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Should people on CS proof-read their poll questions before saving them?

6 votes

I ask this question because I've noticed more than half the poll questions I've had a look at have multiple spelling or grammatical errors. I find this irritating. Why can't people have a second look before posting??...


How do you think the world will end?

45 votes

I would prefer it to be with aliens...


When is an age difference too much?

108 votes

When a guy is not only over 10 years younger, but looks 10 years younger than he really is, insists he is seriously keen on a woman he knows well in real life, and the woman is saying NO purely on the basis of what people will think of them as a coup... read more


How high is your sex drive..?

37 votes

I've a low sex drive...


Your views on Prostitution!

141 votes

Hey guys , Prostitution seems like a big taboo everywhere. I don't find it wrong at all . But human trafficking is wrong and violence against women is wrong!!Please share your views. If I get a positive opinion then I am gonna hire a high profile esc... read more


Which super hero is your favorite?

115 votes

Just curious what super hero is most popular!...



13 votes



Best football (soccer to some) coach past and present

17 votes

So, who do you think is the best? Who would you want coaching your team? If your choice isn't on the list, name them. Our Martin is pretty good! cheering: If I was to pick the most fanciable, Pepe Guerdiola and Joachim Lowe would tie. Brenda... read more


Where do you stand?

16 votes

Someone well-liked in your community / neighbourhood / office / social group (even CS) who has never been interested in you hits a bad patch and is suddenly vulnerable, and telling people about it. Where do you stand, how do you react? This often... read more


Are all men stupid?

126 votes

Just thought I would generalise about men, in keeping with the questions raised about the entire female population by a few male posters re balding, an*l s*x, being the master of the universe etc...

What do you want for X-mas?

71 votes

What would you like for Christmas? And have you been a good boy/ girl? (All credits for this poll go to Rob)*...

your very first time what made your heart beat

68 votes

something everyone goes through...

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