6 Signs He's Ready for Marriage

6 Signs Hes Ready for Marriage

So you've been dating a while, and you're starting to hear wedding bells. Do you wonder if he's hearing them, too? Here are six signs he might just be ready to pop the question.

1. He is comfortable with commitment.

He seems happy that you are his one and only, and he doesn't mention missing his freedom. He prefers spending time with you to going out with his friends.

2. He moves the relationship forward.

He seems content to progress to each new level of your relationship, and he doesn't mention that he's feeling pressured or that things are progressing too quickly. He seems as excited about the relationship as you are.

3. He includes you in family events and time with his friends.

He and his buddies may still get together for a night with the guys, but he invites you along when it comes to parties or co-ed events. When his family has a gathering, they assume you'll be there, too.

4. His friends are married.

He likes hanging out with married couples, and he is genuinely happy to attend a wedding. He doesn't make jokes about his married friends being tied down, and he seems to have more in common with married friends than with single friends.

5. He wants you in his space.

He doesn't rush away from you when a date is over, and he likes that you leave a toothbrush or some makeup at his place. He seems comfortable sharing his space with you.

6. His plans include you.

When he talks about the future, you are always part of the plan. He speaks with you about where you'd like to live and jokes about how cute your kids will be.

Every relationship progresses differently, so it's impossible to predict when someone will be ready to take the leap and make the situation permanent. However, these six signs should give you a clue that your man's mind is on the marital path. Pay attention to the signals to determine if you might be walking down the aisle sooner than later.

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