is age important in a relationship?

When I was a teen I thought the stupid idea that I ´d get in love with someone of my same age. Of course, I did. But Iwas not so stupid because I had older women on my list too at that time.

However, when a man(in a different way that a woman) has reached the 30s and 40s , think different. Obviously, it will depend of what kind of man we are talking about. But, to me, age does not matter if both man and woman agree in understanding. And age is simply a quantity number

There are some matters that are really concerning: economical stability, family and social culture, body and health, goals in job and career, etc and sometimes age.... if we live in a very rigid society which the traditional way of thinking and options in life are very hard to change or even to go in the flow.. Maybe in some cases and groups aging is welcome but not in all unfortunately

So for me, age might be a real issue if we deal with that sort of situation. A rigid one.And if we can see the sterotypes of "beuty" consumism the situation is really complicating for some women. (Regardless her personality and body performance)We are usually bombed with images of the beautiful youth, perfect body, vitality in life and so on. Everything to reencarnate a youth which might have been lost by age. I think that is a sort of marketing propaganda which does not reflect the real integral part of a man or woman. And their possibilities to be integrated and adapted perfectly to a society.

Nowadays, people are unsatisfied because of this fictional, apparent and superficial pletora of images, stereotypes and way of suplement the vitality of a aged person. It all depends on optimism mindset and goals in the people I think. Thousands of divorces, child abandonement, separation, cheating and unfidelity are created due to this distorted idea of youth

No one has ever got the youth elixir, and in love, aging and maturity does really matter.

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beutifull well doneapplause
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