i hate being single

its not easy to be single ,i wsh i had a man to kiss me and hold my hand as we walk by the park,i wsh i had a man i could tell stories through the night,i wish i had a man i would wakeup witha morning kiss,i wish i had a man that could love meconfused
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yes just as i wish for a beautiful woman to come my way my friend
sound ssweet...just wait for the right time dear..with that beauty..definitely u desrve the best..some say..it will come when u least expect it...for noe enjoy being single...its fun...yay yay yay
One day we will all find the love we deserve!!
cheers peace
The charming prince will come to u, sanjan...
Good luck cheering
try ebay grin
@mazza : try ebay ,huhhh?? did you ever tried it before??rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

Hey sanjan try to be patience i know.. i know that it sound hard to do it just wait dear and the right man will come to you love love
You often get a wrong deal if you are too eager! So be careful handshake
me too dear sanjan, I'd love a ride in a park...so...do you like me? lol moping
well Sanjan ,

you look young , pretty and fit , cant really see why you dont find a boyfriend in Zurich, care to explain ?
Called a potential scammer?mumbling
Scammer has big stinky, smelly, wrinkles all their BIG Butts...

You guys will be for a surprise???

popcorn popcorn popcorn

so unprofessional today's scammers ,I mean at least learn the bloody job welllaugh tongue
Actually she/ or it rather, is from Nigerian,. Switzerland

You figure that out?dunno
Hi, . .lookin for advice? . . i hope so, . professor

You are making two Major Mistakes, . . Right NOW.scold
One is called WAITING, . . the other is called, WISHING.

If you want something so very Bad, . . . then Work for it.
(Make it Happen)
The only one who cares to re-write your Destiny, is YOU.

I'd like to see you pick ANY man on here, and meet him this weekend for coffee, . . . somewhere safe, . lots of people.
If he turns out to be your Mister Right, . . . that's Great. (Congrats)
If he turns out, Not to Be, (the One), . . .then just call him, . . Mr. PRACTICE. . . banana
Search and find>>the same Signal? Is it hard to find the luck!
Don't hate being single..just get use to it...one day it will change ..dunno ...or not.
Infact we are always alone even when we are with somebody...
Something you cannot revolute..just endure.comfort
so sanjan? what do you think? confused are you home? or is a bad connection? moping
well when you find somone just take good care of them,,, its the problem in many relations,, they think they find somone whos better and destrys what they have,,,but if your real good to somone there is some who takes so good care of it,,,,and give your partner some time,,, than you got somone who wants to hold your hand,,,,teddybear
tatyana 85 , I bet you are a friend of Sanjan ,single and desperate in Zurich...rolling on the floor laughing
You wish and wish and wish. Go out there and smile at a man you like...show interest. If you look like your picture men should be smiling right back.
patience is a virtue, enjoy it, or become a lesbian.rolling on the floor laughing
So do i, sweetheart been single 6 years now and my favourite colour is red, i hope some day to meet someone sigh blues wave bouquet
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