my philosophy about this short life...

Fear is generally about being scared.

In whatever sport I do, I'm scared too...
The only difference between you and me, that is I don't allow this fear to prevent me for living my dreams and doing the things that I love...
I feel fear just like you feel it...
It excist for me, just as it excist for you.

The only difference is, I don't let it control me...
You can choose to control fear, or let fear control you...

Same thing about "courage"... Courage is not about having no fear.
Courage is about acting inspite of fear.

If you don't have fear, you're just a crazy person. And crazy people die. Period.
Fear is what keeps you alert and safe.

Just know that nothing is impossible. You can do anything in life if you are willing to put forward the effort and if you have the desire.

You can make anything happen.
That's how winning is done. That's how you win. That's how you succeed. You don't give up.
The people who fail, are the people who give up. That's how you fail.

For me.....;
Well, I'll probably retire doing what I like shortly after I die. (if you get my point here)
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You hesitate. You die.
I have this mantra in my driving. If I'd had this in my marriage, I'd be curled up here with a good man, rather than curled up with a good blog!
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