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Skid Row I Remember You

Skid Row I Remember You...

tallbaldone1002 hrs ago
curefan16011 hrs ago

Supersonic CRASH DIVE

F-16 pilot passes out. Camera focused on Head up Display so what is ahead is hard to see. I think mountains covered with snow are ahead. Sinc...

LincolnsCousin13011 hrs ago

Phil Collins - Hold On My Heart

wow that is an awesome song...

curefan22012 hrs ago
curefan11012 hrs ago
curefan11012 hrs ago
curefan12012 hrs ago

Bad Neighbor

One of those bad neighbors, where the police wont do anything unless you "prove it" by using film. We did. (we made a few)...

Thazager17015 hrs ago

CIRCLES - The New Seekers

a cover version of a Harry Chapin song...i was listening to some Chapin tracks last night, and remembered this one...i suspect this describes many of...

Ronnie779210Jun 18
My DUI Dash Cam

My DUI Dash Cam

I almost got away with it......

cookieclub190Jun 17
Lottery winner NOT

Lottery winner---NOT!!

I laugh every time I watch this....

cookieclub300Jun 17
Mr_Amor1411May 2017Jun 17

Boy vs Girl Belly dancing

Who is better in Belly dancing Boy or Girl??...

Mr_Amor230Jun 17
you make me feel

you make me feel

another romantic song enjoy guys...

raspur210Jun 16
Israel Kamakawiwoole Over The Rainbow What A Wonderful World Medley

Israel Kamakawiwo'ole ? 'Over The Rainbow' & 'What A Wonderful World' Medley

The best version of 'Over The Rainbow' & 'What A Wonderful World' Medley...

DarkBlueSky68190Jun 16
Cosmicgirl68210Jun 16
Cosmicgirl68180Jun 16
Cosmicgirl68160Jun 16
Cosmicgirl68170Jun 16
Betty Who Friend Like Me Official Audio

Betty Who - Friend Like Me (Official Audio)

I know you wanna fix it all, but who's gonna catch you when you fall......

Cosmicgirl68180Jun 16
Cosmicgirl68190Jun 16
you make me feel

you make me feel

i hope you enjoy this song i do...

raspur170Jun 16
curefan270Jun 15
curefan180Jun 15
paper chasing

paper chasing

paper chasing...

raspur150Jun 14
i be good

i be good

i am good for you baby...

raspur310Jun 14
make it rain

make it rain

instrument only...

raspur210Jun 14
just the way your are

just the way your are

be yourself...

raspur220Jun 14
give a little

give a little

dont be stingy...

raspur170Jun 14


do you believe in destiny...

raspur190Jun 14
raspur250Jun 14
curefan250Jun 14
curefan160Jun 14

Mariah Carey - Without You

wow a beautiful and emotional song...

curefan320Jun 14

Shanice - I Wanna Give It To You

An excellent song from her excellent album from 1994...

curefan200Jun 14

MY PRETTY BELINDA - Country Dance (español)

MY PRETTY BELINDA - Country Dance (español)...

jarred1330Jun 13

Lynard Skynard Give Me Three Steps

Lynard Skynard Give Me Three Steps...

tallbaldone410Jun 13

Clint Black Killing Time

Clint Black Killing Time...

tallbaldone350Jun 13

Shanice - The Way You Love Me

Shanice has lots of beautiful songs...

curefan280Jun 12
curefan250Jun 12
curefan240Jun 12

Candlebox Far Behind

Candlebox Far Behind...

tallbaldone380Jun 12


i so in love with you...

raspur260Jun 12
where are you now

where are you now

baby where are you...

raspur280Jun 12



raspur320Jun 12
The_Tara: "Rain #31"(meet us in the puzzles)

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