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The Wall - Jean Paul Sartre. I literally cried when I read it the first time.

I hated this tender complicity: it was my own fault, I had talked about Concha the night before. I should have controlled myself. I was with her for a year. Last night I would have given an arm to see her again for five minutes. That was why I talked about her, it was stronger than I was. Now I had no more desire to see her, I had nothing more to say to her. I would not even have wanted to hold her in my arms: my body filled me with horror because it was grey and sweating--and I wasn't sure that her body didn't fill me with horror. Concha would cry when she found out I was dead, she would have no taste for life for months afterward. But I was still the one who was going to die. I thought of her soft, beautiful eyes. When she looked at me something passed from her to me. But I knew it was over: if she looked at me now the look would stay in her eyes, it wouldn't reach me. I was alone.
(Excerpt from the story).

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What about Kafka?
There are certain books, two among these, "The Metamorphosis" and the other "Mein Campf" by Adolf Hitler, I struggled to comprehend. I had read these times and again and then only was really impressed by the in-depth of their work. I would respond to your comment, taking a considerable time.conversing
Also Dostoyevsky's

Notes From Underground....
I'll be online a bit later, if you would like to offer some thoughts....
My other post is for you in particular and others like you, in general. Hope you don't mind calling you a foolish person as I don't want you to waste your...wink
I've been called worse on here, so no offense taken......................handshake
Although I don't feel in the mood, for a deep analysis, of existential angst, this evening.....professor

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