RE: Should US War Resisters Be Deported From Canada For Not Fighting In Iraq War?

hei hei. laugh if more "so-called" world-leaders were like him, not for oil, not for power, not for conquest, then i am sure the world would be more peaceful, beautiful, people's life would have more smiles, and fewer tears.

RE: The Thread about all women being prostitutes

dober, I haven't read all of that 16-page comments, so don't know what happened.

but what i wrote there doesn't mean to offend you or anyone who is polite and normal.

I hope you are well. handshake hug

RE: when is enough ...enough

I am sorry perhaps i made a mistake. but it seems that it is 10.45pm reported in the news?

I don't know what to say and how to say in english. I hope that your daughter can recover and face the new life with courage. I wish both of you and your daughter well.

RE: when is enough ...enough

Well, roll eyes what's wrong about not going out at night alone? i have been told this since i was 13.

RE: when is enough ...enough

I am so sorry to hear that. It is extremely horrible, terrible, frightful. I wish your daughter well.

It happens everywhere. What we can do is, not go out At Night Alone!!!

RE: The age-old question: Do you think humans are naturally monogamous?

I have been told that, westerner men will say to their 40 years old wives who are the mother of three children: "Now I do not love you any more, so let's divorce."

And if a Chinese couple do not love each other, most of the time they will still live together for their children. Most of the time, they do not choose to divorce, for their children.

And I also have been told that, westerners will consider it as a sin to still live together as husbands and wives if they do not love each other.

Well these are things other people told me.

RE: What's the point of writing


It is not easy to find somebody who really matches as you said. I didn't give much hope here since I can not find somebody in my real life, let alone in this internet world. but I quite like being here, as here you can see how other people live, think, write...

RE: Great movie quotes.

It is said that women are just like clothes, but, I am the clothes that you can not pay for.

RE: Weight

Don't worry. If a girl is too thin, then she is just a bone or a tree stick. Who wants to hug a bone or a stick?laugh


Lol~~~ Yea, people care more about earning money today. However, remember, work or earning money only provides you a life, but love provides you a life that is worth living.smitten

RE: Hello i am looking for marirage i male i need women to my life

Are you serious, equiya? You must be joking. No, I don't want. I only look for Chinese men with black hair, black eyes and yellow skin. hug

RE: Hello i am looking for marirage i male i need women to my life

No, he is joking. See, he has more than 1 wives but faitful is seeking a wife desperately here for a long long time. ha ha.

RE: Hello i am looking for marirage i male i need women to my life

Sorry, not nanners2863. It should be equiya. I apologize. uh oh

RE: Hello i am looking for marirage i male i need women to my life

Ha ha, hi nanners2863. At first I was very surprised to see your photos and your age shown on CS. But when I read your profile, ha ha. A good and interesting way. laugh hug

RE: Hello i am looking for marirage i male i need women to my life

Don't be ludicrous. You have already written enough blogs and threads like this. Try to write some decent words.mumbling

About Men, Five Dreams Women Must Smash to Pieces

It is my first time to create a thread, so I don’t know if I can do it correctly. I have come across an article and find it helpful, so I choose the main points and some important parts to paste here. I think it will help you a lot if you are still waiting for, looking for, or dreaming for Mr. Right but still can not find him.

1. The First Dream You Must Smash to Pieces: Love is Something That is Doomed in Your Own Destiny.

We always think that there must be somebody who only belongs to us. We always comfort ourselves that we will find that Mr. Right or Mr. Perfect. We always think that as long as we keep waiting, then he must appear or come back to our life. So we ignore other men.

But the fact is, he won’t. He only appears or comes back in films or story books, and in real life, most of “he” won’t appear or come back. That is reality. So we waste our youth to wait for somebody in the dream.

2. The Second Dream You Must Smash to Pieces: What He Loves is Your Inner Beauty, not Your Outside Beauty.

We may all hope that we will be the Jane Eyre in the modern time, because most of us are just common women, not beautiful, not rich. We all have many flaws, so we all have a dream that we can be the Jane Eyre in modern time, common, obscure, but can be loved by the men we love. Especially when we are strong, independent and well-educated, we will be more likely to think that what they love is our inner beauty, our talent, our hearts or our thinking.

But no. Maybe you have talked to a man who can talk many to you. Maybe you have become his best friend and feel that he is your kindred spirit and you are his kindred spirit. But if you are not really beautiful, and he meets a more beautiful girl, then that girl will become his beloved girlfriend, and you, you are just his kindred spirit who can talk and share many things, as friend, or good friend, or best friend.

3. The Third Dream You Must Smash to Pieces: Without Him, I Can Not Live.

When he leaves you, you may feel the sky has collapsed and life is meaningless.You want to die.

But several months or several years or even several decades later, you will find that you can. Because, at that time when you feel that you can not live without him, what covers your eyes is not the glory of the perfect “him”, what covers your eyes is only the glory of the so-called true love.

