...

curefan180Mar 21
Rin83120Mar 21
Rin83110Mar 21
Rin83140Mar 21
Rin83200Mar 21
Rin83140Mar 20
Rin83170Mar 20
curefan260Mar 19
Rin83220Mar 19
Rin83160Mar 18

Singin in street

this video is me and my cousin singin in the street and we had so nice experience in umeå Sweden...

Latinlovepassion440Mar 17
curefan360Mar 17

S O S Titanic Movie Clip

I remember seeing this Titanic movie years ago...

curefan260Mar 17
Rin83230Mar 17
curefan260Mar 17
Rin83230Mar 16

Foods You'll Stop Buying Once You Know How They Are Grown

Just get hydrophonics....and green house. Here another do not...Top 10 Aquarium 'Do Not's | youtu...

LuckyDuck2018320Mar 16

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend | The First p*nis I Saw | The CW

Sorry that was not correct video first time. I found out and re-watched it never actually had people of my plus size on it. it was get people view so...

LuckyDuck2018360Mar 15

Gross Things You Should Know Before Eating McDonald's Again

I cringe in thinking crap I never had their shakes and then dude its so expensive what the hell. <- Top 10 Untold Tru...

LuckyDuck2018170Mar 15

20 Terrifying Things Found Deep Underwater

20 Interesting facts found deep underwater should the title... they have use one can get to deep underwater well get genera...

LuckyDuck2018210Mar 15

The Climate Change Hoax, with Professor Willie Soon at Camp Constitution 7-3-17

AH I believe that if anyone believes that CO2 doesn't get absorbed by plants are fools... CO2 gets absorbed by plants and waste product becomes O2 it...

LuckyDuck2018230Mar 15

Nobel Laureate Smashes the Global Warming Hoax

More details about this scam by more real people: So yeah I understand that global warming doesn't exist unless...

LuckyDuck2018170Mar 15

Historian Victor Davis Hanson on why he supports Trump

More details: His idea of Donald Trump you should support him too and be on his side....

LuckyDuck2018170Mar 15


Well It had what I must missed somewhere, I had no idea or who was that did this and started fire in first place. Did anyone see the live feed or actu...

LuckyDuck2018250Mar 15
curefan300Mar 15

Will To Power - I'm Not In Love

I remember this song being on the radio alot...

curefan340Mar 14
Rin83220Mar 13
Rin83280Mar 13
Rin83220Mar 12
curefan320Mar 11
friendorfoe290Mar 11
flashdance maniac

flashdance maniac

Flashdance maniac...

friendorfoe290Mar 11
Little Drummer Boy by King Country

Little Drummer Boy by King & Country

Some of the best drumming I've ever heard....

Skye5320Mar 11
"PLAY NOW: Whack a Difference"(meet us in the games)

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