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Lots of products are sold by weight, but I'm finding some are sold by wait. In that, the things in demand that have a long time are priced by how long it takes to receive. They are sold by wait.
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There is also a trend among wimms clothes retailers to make a limited amount,
and after propping it up in social media it's suddenly sold out...

This works very good long term.. after the girls has learned previously
they gotta jump on it fast..
Yeah, that's what they do.
If you wait a week or more shipping will be FREE.
I stopped purchasing from Amazon. Still use eBay however concerned you can't chat with that lot now, cheeky sods offered over $30 to ditch PayPal, they block the latter and i will stop buying on eBay to. Though I have to give credit (only little bit though) where due. Only little bit cause eBay keep moving delivery goal-posts !!
I prefer Aliexpress as Mr Chang does a pretty good job at ensuring goods are delivered in the stated time frame, which is realistically set as a bit long but appears reliable.
Comments on individual online sellers would be to general to engage in, and given the ongoing trade-war (flu bullshit) our Australia postal system generally suffers a few hick-cups and appears to be heading for a second round of lies
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