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Jury instructions, closing arguments and deliberations will happen Friday. Bannon's team didn't put on a defense. Interesting strategy. confused
Jurors took less than three hours of deliberations to convict Bannon of two counts of willfully failing to comply with subpoenas. Wonder why they took that long... confused
If they came back with a result too soon it would like they were in a rush to get it over with instead of scrutinizing testimonies. And, it could have caused a mistrial.
@OP reminds one of a famous quote from T S Eliot's aptly named 'The Hollow Men' or should that be 'The Hollering Men'?
This is the way the world ends (repeat X 3) not with a bang but a whimper'
comfort yawn
There is no minimum amt of time or maximum for that matter.

...... If the Bannon case continues, and he is found guilty, it will certainly be appealed, and will likely move its way all the way up the chain to set precedent that stops this from ever happening again.

The gist? The government is using evidence from members of the committee, but members of the committee have invoked the speech and debate clause to quash the defendants ability to call them as witnesses. The judge granted that motion to quash. So, basically the members of the committee will be testifying against Bannon, without Bannon having the ability to cross examine them. More interestingly? They made themselves a party to the case when they filed an amicus brief in support of the charges....

He won't spend one day in jail. The last person to be convicted was G. Gordon Liddy and the last to be jailed for this was 88 years ago.
Yeah it will likely go all the way to the Supreme Court and be reversed. But these commie subversives see such frivolous charges as a way for their opponents to have to expend resources defending themselves - ie. 'the process is the punishment'. So it's worth it in their eyes. I think they're perfectly aware it will get reversed. I mean they can be pretty stupid, but not so stupid as to realize that if the verdict sticks - then Republicans would be in a position to turn the tables on Democrats after the midterms and issue endless congressional subpoenas with the threat of criminal charges if they didn't comply. Think about it.

The whole system in DC is an utter joke now. Any case of a political nature that is brought against anyone related to Trump in any way is getting convicted no matter what, regardless of the merits. And on the other hand Democrat criminals like lawyer Michael Sussmann - who lied to the FBI as part of team Hillary's attempt to paint Trump as a Russian asset via the Alfa Bank hoax - got off scott free, despite it being the clearest case of guilt you're ever likely to see. The graphic below showing how DC has voted in presidential elections tells you just about all you need to know.

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Bannon turned down any defence, he knew he was guilty and had no defence.

He has been found guilty on two accounts both of which carry a prison sentence.

Heads up thegatewaypundit spreads lies and misinformation, but you already knew thatdoh
90% of convictions are confirmed on appeal. This was too easy a case for the prosecution.
Rizzie go away,seems the MSM-Pablum is all you can digest these days!comfort
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Overall, we rate The Gateway Pundit Questionable based on extreme right-wing bias, promotion of conspiracies, and numerous instances of publishing false (fake) news.

Failed Fact Checks (Here are a select few out of dozens.)

Anti-Trump Protesters Bused Into Austin, Chicago – FALSE
Did a Woman Say the Washington Post Offered Her $1,000 to Accuse Roy Moore of s*xual Abuse? – FALSE
‘Spooked’ Clinton Campaign Manager Deleted Tweets – FALSE
Fake news posts blame Puerto Rico’s truck drivers for refusing to ship relief supplies – PANTS ON FIRE
Did the World Health Organization’s director-general overstate the COVID-19 fatality rate when he said that it was often that of the seasonal flu? – FALSE
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Factcheckers!rolling on the floor laughing
The Judge must have been drunk that day!
Yeah, you're full of it too.. yawn

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Now that's ^^ some funny shit! rolling on the floor laughing
If the x leader of the DNC can see the double standard why can't others .

Can't outdo you Jack!
You been talking feces since you born!laugh
Maybe , either way he has made a fight out of it . Nobody would have heard of Joan of Arc if she had been given a small fine and sent home .
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