Seeing as everyone is jumping on the blogs and rehashing other peoples ideas rolling on the floor laughing
I seem to see a big market for recycling

If you search there is a massive market for womans used as in worn and unwashed panties and also snipping's of pubic hair.

I would like feedback from the guys on how long they prefer the panties to be worn before being shipped , and from the women how many are willing to donate said used panties

wow banana wow
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You need shooting!
rolling on the floor laughing so that's what happened to your hair
laugh laugh laugh

Sorry blue but panty blog wont get you anywhere tongue
rolling on the floor laughing smh...
omgrolling on the floor laughing y'all are killing me....
..except into lots of trouble...laugh
rolling on the floor laughing Kudos for the laugh!
rolling on the floor laughing
If you can't laugh at yourself then don't laugh at somebody else

And telling someone they should be shot could be taken as a death threat

uh oh
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