Attention Connecting Singles & Macduff5

Attention Connecting Singles & Macduff5..I posted 2 blogs titled Erotica that had in the heading rated R.There was not any swear words or those considered to be swear words contained in it and adult concepts were used , hence the R rating.I have a right to freedom of speech as long as i do not abuse anyone etc (see below)..I had an abusive comment (copy & photo retained for legal purposes) from Macduff5 were he also swore at me. To attack , harrass , swear or intimidate in anyway using a communication device (called here Internet) is a Federal Offence under the Australian Federal Communications Act. And as such i am filing a formal complaint to the Federal Minister.I will not put up with jealous sockpuppets such as this Macduff5 nor would i lower myself to attack another persons art.Due to copyright i only post here material thats incomplete or will not get used in any way in the future ohh and stuff i dont like..
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what stuff don't you like laugh i hope i never make you mad . uh oh rolling on the floor laughing
We all have the right to freedom of speech, so what is your problem? For the purpose of accuracy, your material was not posted as a blog, it was posted as poetry and I read it.

Reading it was actually quite a degrading experience, it was vile pornography of the most perverted kind imaginable, and you are clearly a sicko of stomach turning dimension - oh! And feel free to take legal action against me.

The nauseating trash you posted was rightly removed by the mods and it should be you facing prosecution. You could of course, re-post your verbal sewage on here and let readers judge for themselves.

Meanwhile, that you have the gall to object to someone who had the guts to articulate what many other readers were thinking is testament to your arrogance. The so-called swear word used by Macduff5 was of the very mildest form, and could even be considered euphemistic.

Peronally Taleweaver, as far as I am concerned, you can shove your rancid gut-wrenching pornography right up where the sun will never shine.

Erotica has been written through out the ages and always will be. The act of copulation apart from being the means to continue our species is a primal tool that was used to develop concepts that lead to an evolving intelligence. i.e. : “ug ugug ug!” (if you give me your nice rock you can bonk me !) that would have then of course led to primal man picking up a piece of charcoal and drawing naked primal woman on a cave wall. Writing and drawing is the use of tools including the mind & imagination to describe our world as we view it. However censors or puritanical individuals will always try to impose their narrow minded views upon the rest of society.
What I posted had the title “Erotica..<R> rated...” as a clear warning that if you are offended by such writing not to view it. If I had used more detail or descriptive words now considered to be swearing I would not have posted it as that would have been X rated. Also if I could have imposed an age restriction on it I would have done so. Maybe the imagery created in it was to strong. The coupling of words such as suck , stiffened tips or lick , crease and gush is just that , stringing a bunch of words together to create an image. While I welcome all views and comments as I believe we are all individuals and entitled to a personal viewpoint but to attack another person with swearing or demeaning tone without provocation is ill-mannered in the least.
The statement about Federal Communications Act is a factual statement as I believe there is no place in an online community for abusive people. If you were offended even after the warning in the title that was your problem to deal with. Instead of attacking me you should have just quietly clicked the offensive material link or what ever. It doesn’t bother me that it was deleted , it bothers me that the Connecting Singles censors maybe swayed by puritanical persons and ignore a persons right to expressive free speech. I feel there is a lot more “vile” things in the world such as war , poverty , racism just to name a few. Anyone who missed it can request a copy but will come with warnings lol. What’s posted here by me is not new and is 4-2 years old and that’s due to my own copyright imposed on past and future projects.
As I believe words and music to be free I created a profile on MySpace that became famous among bands and others in the entertainment community. The reason it became so popular is because what writing I posted was free to be used by anyone for what ever they wished to use it for. It became a source of inspiration for many I was told and gave me access to chat to artists that I would never have been able to. I closed that after my privacy was breeched to many times by writing taken out of context to influence others in my personal life.
not that kind it really wasn't nice at all every time this happens you will get reported
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