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My wife was sleeping next to me... and all of a sudden I got a Facebook notification, and a woman asked me to add her. So I added her.

I accepted the friend request and sent a message asking, "Do we know each other?"
She replied: "I heard you got married but I still love you." ??

She was a friend from the past. She looked very beautiful in the picture.

I closed the chat and looked at my wife, she was sleeping soundly after her exhausting day of work.

Looking at her, I was thinking about how she feels so safe that she can sleep so comfortably in a completely new home with me.

She is far from her parents' house, where she spent 24 hours surrounded by her family. When she was upset or sad, her mother was there so she could cry in her lap. Her sister or brother would tell jokes and make her laugh. Her father would come home and bring her everything she liked and still, she placed so much trust in me.

All these thoughts came to mind, so I picked up the phone and pressed "BLOCK". I turned to her and slept next to her.

I am a man, not a child. I have sworn to be faithful to her. Then amazing thing happened

" I worked up and realised that I am still single"
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Hahaha, what a great story. You should write more. It's not only entertaining but very engaging.

Thanks for making me smile.

Well done. You did the right, if not hallucinatory, thing.
You being faithful yeah like... only in your dreams blah

Sorry Life" but you kinda brought that on yourself laugh lol

Does this mean you're closing your Facebook account? laugh

Good story...
Still single ? that is most unusual for a gentleman from your part of the world
Surely you are looking for a nice lady from your own culture, background, it is so important.
Lovely story. True love is what makes us happy , lust is a passing pleasure. heart beating
laugh laugh funny.
Thank lindsyjones and others for liking blogs
You're welcome and it brought smile on my face. A most delightful story to read. wave
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