When you hit rock bottom....

...........Remember, if you can be successful once, you can get back up, dust yourself off, and do it again.

You only need to remember one person who did. Tiger Woods.
He was once the best golfer in the world, on top of his game, and unbeatable on most weekends. Then one Thanksgiving weekend he was pulled over by the police and checked for a DUI. He was alcohol free but was on prescription meds. Woods also had to deal with the damage done from a very public and scandalous divorce.

Woods’s return to the top garnered praise from world leaders and sporting greats alike, with United States president Donald Trump and his predecessor Barack Obama both offering congratulations via social media.

“Congratulations to @TigerWoods,” tweeted Trump, who earlier this year played golf with Woods. “A truly Great Champion!”

Nicklaus, 23-times tennis grand slam winner Serena Williams, Super Bowl champion Tom Brady also applauded the victory on Twitter while swimmer Michael Phelps, the winner of a record 23 Olympic gold medals, was at Augusta National to cheer Woods on.

Written off as too old and too beaten up from four back surgeries and multiple knee operations, Woods underwent a back fusion procedure in 2017 and slowly returned to form.

He ended last season by winning the Tour Championship and showed signs of a breakthrough at the majors by being a title contender at last year’s British Open, where he led in the final round, and PGA Championship, where he finished runner-up.

All those moments built to Sunday, when Woods was once again his old familiar dominating self.

“I had serious doubts after what transpired a couple years ago,” said Woods. “I could barely walk. I couldn’t sit. Couldn’t lay down. I really couldn’t do much of anything.

“Luckily I had the procedure on my back, which gave me a chance at having a normal life.

“To have the opportunity to come back like this it is probably one of the biggest wins I’ve ever had for sure because of it.”

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Congrats to Tiger. thumbs up
not to mention the man that won over a million dollars when he bet 14-1 that tiger would win....and he did....wave
I'm happy for Tiger Woods.
I always liked him; and he actually made golf interesting.

But as human beings, our standards are too low.

If your life is defined by one game, and you woke up on the bottom, you're still on the bottom.

He's still a long way from being the star he once was.

He only improved his life on the most superficial level.

He didn't wake up in bed with his wife, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc...

Naturally Trump would think Tiger's life is all better. He's 100% pure gold plated.
golf is not an easy game to play, you have to be in top shape to compete. every muscle in your body has to be in good condition. some courses are not the easiest to play. the pros make it look easy. Tiger did a great job and worthy of the win.
What are we to say about those who were never a success at anything? For those who have been successful in something, they are left with a choice to do what made them a success. Though, it may have taken 100 tests and trials for Thomas Edison to invent the lightbulb he never gave up. People like Bill Gates Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs never gave up and they have reshaped the world in which we live in today. Many may be walking around with pure genius in them waiting to be unleashed with the right inspiration. They may have given up because of the lack of inspiration or faith from others. Though nobody can depend on others so we must learn to depend on our own.
Tiger Woods comeback from a tough ordeal a failing marriage and public image should be an inspiration for many.
It makes one wonder how we arrive at our priorities when a man can make millions and be world famous just by being very good at whacking a little ball with a stick. sigh
I think it called skill. harb.
But the World is full of people no one ever heard of who have skills that are actually useful, string. dunno
this is true we all have a certain skill some are known and some aren't.
Some people never realize their skills in their own lifetime. An example is Nostradamus. He died in 1566 and he never knew he would be this renown as his predictions, or quatrains started being realized in the 17th Century and are still being proven today.
Don't be silly, Willy. scold
Tiger's performance was remarkable.
Yes it is sad that so many died not knowing that they would be posthumously revered.

eg. Emily Dickinson, Thoreau, Nietzche and more.

The definitive example being Vincent Van Gogh. Luckily he has enjoyed a resurgence (very) recently as an active CS Blogger . Right Miclee ?

As long as Woods has his mojo back. It will make Champions that are a class above the rest. I always enjoy golf when Tigers on top.handshake
Bottom line....Golf needs Tiger and millions of little kids are inspired by him. He's defined by his accomplishments in the sport and few have a claim on the history of their sport.

On another note....Hairbal, do you ever think positive?

I like to look beneath the surface, Drcottontail, and when you do that there is very often nothing there. As in this case. drinking
That's what we call a 'bottom dweller'...

In that case Drcottontail, it's strange we don't bump into one another more often. grin
He hit rock bottom because he cheated on he's beautiful wife.

Bloody Tiger Woods roll eyes
Well that's part of the Mojo after hours, Nobody has condemned Jim of being Deviant.innocent
rhiannonnecole: "Do you know me?"(meet us in the quizzes)

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