Games people play

No, really, games, like video. My tennis partner invited me over for a match last week. After, he showed me a video game he was playing. In this game, he can capture creatures like T Rex, sabretooth tigers, dragons, griffins etc.

He texted me to come over. He has 2 Dragon eggs and wants to give one to me. He told me I can hatch it, name it, and watch it grow. I can choose between a water Dragon or a poison dragon. I can't decide which one to pick! This is so exciting!

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He calls 'em "dragon's eggs," ay? We used to call them something different when I was a kid!

Just sayin'... gotta go
X, dunno
I have a joy stick
Only one?
Yes, but it's a multi-player one
Palm, now you have a joystick and 2 dragon's eggs...sorted thumbs up
Molly, I've yet to see it hatch and grow
You must sit on it to make it hatchprofessor
Palm, maybe it's a show-er not a grow-er

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