4. The Fourth Dream You Must Smash to Pieces: You are His Last Woman

He may have many women before. But we may think we will be his last one.

But no. we won’t and we can’t be his last woman.

You may think that though we are not beautiful, but we have something that can shine, such as good heart, independent spirit, or unique talent. So we believe that because of these shining things, we will be his last woman.

But no. A talented female writer demonstrates this with her love and life. (can not tell her story here. Too long.)

5. The Fifth Dream You Must Smash to Pieces: If We Love Them, We Should Do Everything for Them Unconditionally.

We may call that our true love. We may want to demonstrate how we love them by doing everything for him unconditionally.

But no. If we give up our own things to do everything for him, we may lose everything: ourselves and him. When we become old or ugly because we do everything for him unconditionally, they will be more likely to kick us out.

Only when we learn to love ourselves can they love us.


RE: To the women out there!

Ha ha. To be honest, it won't benefit you a lot to think such kind of questions.

And as an indivicual person, you shouldn't change yourself to meet our standards as everybody's taste is different and you should not lose yourself.

Time and experience will teach you how to be a good, charming man if you are smart enough to learn from life.laugh

RE: Are you superstitious?

I am superstitious. Actually it is a science which we human being is unable to know or explain it in a scientific way. Those we can not explain in a scientific way will be consider as superstitions. laugh

RE: Brains or Beauty

of course a person with great intellect!

RE: Long distance lover..

Don't think it will work.

RE: hi

Ha ha, you are right. He is really a Mr. Perfect in 2010.

And how about being addicted to the wrong love? I know this Mr. Perfect will say that he can't understand why we girls always choose / meet / love the wrong guys. But really, a wrong love is just like drug or alcohol, will make you unable to escape. laugh

RE: Female mostly do'nt come forward to cmmunicate to male, Why so ???

I will think that it is an exciting game or competition. No matter you are male or female, if you write a first message, then you start your competition and you won't want to lose. If you get no respone, then that will only stimulate you and make you try other ways to win the competition. It is quite like the aggressors or conquerors in a war. Maybe it sounds terrible or horrible, but remember, a running leopard is much happier, healthier than a sleeping pig.

RE: money isnt everything....

But without money,
you can only sleep under the bridge.
You can not buy a book to learn skills or knowledge.
You can not find your position because of lack of skills or knowledge.
You can not buy medicine when you are ill.
You can not buy blood when you lose lot of blood.
You can even not buy a prostitute...
So money is very important. I admit it.

RE: Question for Ladies Are Asian Guys more loyal ???

Hi, thank you, rizlared.
If i am not wrong, you should be a professor or teacher in one university in China, right? So I will say: "lao shi, ni hao!" Have read some of your insightful comments. Good to learn.

My listening and spoken English is terrible as I seldom listen to English and seldom speak. Who will speak English to me? And do not need to speak it or listen to it in daily life. lol. handshake

RE: Question for Ladies Are Asian Guys more loyal ???

Hi Amenda. Thank you. Native speakers won't write so serious, rigid English. They will add more lively elements or vivid daily phrases to their languages to make them more lovely, more smooth. You can see the difference between a foreigner who speaks standard Chinese and a Chinese who speaks o*al dialect.

Actually, there is no need to learn it too well. as long as you can communicate, then it is enough. I didn't learn it too hard before. just read some news or novels in English, just like i read news or novels in Chinese.

RE: Question for Ladies Are Asian Guys more loyal ???

but to be fair, some of them are really promiscuous even though they grow up in a not so open society. I just want to say, you can not tell whether they are more loyal or not according to the western society. You just can tell whether they are more loyal or not according to the asian environment. Put them in their environment and judge them, then it will be more fair.

RE: Question for Ladies Are Asian Guys more loyal ???

It is not about the loyalty. It is about the environment in which they grow up. Generally speak, Asian guys grow up in a not so open society, so compared to the west, they don't look so unloyal.

RE: 53 secrets girls don't want guys to know

hi Liebe2. Can you create another thread named "53 secrets guys don't want girls to know"?

Don't you think it is quite dangerous that there is only "53 secrets girls don't want guys to know" but no "53 secrets guys don't want girls to know"?


RE: Too Young

ha ha KatLady. If I were you, I might feel happy to receive a much younger man's messages. But to be honest, age is really a big problem, so is the distance. In general, the older they are, the maturer they are. And I think it is quite normal that we prefer people around our age and I do think it is the best.

As to distance, lol it is a big problem though many people will say something like "true love goes beyond the distance or space". Not many people can honestly and permanently love somebody who is far away.hug

RE: DO you like somebody back

be friends or be girlfriend / boyfriend?

if it is the former, why can't be friends again. I always think that if he / she can't be the boyfriend / girlfriend, at least they can be friends. Friends can be forever.

if it is the latter, then it all depends on your feelings. nobody can give you suggestions and you had better listen to your feelings rather than others opinions.

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