Summer 11

Thank you Kamrani!

May I say, it's May

Thanks Jana and Jim! Have a nice weekend!

What's it like to be a schizophrenic

With the best english I know: I much appreciate all the comments. How delightful, the readers restricted themselves from hitting the one badly beaten. And all the comments were encouraging, comments of sharing, faith and compassion. Thank you.

RE: Once...

You in deed are a good writer. Interesting to read such a positive view of life and self. Keep up the good spirit!

Long time, no seen

Thank you cheerful friends.
Today I realized through the engagement I have a new family. We spent couple of hours with nice people, who are my new family. Sometimes things just go perfectly right.

Happily studying once more

Thank you every one!

RE: How To Make Yourself Unattractive To The Opposite

= ) Funny how I have done those things, still I feel I have done the perfect thing to do. Because my idea is to push all the candidates away and accept the special one, who accepts me...

Rather interesting a week

Thanks for the comments! So delighting to be treated nicely.

RE: Improvements

I know the thing why they in WI not accept to get to know you. They think you are an artist, so you fall outside the standard.. People are all about codes and rules,, models of the normal life. Sorry for us different.

Have a nice weekend!

What it is like to be a freek

Thanks all, indeed it is freak, not freek. Sorry.

I agree, there are millions of people who do not fit into the code of standards, and they are unique, talented, special... I am not shamed of myself, sometimes I just feel lonely,,, That is why i registered here, to find friends.

About hate

2MAYBE do not delete it. It is totally fine. I think, I do not know for certain, but the passage could be about the future, or some spiritual realm, where things happen in the personal realm as well, and then it is not about the factual future... Do not know for certain.

And hate, it is not a prison. Have you ever heard about divine hatred, that is in function to save or defend the life...

Then there is other type of hatred, bitter and unjust,,, can be a prison that,,,

RE: Look Closer, See Me

How vivid the poem is.

RE: Thank You For Another Day

The title caught my eye.

I think the thankfulness is the only right way to look at the world. It's the attitude, a choice, that one decides to live with regard to God.

About hate

So I should just let people push and toss me around, and turn the other cheek. No, I am not that disciplined. I will not turn into object of others hatred.

Deadbutwhy: blessings.

About dolls

Hello Venus!

Hopefully the dialog we're having evokes from reciprocal respect for one another..

I am just making a journey knowing finally who I am, and why am I what I am.

One thing I disagree. I think being sensitive to a point that evolves schizophrenia defines me a great deal.

About dolls

I see your point. I am not strong and confident to play around. I am rigid and furious, wild and egocentric. That is the way I am, and nothing makes me change. In fact I hold my head high being the way I am.

And my thin skin. I definitely admit. I have no much appreciation to people in general. I am most sorry,, I fear other people, and that is how it is.

About world

I have come across many types of humour: loving and hateful, ridiculing and comforting.. I think I know which type is which...

I write about the state of my mind as honestly as I possible can, for I want not insensitive people in my life.

I appreciate although there is someone who feels keen to express his or her wit here in my blog, stay away... I am no doll to make fun of.

About world

Warm feelings, yes, ridicule, not. Thanks for comment.

About children

Next time, chat somewhere else. This is supposed to be my blog, not yours.

About God

Thanks everyone for comments. Blessings!

The ugly truth

Thank you Shell!

May God's mercy be with you, and me.

For some people word mother is a red clothe.
Not to you.

The ugly truth

Thank you commentors = (
There were no attempt in any way. Just tired of normal jingle ding,,,

I write, thus I am

Thank you Ben and Calmheart for comments.

I am spending weekend with drinking, outgoing people. So I guess I do what Ben suggested me to do.

Thank you Calmheart for you undestanding. I now I am not the only one gone through major crisis. Would like to hear from you in continue as well.

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