keith moon greatest drummer ever

i love the who who are you . keith moon aka moon the loon laugh was the best head banger happy birthday keithangel the toilets are safe now what a character laugh im just a fan got alot of vintage performances on video albums who doesn't love the it's a shame alot of talent dies so young. i feel robbed .very mad music is my life in a way alot of musicians gave their life to be over the top rock stars.blues keith moon was one of a kind. RIP keith .angel head banger peace
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a shame to see so many talented people, rock-stars in particular, throw there lives away, burnt out, in mind and body, its just not worth it, for a few years fame, 200 years from now, no one will even know we lived, eternity, is a long time to be dead.
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it's true ben that lifestyle it has to be a struggle to survive . booze broads blow laugh real hard life lol seriously it's the money for example keith moon brought up working class working class neighborhood then all that money fame nobody saying no to you. makes you wonder if he'd be a 64 yr old baker rite now in england . alive some people can't handle money cuz they should of never had it. they say die young and leave a good looking corpse .doh it's ironic keith overdosed on them pills to get u to stop drinking . moderation keeps u alive . anyone would go crazy being a rock star then more than likely dead. it's a shame their not guided better but everyone their own worst enemy sometimes .head banger cheers
keith was ok blackie ,but not the geatest drummer ,man,u cant say that not even for the father of the modern drumming ,phil collins ,himself.
his way of using electronic drums on his song .somemething in the air tonite,back in 1982 i think,changed the whole idea we had ab drums till this day.and believe me i am a musicien selftaught ,but know ,what i am saying.professor comfort grin cheers
i like phil collins genisis thumbs up then his solo hits head banger trivia alf did you know he named his album no jacket required because he was here in chicago staying at the waldorf hotel they got the bar restaurant in it the pump room well they gave him gruff about not having a jacket so he named that album no jacket required . it's true .professor laugh i'll give phil collins his props excellent vocalist good drummer ok he's a real good drummer . but keith moon slayed those skins in his short 33 years everybody wanted him on their projects john lennon paul mc ccartney i forgot the huge band he did three songs with. laugh really im a fan of keith moon as a drummer u can say this person is better than that one and so on. their all super talented countless big time drummers today say keith moon was their inspiration
ran out lol and starting playing drums because of keith . uno keith moon the best alf did phil collins blow up toilets with dynamite laugh and trash hotel rooms get banned for life from the holiday inn rolling on the floor laughing drive a cadillac into a hotel swimming pool rolling on the floor laughing keith moon was insane that's why everybody loved him. laugh cheers peace dancing yay laugh
i know man that he is a legent,i dont play the drums. i am a rythm guitarist and believe a good one.i believe led zeppelin played with keith,but i am not sure.
nice blog bro ,but not for cs.people here r not so much of music. rolling on the floor laughing applause applause banana banana dancing dancing yay yay cheers cheers
thanks alf your right laugh that's the group i forgot led zepplin laugh another trivia keith moon named led zepplin when they first started they couldn't think of a name keith said lead lol they changed to led and uno about the zepplin laugh he named them. thumbs up cheers dancing peace
at least u agree page was greater guitarist than townsendbanana applause grin cheers
yes jimmy page kicked a** i'll give u that laugh but townstend was crazy like keith laugh could u imagine hanging out with those guys one night laugh it is a shame when they die not only cuz their talented musicians. but good people uno wild and crazy guys. rolling on the floor laughing yay head banger cheers peace
i always dreaming to have a drink with the greatest of all and half greek frank thfreek zappa.millions of light years away from anything music knows.dancing banana banana yay yay yay cheers
im moving to montana soon rolling on the floor laughing i loved frank zappa how bout his kids moon unit laugh i'd give it to her doh laugh or dweezil he needs his a** kicked right alf laugh i always thought zappa was italian .dunno cheers grin peace banana laugh
dad secilian ,mama greek .
its ok .never got why kids must be on the same level as their fathers.besides frank was original ,something none can be today.i laugh with the people think hip hop and rap is music.rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing frustrated frustrated doh grin peace cheers
ok i got some trivia today didn't know his mom was greek . he was definitely one of a kind.thumbs up laugh outrageous and talented for sure. i don't classify music in categories . whatever sounds good to my ears i like. i love some rap house of pain tupac cyprus hill metthod man . so many their talented alf im a juggalo to laugh insane clown posse devil yay laugh hip hop kicks a** holmes. you just got to get the good stuff.professor rolling on the floor laughing dancing cheers comfort laugh handshake head banger peace
wow im worn out from watching that.laugh pretty impressive he was good.thumbs up but did he play for THE WHO mumbling laugh i don't know how to put up links like that. doh at first i thought u put up a solo of keith moon . i wish u would to let anyone WHO watches it see keith in action and decide .head banger peace
i love that youtube laugh check out that 7yr old kid jacob armen on their he's the best . laugh good stuff.head banger
The Who is my favorite band. It was a sad day when he died I beliebe in 78. Saw The Who in 75 with Moon on the drums. Awsome. It was also ashame of John Emtwhistle dying.
i'll see you on the darkside of the moon.angel jonhn died in 02 i'll bet jonhn still standing behind him holding them matches .grin ka boom. laugh cheers peace mischievous angels never die.head banger
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