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I'm 18 and i still live with my parents and never had a boy friend. People asks why and i donno what should i say in answer.
Sitting in the house watching tv in my all lazy glory i hear dad barking at his employes while walking in the house. Yeha my old man runs a business in which he wishes he could shot down all his employees.
"And they are worthless!! Two days ago I told them to deliver the packages and they are still rolling in the floor!! Worthless lazy asses! All of them! I should just get a truck and run it over them!!" He growles walking in. Well his employees got used to this.
Everyday he'd come in screaming threats to kill someone, someone as in his best dbuddy and our neighbour. Every day he's running to the police station to write down some complains.i love him for his distructive nature.Dad likes to be the tough dog and i love to have a tough dad.And then he looks at me and things changes.
"Baby! Did you have lunch?!" It looks like he is talking to a 2year old. "It's too early to have lunch dad." I'm blue from being treated like a baby."But sweety it's never too early to eat!!" He drags me and forces me to sitfor lunch three hours before the right time and ties the napkin around my neck... When i look down I'm shocked to see there's no baby food on my plate. And the one thing he can never bear to see is his baby growing up. Forget about haveing a boyfriend if i ever look at some guy dad would probably shot him down. Well i love dad and his protective nature but how long is he gonna baby me? When some one says i'll get married someday he just rolles his eyes like it's the most impossible thing on earth. I love him so much...
When we get out he's always holding my hand in case i get lost or run under a car... when handsome guys are walking by i feel his hand holding mne tighter and see him glaring draggers at the poor guy.I can't tell him to stop this. He just loves me so much. And people asks me why i'm still single. What would you do if you had a dad like that ha?blues
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your dad is like a man standing on a tiny patch of desert island, with his daughter, he sees the sharks circling in the water, he is holding you by the hand to try to stop you going swimming, you see handsome young men, beckoning you into the water, your father, only sees sharks.
So does that mean i'll never go out swimming??crying In my granddad felt the same and held on to his daughter my dad would've never found a wife!!
I know he loves me but i'm 18 isn't that too old? And not all of them are sharks ar they?
Onefeathers, from one Daddy's girl to another.
It sounds like you have a really good realationship with your father, and he loves you very much. It's hard sometimes for parents in general to see their little 'babies', whom they have raised all their life, grow up into adults. They want to keep them little and care for them forever. That love is a blessing. But because you both love each other very much, then you should be able to have an open conversation with each other. You need to talk to your dad, in love, and explain to him how you are feeling. It might be hard for him to accept at first, but if you talk about it often and get him used to the idea than I think things will change for you. Its just important to talk about it in a nice way, not to argue, because you don't want to close the doors between you two.
I wish you all the best!
@CNote:finally someone who understands... Thanks. But as far as i know he is the most stubborn man i've seen in my entire life... I don't really think he can except anything or any conversation that would mean "Let go" and I certainly am not going to hurt his feelings by saying something. I just donno how things will go on.
The only thing that is going to be different is you. You must choose. Get a job and start saving to move out on your own. You can not expect other people to change. It isn't fair to them and the expectation you have that they should change is only going to cause your frustration to continue as well.cheers
It's not just him it's the whole country... my family won't let me do a job at this age and dad would have a heart attach if he hears i'm moving out. it might sound shocking to you but in our country most childern live with the familly until they get married. Forget about before marrage i doubt my parents would let me move away after marage...
I am so ignorant of the way things are done in other parts of the world. Thank you for explaining this to me, Ono. Well, if you feel you have no choice but to live with your mom, dad, and sister, then the only option is to find some way to change your attitude about it. Maybe if you could see your way to looking at their side, walking in their shoes, you could find a way to have more peace about your situation.

It is said that the mind is really the only thing that can imprison us. The mind with all its monkey thoughts causes much suffering. Thing is, we get to choose the thoughts we wish to hook into and those we don't. It takes practice to notice those thoughts and deliberately shift them to that which feels better (in your heart and in your gut), but it is more than worth the effort! hug
Thanks ven for all the comfort...teddybear Ans i do try to make it better but then sometimes my patients just breaks and i snap... I just get so made and it's making me rude everyday.. it's nice to find afriendhug
I vaguely remember being 18.laugh laugh Actually I moved out right out of high school. Unfortunately my roommate couldn't cut it and we both ended up home (since I couldn't afford the rent by myself). I came home from work and her mom was there with both her and my stuff packed up.doh

Anyway, I remember the time that followed. After having a taste of being on my own, it was not fun to be under household rule again. I even had curfews! Hang in there and know that you will move out eventually, even if it is when you get married. All is change. Nothing lasts forever.

Take care of you, and try to give your sis some love. She is just a sister sistering, how can she act any other way? hug
I can't wait till then... hope hubbies are not like protective parents. cuz it's painful sometimes.
And about my sister.. she can just follow me can't she? why does she has to be all good and stuff?
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