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THis is for all the guys out there. Is it really important to break up with your gf in person?
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I think if you are going to end a relationship you should always have the common courtesy to do it in person because doing it by phone email etc is being a coward.
I aggree, If you decide to break up with someone, you should atleast do it in person
Even if your gf is miles away from you?
i think break ups are a very delicate matter, its going to suck no matter how or where you do it, but it's a matter of giving the other person some kind of respect.
and even if they are going to want to strangle you, in person is how it should be done. unless of course the other person cheated on you then they don't even deserve a text message,,,loldunno teddybear
yes but do let her know that you may want to date other people
if it has not been long term.
Wow! I am so sorry that you had to deal with a turd head like that, what a shit head. You know that your much better without him right.
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