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what's the deal with these insane amount of comments .laugh is it just one liners chatting between friends roll eyes lol the top commented blog used to have maybe 60 comments now breaking into the 10 slot takes 74 .confused comments are supposed to be for leaving ur two cents or aggravating someone with ur ignorant comment.laugh im just commenting on comments or bloging about comments .grin keep the comments about the subject doh but that wouldn't be no fun cuz you can comment anything you want because we can be as real or ignorant as we want to be dancing everybody wang chung tonight or today. no comment.laugh angel wave
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no comment!handshake
no comment on that no comment
i concur taking the filth.grin
its harmless fun, even though it could get you killed.
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murder me ben
what's up CT handshake hope alls well in pakistan with them floods .cheers peace in the middle east .peace
yes ben all fun and games until someone loses a laugh
ouch you knocked my eye out buddy i didn't mean it
no comment john . shit happens. grin
speaking i believe yes im right shit just happened
shit happens everyday every second . even in a new york minute.professor laugh angel
now that's a shitlaugh laugh
fo shizzle dizzle. laugh
Pffft...laugh Blackhawk, you wanting some attention? You have not made one comment on your own blog that has to so with the blog content. And if what you have commented is supposed to be considered all, then I prefer to be the idiot.doh grin peace
ok venus as you were .wave rolling on the floor laughing
your funny venus and yummy . laugh i would pour a coors between ur cleavage and drink it laugh if i was is colorada i'd be listening to john denver songs working on ur zipper.rolling on the floor laughing peace cheers did you say something about attention seekers ? laugh wave
doh doh There are simply no
i get that alot laugh i just leave em breathless .laugh wine
wavehi blackhawk70 wave no coomentsgrin
hi jeddah12wave no comments . NOT laugh the same goes for you as venus except singapore beer and im keeping john denvers songs on.grin think about it. bouquet laugh angel cheers
beer john denver and two beautiful ladys im there
twos two to much laugh john denver tunes a case of coors and me and venus talking new age philosophys im straight.laugh hey john did you know medussa and mary worth are sisters.professor direct from the rolling on the floor laughing
welcome to cs my friend lol ...
And if u want to take blogging seriously there are other interesting and more reliable rather than cs. rolling on the floor laughing
hey it's the 74 comments girl.laugh where else would i go besides CS to blog ? i like it just fine here.grin im coming after ur slot sista. rolling on the floor laughing wave
Well Blackhawk mate...

After reading this blog, and then your chatting in another, I'm kinda wondering what ya want to be.

The pot.... or the kettle?laugh
ain't it billy laugh very hypocritical laugh just do as i say not as i do. lol i've always wanted to be a leader of a cult like jim jones or charles manson wow but i'd be nicer . maybe .devil wave angel you scared yet or fascinated ? roll eyes rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
I know this is a way delayed reaction, but you couldn't handle the likes of Jeddah and me! We would having you begging for mercy in not time, Blackhawk!laugh laugh devil time.sigh
i get that alot also laugh the old delayed reaction lol im like person u think is really weird .but after awhile they get intrigued kinda like a car crash .rolling on the floor laughing and just want to take my clothes off and get inside my head.roll eyes laugh i only like one at a time. line up ladies it's dinner time. grin cheers
yes venus i noticed that . in no time baby.laugh mines the person lol i noticed it before but posted it anyway . living life on the edge im wreckless. bordering dangerous . confused doh laugh
If you have any m**turbation tips, you can share them on my blog.handshake
Dammit...I just realized I'm in Chicagodoh
ok clarence carter. laugh be careful here in chicago it's like the bermuda triangle . 30.000 thousand people a year here just disappear . devil im serious like a fart in the wind . lol no trace. hey mike check out halsted street in boystown it's about 3 blocks from wrigley field . they'll have plenty of comments for you .rolling on the floor laughing
cheershi blackhawk,my you at the club tomorrow,im with venus,,lets play golf,three some ok peacehug hug
I don't even like coming to Shitcago, even though I was born here.

They have a whole bunch of new HUGE windmills in Northwest Indiana. I was talking to one guy about them and he said, no those aren't windmills, those are huge fans to blow the stink from Chicago back up there. lol

I'm just kidding. Chicago is ok. A little too crowded for me to stick around too long though.
i read before u said ur from chicago . what neighborhood mike ? what streets ? were the same age 40. it's changed i call it living in the shitty. lol if u got lots of money it's a great town. but it's home sweet home chicago lol rural indiana is beautiful it's like maybeery for real. lol those amish villages are nice to visit. believe me any chance i get im out of here. lol i like traverse city in michigan and door county in wisconsin . i need to escape sometimes . im stuck in the shitty .doh cheers
hi jeddah cheers sounds good .grin should i wear clothes or come naked ? laugh bouquet peace
thumbs up laugh rolling on the floor laughingoh,mandoh mowning blackhawkteddybear laugh grin
do u mean mowing morning or moaning ?laugh i've been known to make the ladies moan in the morning . think pineapple chunks.grin laugh good moaning jeddah sweetheart .laugh teddybear peace
I left the "Shitty" when I was 6, so I don't know where we lived off hand...but it really is a small world. Who knows, maybe we crossed paths as babiesconfused Or maybe more recently we were parked next to each other in a traffic jam. The world really is small like that.

Door county WI is awesome. So is Traverse City, MI.

I was in Chicago a few years ago with my truck, in a bad neighborhood and some of the people that lived there had spray painted over the street signs so people wouldn't know where they were going. Then they come up to the truck offering me directions if I pay them. For real. Jackasses. I almost ran one of them over. Bunch of low bridges down there too. It was one of those neighborhoods where you lock your doors and run the red lights. lol

I have to turn in....

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