Well, I`ve been working on my art lately. I have a project that could take up to 12 weeks, depending on how many pieces I get done. I`m making a calendar, and for each month, there will be a bikini clan furry (aka. anthropomorphic) woman. So far, I have Candy Cane (Miss December), Star (Miss July) and this weekend will be Miss April, no name yet. Candy`s a Siamese cat, Star`s a Donkey (yes, they can be sexy) and April will be a rabbit. My art is improving drastically.

as far as my life, I`ve started a fundraiser to get funds for the OK horse-shoeing school. I just hope it works, unlike the last one. I`ll be calling on a job tomorrow, maybe that`ll take off. Otherwise, I`m sending in for grants. Yes, legitimate ones.

I can`t go a day without getting an email here from someone who doesn`t read my profile, where it says intelligent. I`m not looking to be a teacher. They`re all expecting me to teach them English. Uh huh...let me just away now.

Otherwise, romance is going well through other sources. Wisconsin chat #`s 1 and 2 in Yahoo. I am very picky and have ignored quiet a few due to lack of a brain, thinking with the wrong head, or both, but I`ve been lucky to find a few decent men and now I think I have to see who rises above:)

I tried to find good WI men here, but they`re all so shy and won`t respond to me:( Makes me feel like I`m full of flaws or something. It`s odd, I`m very much appreciated in yahoo and feel very attractive, but here, WI guys just ignore me. I must have the plague.

Well, I`ll blog more soon, I`ve left it high and dry here to devote to the poetry corner, but I`ll keep folks UTD. Just want to get to bed soon so I can get things done quickly later.

Take care wave
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I know the thing why they in WI not accept to get to know you. They think you are an artist, so you fall outside the standard.. People are all about codes and rules,, models of the normal life. Sorry for us different.

Have a nice weekend!
well soquili, i wouldn't mind giving anything a good rollicking for 12 weeks, but id want to be pretty sure i got a good return, for investing so much time in something, hope it works out.('listen to music');
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