Why is depression so depressing? part...one

I know I am not alone when asking a question as simple as this… yet the answer is not quite easily rendered. I have often stated and will continue to do so when I say… I have given my negative energy a label, name and/or title. I refer to my depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts and all other negative burdens that plague me from time to time as DRCH. Not the typical darkness you may think of… such as being in a room with the lights off or being blind folded from what is going on around you… no… simply DRCH.
I have chosen to recognize my afflictions and took out the vowels because the sounds of words become more lively and beautiful with those melodic little letters. Using the full caps shows its harshness that is the negative burdens and the lack of a,e,I,o,u and the elusive y… DRCH has no fluffy-feely spirit. I know and I have gone over this topic so many times before… even though there are millions of us who live with and battle these negative traits… we only share similar symptoms.
Much like most afflictions… we can see a comparison of suffering… yet we do it alone. If you have come across people along the way who try and offer advice and comforting words… just thank them and appreciate they are trying to care. For them to understand is pretty much harder if they don’t suffer as we do. Now then there are those who think or say… oh just get over it… cheer up… its get better; sorry you know as I do… that is not how it works. Often people are confusing depression with sadness and I try and share with what I go through when an attack creeps up on me… or better yet… DRCH comes to play. There are so many web articles and information on signs and symptoms… yet it up to us the depressed to talk about our condition.
I spent over 40 years never talking about what goes on in my head and heart before, during and after an episode… felt I had to do this because people would look at me differently, cast me aside or straight up push me out of their lives. Wasn’t until the past few years I have become fully comfortable talking about all of it… that even includes my three suicide attempts… failed of coursed. Lol
I know most folks think those of us who have these negative entities inside of us; just need religion to cure all. I know me and who I am… all of me and religion, medicine, therapy and other so-called fixes are not the answer. Now I will say this… if you have found your coping device… live and struggle day to day with your ailment… good for you. It took me 46 years to find a connection to something or better yet knowing there is actually something out there that helps me… it is Discordianism.
When I first heard the story of ‘The Original Snub’… I felt without a doubt I have found a positive focus and still running with it. Discordians are often also known as Erisians.
The religion stresses the value of randomness, chaos, and disagreement. Among other things, the first rule of Discordianism is that there are no rules. Many consider Discordianism to be a parody religion (one that mocks the beliefs of others).
However, Discordians can argue that the act of labeling Discordianism a parody merely reinforces the message of Discordianism. Just because something is untrue and absurd does not make it without meaning. Also, even if a religion is humorous and its scriptures full of ludicrousness, that does not mean its followers are not serious about it.
Discordians themselves do not agree on the matter. Some embrace it largely as a joke, while others embrace Discordianism as a philosophy. Some literally worship Eris as a goddess, while others consider her merely a symbol of the messages of the religion.
There is tons of information on Discordian, Eris… the lady of Discordia and all the hodge/podge you will need out there on the net… I was merely trying to share what I try and feel is part of how I get by with the DRCH.
....to be continued...
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Why is depression so depressing? part...two

For everyone out there who has these conditions and those who don’t… please remember it does not make you less of person or even an outcast… you are who you are. One of my weakness points I try and deal with is to practice what I preach. So hard to do… I can relate, experience and even offer help to others… just can’t seem to turn it back inward to somehow be a comfort. Friends, family, loved ones can tell me all the time… I am special, somebody, loved and cherished… yet until I; myself believe it… it is not true. Yet I do give thanks to those who share those kind words.
Thanks for taking the time to read this… not sure why I wrote it… I am an audio/video guy. To find the comfort in written word is cool… just know that in all these letters… it is hard to feel the emotional content of what I am trying to share. Anywho that is pretty much why I do my podcast, v-blast and radio shows… I love communicating with everyone.
Love y’all…Reverend Frydaddy POEE
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