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I wake up after a late night spending time reading and writing an email to my new friend. It is an interesting thing I have found and I have ever made before. I rarely read one's writing twice and I am lazy in writing something long. But last night I did. Unbelievable!

This morning everything is so quiet around. It seems that I am the only one in this wide world. But it is soon over when I have to do normal weekend activities. A cool shower, the sound of washing machine, the heat from oven and smell from Microwave warmed me up.

My hair is longer and longer day after day of my stay in Galway. Anyway I'd like to keep this chance for my friend in Vietnam. He used to be my classmate of my childhood and he is a barber now. He runs his own business. Going there it is not simply to have my hair cut but it is a chance of meeting, chatting and relaxing. It also reminds my childhood time.

We did spend time to catch crickets in harvested fields with simple technic at noon in hot sunny summer no hat on head... Now every of us has our own life, own things, own plans and own objectives as well as own favorites, in other words own destiny to deal with. Anyway what has gone never come back but what all then do remain in our memory... and we could not avoid thinking of it every time we can. wine

And this time is also in my memory in my future time. peace
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yes 2kten, some childhood friendships stay loyal all our lives, and fond memories, and nostalgia, remain with us always, the memories are even nicer, when shared with an old friend, enjoy your chat with your friend, and enjoy the memories, even more.comfort
well 2kten,
nice memories and knowledge is something nobody can ever deprive you of...I recall the great writer M.Proust in 'The search of lost time' tackling the same subject with fairly good success....thumbs up grin grin
Thanks a lot Gotitall and JohnWain.
I am very happy that you share with me this.
It is really a unforgettable time isn't it.

I am also very happy to know that novel JohnWain.
I googled and found it.
At a glance it is good for my reading in my leisure time.
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