miserable weather in Galway 26/10/2010

Today it is the first day working of the week. Since yesterday was bank holiday. The weather is coldy, windy,rainy and cloudy everything in gray mode.

I read a news from my country that a blogger was arrested for blogging about a lieutenant general's family. Nothing is funny about the news. But this funny comment of the news has made me smile. All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than the others. So funny comparison.

It is funny when my friend wrote.
Come to me girl I will work as hard as a buffalo for your expense
I will be as strong as a tiger in your love
I will be as faithful as a dog of your life
and I will be as cute as a cat in your arms.
So ideal man to be a partner right!?

Have a good night to all who are thinking of me and all who read this post.
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oh crikey........ I miss Galway... don't care if its misearable out ahh...
that weather sounds good to me wish i was their lucky .laugh i love the rain. dancing
If its any consolation, the crap weather is now here.. sigh cheers This may help also.. wink
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