Love hurts

When you love someone so much, it"s hard to let them go..When you feel like you need that someone in your life, you feel like you have to do anything to get them...But when you loose that someone it breaks you up inside and i for one feel so emupty without the partner i had...Maybe my problem is that i fell in love too quick maybe thats my huge down fall...But it surely cannot be such a huge down fall ?...I keep thinking to myself is there any point in making a huge success in the world i think whats the point...But then i think i will succede in my big goals....And hopefuly get the one i love back...But if not i"ll still go ahead and make it huge in the world...I feel so lonely and alone... I just wish mylife would turn around and i get the people i love and care about back.... All ive ever wanted to do is make people proud of me and think yes he did not turn out that bad after all...i just want someone to love again
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I am sorry to hear that you lost her. I remember when I first met you, you were so happy with her. But now moping
Real love is something that will never be taken away only that which we thought was love can. People mistake one for the other but someone else will love you the way in which you loved the other one and you will see the difference. Our expectations are what hurt. And expectations begin in the mind. Hang in there and let someone love who you really are not what you want them to see. We all want to be loved but we need to start by loving who we are and seeing the good within us. Not preaching to you just a Buddhist seeing the suffering that we all fall into including me and how we can stop the madness simply by having compassion for ourselves and seeing the great person who looks at us from inside the mirror.
Take care, you do nothing wrong. If she loves
you, she should wait you. you already spent too much time for her.If she though you are so young, cant full fill her needs, then what else after all you have enough love for her. Sometimes thing cant happen what we are expected. We need to learn how to accept it. If she leaving you for personal needs rather then emotional needs then......................... what???

Dont scream here too much Nick, it hard to see a good friend like you hurt. Get some life!!! I cant find any mistake from you. bouquet bouquet
hurts like mad yeah .....

civic hatch, 1999 is the sexiest the human eye has ever seen....
Nope never been in love dude dunno might want to start acting like a man
we have to learn to walk with the pain. We're in time where love 's lost. Trying to survive, but with our heads held high, although we only dignity. If we think about the loneliness that surrounds us, we'll never learn that we're worth more than that cause us pain...
they can take our hearts, but not our souls and minds... sad flower
@ Moonlove thank you for placing you comment and you make alot of sense in your reply...Im happy to have you as my friend
I agree with you after burn on this one....
@ Jamei yes your right it was the most happy day of my whole life when i first set eyes upon her...Nothing in this world made me more happy....
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