RE: do u still believe in love???

check your mailbox too.

RE: do u still believe in love???

hey! what happen to you? comfort

when i didn't believe in love, love found me. or i found it. smitten

RE: I Am Serious..

I guess that country is very cold.cold

W&J (6) A Mistake, A Failure, An Idiot

celibate~~ oh what a mistake i made again! before i always mixed "winery" and "vineyard" and today i made the same mistake again!! it is not terrible to make a mistake but it is very terrible to make a same mistake again and again!!!doh

thank you for your correction. handshake from their talking, i know New Zealand is very clean, natural and beautiful. blue sky, clean land, clear water. everything is pure. you protect the natural environment very well. thumbs up i hope China can learn from New Zealand and not destroy the natural environment to develop the so-called economy. their (the winemakers and the vineyards' owners are very friendly and warmhearted. i hope one day i can visit New Zealand. hug

nice and easy ~~ the interviews are over. this time i felt much better. i can understand most of what they said this time. i guess last time i was too nervious and it was my first time to do such kind of things so when everybody looked at me my mind just went blank. but this time, since it is my editor who interviewed them, so i could calm down and could focus my mind to listen to their talking. so i got most of what they said. thank you for your encouragement!!hug

W&J (6) A Mistake, A Failure, An Idiot

nice and easy hug

Yes!! i felt so terrible when i didn't know what they were talking. hands shaking, sweats coming out...doh as a result, i didn't know how to write this interview. a big failure.doh

my o*al english is..blushing very terrible.

EL: Stars, Shooting Stars

kcuc0574 ~~~ hug

Thank you. i always appreciate your kindness and politeness. thank you.

i don't know why they were deleted either. i hope i won't be deleted in the future. it seems that if i say something which disagree with some people's thinking, i will be in danger. laugh

if you know how to contact mimi, please tell her that i hope she is well and can come back.

kcuc0574 ~~hug

EL: Stars, Shooting Stars

hugh. are you not happy? why i can't find you play happily here. blues i hope you are well. comfort

miss you. hug

EL: Stars, Shooting Stars

hugh!!kiss where are you?? i can't find you on blogs!!blues

EL: Stars, Shooting Stars

hi all. i have been really busy these days. so i just read your comments today.

and thank you for all your comments. wine

hello hugh!! kiss

hello drea!! kiss

EL: Stars, Shooting Stars

thank you Yan. Childhood. laugh In my childhood, i always drew such kinds of pictures.

hugh. you don't need to read the words below the picture if you think it is confused. the words below the picture are nothing related to the picture. i drew this picture for you. kiss

see you this night. bye bye!!

RE: Would you leave a woman for her sake?

i never leave them first. they leave me first. because they find the better ones.

and since their gfs are better than me and they choose them, so i leave.

RE: can we change.

too deep. both the language and the content are too deep.

but i like this sentence very much: "we are all together brothers even sisters try to live in harmony and compassion maybe than there will be a chance for something more profound in our every day moments, live for the now the past is a memory and the future well its just an illusion all that's real is now this moment change it by been compassionate and loving to self and others and see what happens.."

thou it is so long that i am a little confused.confused

RE: billion dollar home



i feel so sorry that that sunny smile can not appear on blogs again.

that Roumania beauty misses you very much too. she looks for you everywhere. message her and tell her and comfort her.

RE: billion dollar home

tight.. "half of what i said is meaningless, but i say it so that the other half can reach me." is this sentence wrong? or am i wrong?

EL: Distance in a Family

10k. comfort this is a new one. facing the wrong direction again.wink

hugh. kiss do you mean that baby picture? oh cs deleted it, saying that i should use my own photo, but not the fake one. so this is the real one.

starve? then first burger .. i need some times for that "stars stars shooting stars innocent", so please wait!!!

RE: i deleted my previous blog

Kasih, what is up? you seem to be so sad. comfort

EL: Distance in a Family

hugh!!!kiss It is for you, kiss the Rumania Beauty!!!

10k. conversing I read it wink, but my cooking skill is terrible.

RE: far from it worth it?

my teachers have been in Bali Island many times before.

they said that is a really beautiful island and they didn't want to come back.

but they also said that it is not so safe there. they mean there may hide some dangerous things.

