It actually works...

Don't take my word for it, but ten years ago, a member in Belgium met a woman from Vietnam. She moved to his country, they married, she learned the language, studied nursing and they all owe it to CS for making the connection!


The woman has a sister who is also on CS and looking... (hint, hint to some guys out there)
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Yep that was good news and uplifting too. applause applause applause
Absolutely. It worked for me.
Does it work with people living in America?
Yes, of course. I have a friend who met a woman from Cambodia. He went to meet her and she agreed to marry him. It's been years and they are happy together.
Maybe Rose should post a blog of her own.
It doesn't work for Aussies that I know of laugh
I'm still seeing the man I met on here. Funny thing is he blogged and that is how we met but he quit blogging here. I bet he is blogging elsewhere but I don't care. We break bread and enjoy a meal of laughter every couple of weeks.
Mercedes, can you elaborate on your findings?
Let's just say if I was ever going to be interested in a blogger or someone who posts on the forums on any site I would go through his post history to see if what he ever told me on the phone matched what he had to say about things in his post history..

In saying the above I will never be interested in any man who posts on forums or blogs on any site let alone CS
I had the same thought. Too much gossip and when the relationship doesn't work there is always the chance of the other person will give out your personal details.
I have seen so much dirty linen aired on forums to last me a lifetime
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