this site is amazing

so many options i love the games and personality Quizzes . haha and especially sending flowers .bouquet haha so much funs i suprised it's free just great. i'll be sending lot of flowers to you soon. haha so happy having fun. do others have funs here also i like hope everyone luck, in search and day. wave grin
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hehehe, nice try....btw...that isn't a town sleep
you mean here haha what nice try dunno for luck. haha
hey, my compatriot have you another colour of your shirt...yellow isn't fit you!!! yawn
hi you don't like my shirt now to.doh haha is their anything you do like or approve of my profile.sad flower dunno sleep
well..I'll be ok..if you'll change can't drive away mumbling burn it! very mad
drive away where dunno why is the rudeness here i don't understand it. i have wrote you a letter i am friendly person . seeking love or friendship man or woman . i like this website do you also.bouquet
Take no notice of the titheads around here...
There are many who think the sun shines out there arse.
Welcome and hope you enjoy your time here.hug
Yeah...this site is...a(maze)ing indeed ! violin are you talking about there ? Definetely you took the wrong pils. Are there many like you in England ?...confused

I thought i saw a pussycat !confused I gotta run !motorcycle
As you can see...another of the titheads.


Dont be worrying about these makes them feel better to belittle someone else.
Its called "imallaloneandneedtopickonpeople" syndrome. rolling on the floor laughing
Yeah're so wise. Please tell us about your sindrom : "[email protected]"doh

Managgia managgia ! Tithead...HUH ! Subjects are escaping...must stay alert here drinking
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing omg thanks for proving my point!!
popcorn mmmm..ya...Yes ! Sure !popcorn

Next ?popcorn
hello amity sorry i was on my thread i wrote for people who actually exist like themselves . their beyond help . it's baffling some people hate so much . feel sorry for them.teddybear always peace and heart beating angel
hug No worries i said, there are good people here that outweigh the negative people.
Best wishes to you
Btw syclobs...good luck and have fun ! wine
Just for the record...I'm not here. What you see is a projection of your subconscious. I'm just a product of your mind. Deal with it ! cheers
hello mr bomb haha that's funny i guess i'll take a sarcastic funny comment to a mean hateful one any day. grin i would cheers you but you don't exist . so.handshake my hand is shaking itself now. ka boom. wink rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing wine
first comment thank you best of luck to you also.cheers angel
yes i found this site amazing too...welcome to CS world..Hope you enjoy your stay....wave
well thank you if everybody was as beautiful and nice as you sweetheart im never leaving . hahaha angel bouquet this website is fun except for the homophobes can't escape them.yawn cool peace teddybear
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