RE: far from it worth it?

Bali is really beautiful. I want to visit there one day in the future.

Your westerners can get high-paid job as a language teacher in
Asian easily.

If you love the life there than it is worth. If you don't love, then you know whether it is worth or not.

EL: Distance in a Family

10k. That is good. To be busy in the real life is good. But people here will also miss your comments too. conversing

hugh!!!kiss Don't be bothered by my blog. Just a man, a woman, a son and a daughter have some problemds among themselves. Not cold here. Actually it is still quite warm here. I hope it will become cooler quickly. But no matter how cool it is, it won't snow here. laugh cold

EL: Distance in a Family

10k. wave Your new photos are good. Why I can't find your lots of comments these days?laugh

How1e. Well I don't want to argue with you. You have been to China and know that China and the West have different problems. I guess Tolstoy's saying "All happy families are alike, but each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way" is not only limited in China since he is a Russian.

Good night. yawn sleep

RE: im pleased

hugh don't be sad. comfort hug you still have me.

somebody "reported" mick so he is deleted. but i guess many people on cs will miss him.

syclobs, if you take things too seriously and "report" everybody you dislike, in the future, no people will talk to you or dare to talk to you. this site is full of fun, people play here happily, so don't take things too seriously. try to laugh, but not hate or "report" those you dislike. their vanish is our lose, your lose too.

EL: Loneliness

Mr. How1e. comfort

i hope you won't be deleted by cs. because you seem to be as popular as CT or jim or Easywriter (who is easywriter?)

RE: im pleased

venus.. i suddenly noticed that you are back. yes, i agree with you, i appreciate those who were mentioned in the first comment. but who is the EasyWriter?

RE: im pleased

well i always wonder why they got evicted again and again since they seem to be more popular than others. i guess the bloggers here will be happier to see them around.

EL: Loneliness

Hi yan. No mistakes.

To be honest, I can only speak Cantonese but I can not type its pronunciation like what you type here. Just like I can speak my hometown dialect but I can not type its pronunciation. Your typing is correct, but I don’t know whether you can pronounce it correctly. laugh… I learnt Cantonese at 5, by watching many Cantonese cartoons in TVB.. ha ha.

Hi mick.. wow.. you are a poet!!wow

I hope I can learn you, “After we broke up, I never felt lonely either and I cherish every moment in this big big world full of so many people.” but actually…

Well, I guess I have already said enough recently. I talked a lot to other people, other people talked a lot to me too, but the one I care about does not talk to me anymore.

Hugh.. kiss hug It is always good to see you. Like your new blog. What is the secret?roll eyes

EL: Loneliness

hugh..kiss good evening!!laugh

yan she said:

zài wo yù dào ta zhi qián, wo cóng lái bú jué de gu dú.

zài wo yù dào ta zhi hòu, wo jué de wo cóng qián shì duo me de gu dú.

xiàn zài ta lí kai wo le, wo jué dé cóng wèi you guò de gu dú.

RE: My City and I

hugh..kiss hug

mimi. my hometown is much poorer than shenzhen. but whenever i came back, i would feel warm and safe though robbery, fighting and so on are very common there.

as to language, well i wouldn't say that i am in love with my mother language, i just think that it is more familiar to talk in my mother language. actually my mother language is not mandarin. my mother language is one dialect belonging to Cantonese. so my first mother language is my hometown dialect, then it is cantonese, and then it is mandarin. to talk in my hometown dialect, i will feel most comfortable, not because it is the best, but because when i talk in it, i am talking to my hometown people... familiar... kind.. warm blushing

EL: Loneliness

"Half of what I say is meaningless; but I say it so that the other half may reach me."

this sentence is not what she said. i just read this sentence somewhere and feel it is beautiful and think that it grasps the gist i want to express in this blog.hug

RE: My City and I

hi mimi..
even though it is the poorest and dirtiest place, as long as it is your home, you will love it and be willing to die for it.

hi hugh1. sorry in that blog i was so exhausted that i didn't reply to you. sorry..uh oh hug

have a good weekend.!!

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