who here stays outside at night sometimes and just looks at the stars there so beautiful in those moments the bad times go away
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I do. I'm from a Colorado town near the Oklahoma panhandle and the stars can really make you stop and wonder all about them if you stop and look and study the sky. The satellites orbiting are quite a show, too.

Yeah, know what you mean about the soothing effect they have on you!
its a really good feeling to me
i like looking at the sky at the stars, it is really nice, sweet and tranquil bouquet
very peaceful like another world
nice foto pal
much better than the former .
go to aplace with no city lights and u'll see also the galaxy.
everytime i want to send away bad thoughts and feelings ,i go to a nearby hill and watch the stars
they make feel so small and my fears and all bad go away because of their temporariness.
its like amagic touch to my hearthandshake wave
Im a star gazer wine
When you look at the star, you start to think of her and you know that she's not far away, because both of your hearts attach together tightly...

People don't know about your love story so you will definitely get any kind of remarks from them. Keep your love growing and make it come true in real life then one day announce to the world about your successful story. So at that time no one will be able to judge you and her.

Why not stay with your love in private and remain us a little secret to chew on for a moment? purple heart

I think she seems a kind-hearted woman and I hope she will change you to a braver, brighter and positiver success in life! heart wings
Never think of you as a loser, because our self consciousness will lead us to what we think to be. gift
think you emilyyan i will do what i can good advice thanks
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