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i've had my air conditioner on since june 28 nonstop . not cuz i like air conditioning or the bill . the last three summers before i probably ran it 10 to 15 times per summer . i think the entire world been unusually hot this year. i can't wait till this fall with it's comfortable cool breezes and trees changing colors it's my favorite i love it. then nice cold winter and football on sundays . yes. im so happy i live somewhere with changing seasons i like variety . summer can be nice sometimes like low humidity and 80 and sunny sitting on a river or lake with a case of beers on ice fishing .perfect . i won't miss summer though i prefer bear weather . lol summer will be over soon and that's fine with me. so enjoy it while it last summer lovers. lol my seasons are right around the corner .lol then i miss summer on artic cold days. doh laugh cool head banger peace grin
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yeah... world getting hottttttt...when summer comes me like this very mad burning... laugh
yeah when summer comes at me like this . im very mad to lol. then i think of that song it's getting hot in here take off all ur clothes .laugh stay cool .i know you will .grin peace bouquet
lol... rolling on the floor laughing
this heat is making me very mad crazy . for some reason im thinking of that show HEE HAW. confused lolrolling on the floor laughing
what your on fire, ah; it probably global warming>
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laugh damn global warming it's gonna put clothes companies out of business .laugh dancing
@ben that really does look like my extension cord to my air conditioner after humming for over two months. lol it's hot. very mad can't win burn in a fire. burn in heat. burn without air .rolling on the floor laughing global warming in 50 years is going to burn the world . i just hope the animals survive .doh grin
laugh banana blackhawk,go out and chill yourself dearcheers its too hot in theredoh doh oh,oh,,did i feel the heat hereyay teddybear uh oh
hi jeddah if i go out i'll melt 97 degrees today heat index and humidity make it 104 . i must stay in and play on the computer all day doctors orders. laugh my keyboard is melting im soooo hot 4u i mean this transmission is breaking up breaking up .laugh damn heat short circuits everything . gotta go my air conditioner is on fire no it's my extension cord can't find my fire extinguisher .very mad help laugh teddybear bouquet peace
laugh rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing dang it blackhawkblushing grin becareful,you might be pulling other type of wire sir,looool....
just dont use on your necklaugh rolling on the floor laughing peace
yes mam i won't hang myself with my burning extension cord . lol but how do i stop the smoke coming out of my earsvery mad roll eyes lol i think i need a cold shower ur making me hotter . my girlfriend ust to rub ice cubes on my nipples after i took a ice shower.laugh we split that's why im here looking for my ice queen. rolling on the floor laughing i have alot of home remidies pineapple chunks ice cubes ok to much information already .wow laugh teddybear cheers bouquet
laugh rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing i suggest you go and munch ice to keep u coolrolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing oh no,not munch,,i mean rub it till it bendsrolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing peace
it's no fun doing it yourself . i mean it never bends. im a straight shooter.rolling on the floor laughing i only like 7evelen slurpees lol you'd be suprised what you could do with a slurpee lol pineapple chunks ice cubes and slurpees . im going to make some lucky girl very happy .roll eyes laugh but very interesting feedback jeddah .rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing peace wave cheers
just a few examples to beat the heat. laugh dancing
laugh rolling on the floor laughing oh thanks blackhawk,,i just use some words on my joke blogs,lol..about your getting hot and ice,,,lol..what i say again on my golf blog?thats why i ask you to rub ice till the,....shaft gets bendgrin find itrolling on the floor laughing grin
rolling on the floor laughing you and your slurpeesgrin bouquet
ok i think i understand a previous golf blog ? laugh i'll have to read ur blogs. ice is a magical tool if used properly in the rite hands or ? i can never find the directions on that damn ice tray.laugh and read the fine print on slurpees . use only as recommended .comfort rolling on the floor laughing grin hug gift
your fiunny laugh commented on ur golf bends putter blog .laugh i understand now jeddah master. grin cheers angel peace
banananow you can rub ice till it bends cheers grin
no i want it rubbed with ice till bends. laugh cheers head banger grin
dohhehehehehe,so now did it help to cool down your global warming or still warm up grin cheers peace
global what laugh ummmmm im straight now. rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing cheers peace bouquet
cheers happy week ends to you and your family blackhawkcheers
u2 jeddah and yourscheers have a peaceful one.handshake angel peace
Just look at the length of time the earth was here, and then look at all the different temperatures the earth has been during that length of time, and then tell me what the causes for those temperature changes were. The way my brain grasps numbers, I just can't believe anyone that tells me with all certainty, which way the temperature on the earth is headed and what the causes are. Honestly I don't understand their simple CO2 theory either. I don't understand how all that freon 12 got so high either. I can't even get a balloon full of air to float away on me. And then all of a sudden someone's patent expires.
Yeah, what ever happened to that ozone holeconfused
The main stream media, was running "news" shows telling us that we might go blind in the future as a result of increased radiation entering though the "ozone hole".
you have a good point mike earth been here a long time before cars pollution freons even humans. i know they outlawed that one freon because it damaged the ozone layer. those ice caps melting can't be a good thing either . china is doing the same thing america did now like we did in the 1920s becoming a economic super power. of course tons and tons of pollution to produce everything how we did it and all nations continue to do . eventually something gotta give just like the human body can take alot of punishment and survive eventually uno. the planet i think is no different we won't see it but eventually with enough punishment it's over.
it's like anything else people won't believe or understand until it actually happens. everyone knows one day their going to die but ur mind says im ok now. tomorrow im fine one day they'll be no tomorrows for life or earth.
I'm thinking there will be no people, before there is no earth.

Sometimes I think our egos shrink the size of the earth.
i think your right.
perfect blog pic lol it looks like im talking from the pic box to the comment boxlaugh i haven't seen anyone else do that. my ego is blasting off. laugh
Speaking of pictures, I found a woman down here in Florida that has a topless picture on her CS profile.confused
badja 77

With no space.
i just checked out her profile laugh not bad for kinda chunky . perfect for these cold chicago winters coming .laugh get up on that mike before her profile gets deleted cuz u put her name out here.rolling on the floor laughing
I can't handle the pain of loosing love anymore. I'm trying hard to reject all woman equally, and spend the saved energy to repair myself.

I guess I was cheating when I stumbled onto her.
yeah i understand what ur saying but don't give up. repair and replace i say. lol i've been hurt like everyone i love concept of love the reality is something else.laugh i know i lost my true love totally my fault. im older now learned something i hope lol im hopeful i'll get another shot it's a beautiful thing. when it happens and both of you feel it. it's worth it .cheers
That one does appear to be in full heat.hmmm
Beer is okay, but it's hard to beat Irish cream drinking drinking It is true the climate is changing, but nobody 'really' knows why........or if it has even 'anything to do with humans being here comfort I agree with you though. Autumn is my favorite time of the year. I had to hide that fact when I was a kid though, because 'school' starts in the fall laugh drinking
This has been the coolest summer in the 22 years I've lived in France. I still had my heat on until mid June. Still slept with a quilt until mid July. There were a couple of weeks of hot weather then, but it's been relatively cool for a couple of weeks now. I have to close the windows at night because it's too cool otherwise.
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